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Skeleton - a new jewellery trend

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Three, two, one ... the wheel of fortune picked up the lucky ones!

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Swarowski – conscious choice

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JC opening in SkyMall

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JC final draw at SkyMall!

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Dedicated to admirers and trendsetters!

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Leadership confirmed over the years!

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Happy Hours for golden wishes!

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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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A small symbol of great love!

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JC from now on in the shopping and entertainment center "Retrovil", at Vinogradar area in Kyiv!

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Sapphire: interesting facts about the royal stone of autumn

September 10, 2020

Dozens of crystal clear diamonds and richly bright sapphires were used as the main gemstones in a new collection from Jewellery Card.

“We present you with classics in new meaning.” - masters of Jewellery Card commented about High Jewellery collection, “The traditional duet of white and blue are neatly enriched with the transparency of diamonds. The sapphire tone of an electrique brings an element of fairy-tale into an immaculate composition.”

According to jewellers, the featured atmosphere is inherited not only in the colour, but also in the shape of the ornaments with the domination of fragile but strict lines. An aristocratic glow of gemstones is gently combined with cold mat of gold. The true mystery of jewellery craftsmanship comes to live this moment.

Jewellery Card uses only the best stones. Ice cold diamonds, passionate rubies, magic emeralds and mysterious sapphires are supplied to Jewellery Card directly by one of the largest players in the global gemstone market - “Swarovski Gemstones”.

Our clients have a chance to appreciate the delightful aristocratic gold in combination with noble stones at the main showroom at 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street.

The tandem of Jewellery Card and Swarovski - duet of the highest quality of gold and the best stones.

Jewellery created by our artists and jewellers should be closer to their future owners. Jewellery House opens its stores in the main shopping centers in Kyiv

Jewellery from the House of Jewellery Card can now be tried on and purchased not only in niche showrooms of the chain, but also in the most popular shopping malls.

From now on, stores of our Jewellery House are presented in such shopping malls in Kyiv:

Lavina Mall shopping center on 6D Berkovetska street;
Ocean Plaza shopping mall on 176 Antonovycha street;
ТGorodok Gallery shopping mall on 23 S.Bandery avenue.

The House of Jewellery Card won the nomination "The Best Jewellery Store Chain 2018" by the results of annual Ukrainian People's Prize voting.

The level of skills of our artists-craftsmen who creates the jewellery, brings the awe in hearts. The customer service in the showrooms of which wish to say the words of gratitude. Current collection of jewellery can please everyone. This triad of factors makes us the best and helps to win!

We became the best jewellery store chain in 2018. And all this thanks to the trust of our customers who gave us their votes during the competition.

Inspired by the victory, the Jewellery Card craftsmen are completing the work on new collections of jewellery, of which we will soon announce on our website. We are sure that the beauty of these creations will impress you.

Very soon in our main showroom on 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street, will be presented three new collections of gold jewellery.

Techno - a new classic. A fresh look at the jewellery from Jewellery Card craftsmen

Precise geometry and thoroughly calibrated lines of complex, almost futuristic, patterns underlie the Crypto jewellery collection, crafted in the style of techno and skeleton.

Jewellery with a harmonious combination of precious shades of gold and classical architectural and sometimes fantasy forms will be included in the Legacy collection.

Eternal actuality and refinement of simple forms are embedded in the collection of gold wedding rings under the symbolic name Synergy.

It will be possible to see and try on these bright and courageous jewellery compositions very soon in the main showroom of our Jewellery House in the center of the capital, at 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street.

Cartier vintage jewels, hundreds of Bvlgari diamonds and always top jewelleries from Tiffany shone on celebrities, contenders and laureates of the most prestigious film award of the world: Oscar 2019.

Oscar is the most significant, most anticipated and brightest film award, has long been moved from the status of exclusively cinematographic to the rank of one of the main fashion events of the year. All the representatives of film industry are awaiting for Oscar as one more reason to prove themselves and to the rest of the world who is the brightest star here. Other guests are equally interested in evaluating the new masterpieces of the cinema world and those who represent them. Well, the Jewellery Card is professionally and intently looking at the brightest jewels of the recent film award.

This year, the topic of harassment was not rised, the black colour of the dresses ceased to be dominant, and the stars allowed themselves to shine with both dresses and jewellery.

This year, the red-haired beauty actress Amy Adams entered the red carpet of Oscar-2019 ceremony in a set of vintage and new Cartier jewellery with diamonds of platinum and white gold. The actress was wearing: Cartier High Jewelry Tennis necklace, brooch-clip Cartier Collection (Paris, 1935), earrings Cartier Collection (London, 1934), bracelet Cartier Collection (Paris, 1937) and ring Cartier Collection (approximately 2005).

Actresses Lucy Boynton and Glenn Close also came in vintage Cartier jewellery, thus demonstrating an affection for vintage jewellery.

Charlize Theron, in addition to her hair colour, stood out with the number of diamonds. 300 carats of diamonds and 30 carats of sapphires from which her Bvlgari Serpenti jewellery for the red carpet was collected including a white gold necklace with twin wrapping, bracelets, earrings and rings.

And one of the brightest stars of the ceremony was the singer and actress Lady Gaga. She not only picked up the coveted statuette for her song “Shallow” for the film “A Star Is Born”, but also put on an incredible Tiffany & Co jewellery with an old yellow diamond. The total weight of the necklace of 100 stones was 128 carats, and its cost exceeds 30 million dollars.

The most beautiful and famous people of the world, the brightest dressess and the most charming jewellery. And, of course, unforgettable films - we will remember this Oscar ceremony for a long time!

What could be better than an exclusive ring that no one has? Only ring, created according to your sketches! After all, it is more than just a jewellery, it is a reflection of your unique individuality!

From now on, together with Jewellery Card, you can dive into the charming world of jewellery, where you will feel like a real jeweller. Using our new service “Bespoke jewellery”, you become a co-author of a unique piece of jewellery, where you set the accents to a master’s work. As a couturier who thinks through his creation to the smallest detail, so you and our craftsman negotiate all the details of the future jewel.

Do you desire a diamond ring like Marilyn Monroe, or sapphire earrings like Victoria Beckham? It is not a problem! You can order from us any high-quality copy of celebrity jewellery, or make changes to already finished model from our catalogue. Our masters will take into account all your ideas and wishes. And perhaps today you will lay the foundation of your own family collection of gold jewellery!

Everything begins with the client, and only after that a new jewellery masterpiece is born. “ЮК” jewellery crafted by custom order are made in the best traditions of bespoke, which guarantees 100% uniqueness and quality of workmanship.

We carry out individual orders for gold jewellery with precious stones of 1st Category:

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies

To become the owner of a unique gold jewellery, you need to send us a request and meet up with our main jeweller. Then you make a pre-payment for the material. The rest of sum you pay at the cash desk in one of our stores when your jewellery is ready.

Let the diamond of your individuality shine with new facets together with “ЮК!”

Sensuality, elegance, romanticism and demonstration of the highest class – it is unchangeable milestones of filigree mastery, which have being praised through the ages.

Aerial pas, elegance of forms and styles, this is what really weaves the winner`s dance with the real masterpieces of the jewellery industry of our days.

The end of March was marked by a grand show “Ukrainian Ball 2019”, where the world-famous ballroom professional dancers took place. The international festival, which has already become a traditional event, united representatives of the world famous dance elite: multiple European and World champions, winners of international festivals and sport competitions in ballroom dancing.

French chic has become a peculiar storyline of the event, since it is known that it was France that presented the modern times with a special ceremonial of festivities, which was later transformed into professional competitions with a special program.

The final of the competition was marked with prizing of the best dancers with unique pieces of jewellery from the sponsor of the event, the trademark LemoNNier. This is a distinctive line of white and yellow gold jewellery created by craftsmen of the Jewellery House.

Compliance to the contact points is the main feature of ballroom dancing, which has brought them up to the level of the most romantic and emotional trends. That is why the duet of gold and diamonds from LemoNNier ideally highlights a tandem of grace and bewitching beauty of the ballroom dance, which, undoubtedly, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Beginning April 2019, Jewellery Card has become a part of all-Ukrainian Maxi Card loyalty program, which includes more than 40 partners.

From now on all buyers of gold jewellery from TM Jewellery Card will receive up to 3% of the price of purchase jewellery to their Maxi Card bonus account. When buying jewellery in our chain, it is possible to use bonuses to pay the whole price of chosen jewellery!

Swift issuance and registration of MaxiCard card is carried out while you are purchasing a jewellery in the JC chain. For more conveniences is provided the possibility of online registration in the loyalty program in one of the following ways:

After online registration, the account to be activated by entering a 4-digit confirmation code received via SMS. Well, using a virtual card on a smartphone is as easy as using a traditional plastic card: just present the virtual card to one of our stuff at the Jewellery Card store.

We wish you a good luck in finding good deals!

Soon, Jewellery Card chain will be enlarged with two showrooms at the biggest shopping malls in Kyiv.

One of the largest stores of our network is located in Smart Plaza shopping centre, at 19 Obolonsky Avenue and opens its doors to buyers in beginning of June. Our clients will be presented with 20 showcases with gold jewelleries of various themes, with precious and semi-precious inserts. The modern format of the shopping centre, located in one of the elite residential complexes in Kyiv, will make it possible to vividly present the jewelleries of our Jewellery House, satisfying the most sophisticated customer requests. The shopping centre itself includes 50 stores located on the area of more than 12,000 square meters and is divided into the following areas: clothing, accessories, perfumery, electronics, restaurants and a grocery hypermarket.

Another showroom will be opened to all visitors in the metropolitan Skymall shopping centre in the middle of the summer 2019. Nowadays the mall includes more than 250 stores on the area of 88,000 square meters, which makes it one of the largest shopping centres in the capital. The complex consists of shopping areas, indoor entertainment areas for adults and children, as well as the unique Sky Family Park - a place for rest and fun in the open.

The performance style, called "Skeleton", historically is used to demonstrate one of the most important part of a wearable watch - its mechanism. When working on skeleton products, watchmakers set themselves the task of exposing the insides of future watches as much as possible, thus demonstrating the entire multi-layered complexity of a future product. For a long time, the existence of the predecessors of modern skeleton watches was an indication of imperfection of assembly technology or little experience of its maker, who for several reasons was unable to completely hide the mechanism in its casing. In pursuit of durability by closing the moving mechanisms of the chronometer with metal plates craftsman was receiving a heavy, bulky and inconvenient to wear watch. The problem was further worsened by the lack of technology for the glass production of the required quality and thickness by European masters (which is not surprising for the 16th century).

Some historians state that the introduction of a full-fledged jewellery approach to the manufacture of watches is obliged to the Protestant movement called Reformation, which prohibits believers from carrying and displaying all kinds of adornment, including jewellery. This ban urged cooperation between jewellers and watchmakers, which gave rise to a completely new aesthetics design of wearable watches, allowed by the Church not as piece of jewellery, but as an object of everyday life. Thus, chronometers began to acquire individual characteristics in the form of additional artistic elements, which contributed to the beginning of the transition from the segment of "utilitarian" things to the category of "elite".

In our time, the openness of the "skeleton" and its multi-layered structure are the indicators of the highest skills and aesthetics of the product. The watches of the oldest renowned brands have evolved into priceless works of jewellery. Increasingly, the chronometer mechanisms are made of gold, and the cases are richly ornamented with gems.

In the XXI century, the artists of our jewellery house came up with an idea of creating a completely new direction in jewellery design. Directions based on a rich, centuries-old history of the "skeleton" style. While working on the design, our artists managed to introduce architecture, physics and the scope of the macrocosm into the jewellery microcosm, which resulted in birth of a new recognizable and unique style of the "Skeleton" collection by the LemoNNier. Sophisticated, at the first glance inconceivable forms of jewellery harmoniously complemented by inserts of the purest diamonds. Possession of such jewellery best emphasizes the extraordinary taste of its owner, and regular replenishment of the collection with new forms creates a new fashion trend in your surroundings!

For Jewellery Card Summer 2019 is special, because it begins with a grand opening. June the 20th, at Obolon, Kyiv opened its doors the new JC store, which is one of the largest in the chain. It means that you will find even bigger variety of jewellery at a bargain price!

We care about our customers, thus always offer the most comfortable places for shopping. This time, our jewellery showroom opened its doors in a cozy area of the capital – at the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping center. The location of the store has a convenient traffic interchange (next to "Minska" metro station), and the shopping center itself has everything you need for a pleasant pastime. Therefore, we are waiting for you on the ground floor of the Smart Plaza Obolon, at 19 Obolonsky Avenue, Kyiv!

On Friday, July 19, the final prize drawing took place in the opening of a new Jewellery Card store in the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping centre.

So, we already know the winners, who will receive gold jewellery as a reward for making their first purchases in the newly opened Jewellery Card store! They are the owners of following discount cards:

  • №0000167031 wins the pendant “Guitar”
  • №0000160604 wins pendant “Bag”
  • №0000025071 wins pendant “Kettle”

The rules of participation were very simple and clear: between June 20 and July 18 all clients who made they purchases at the newly opened Jewellery Card showroom in the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping centre could have selected a prize and have taken part in the draw.

We made the prize draw as clear as possible for all participants. The winners were selected by a random draw with the use of Random.org web service. You can check footages bellow how the numbers were picked:

There are more golden prises ahead!

You did not find yourself among the winners? Don’t be upset! The summer goes on, and ahead we have new promotions and even more gifts. Because soon the Jewellery Card opens another showroom, in Sky Mall Kyiv shopping centre!

Swarovski branded products first appeared more than 100 years ago when the scientist and dreamer Daniel Swarovski invented and introduced innovative cutting technologies. Swarovski illuminated our world with the luxury of a unique radiance of a wide palette of colours. The company's loyalty to the principles of continuous improvement, innovation, encouraging ingenuity and creativity is based on the rich cultural heritage that originated in the very centre of Europe.

The convenient geographical location of the company in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire allowed it to harmoniously combine the art of East and West, mastery and science, design and craft, intelligence, entrepreneurial skills and sophisticated style.

Swarovski GEMS™ is a leading global brand, distinguished by the accuracy of artificial and natural stones cutting. This brand represent itself as a fascinating, perfectly balanced and harmonious collection of gems, perfectly cut in accordance with the famous accuracy of Swarovski from high quality raw materials. Every natural and artificial stone is carefully handled in its own factories in Austria and meets the most stringent requirements of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

Nowadays, the name Swarovski is synonymous with pedantic craftsmanship, the highest quality, technical virtuosity and inspiring originality.

And that is the features that are inherent to masters of House of Jewellery Card. Therefore, establishing partnerships with the world famous Swarovski brand was only a matter of time.

Today such a partnership satisfies a number of important production needs of our Jewellery House, such as:

  • High quality requirements for jewellery inserts;
  • Supply upon first request large portions of jewellery stones of guaranteed quality;
  • Ecological, ethical and proven natural origin of precious stones;
  • Unbeatable shine of stones of the proprietary Natural Brilliance cut, which in particular for topazes gives 130% more shine and brilliance, completing the jewellery composition of our Jewellery House.

High-quality jewellery with natural and artificial Swarovski stones can be purchased at the Jewellery Card chain showrooms. Demanding customers can pay attention to the special Swarovski GEMS™ brand label affixed to the jewellery, which guarantees the highest possible quality of jewellery inserts.

The final chords of the summer has echoed, but do not give in to sadness. After all, you can meet autumn gaily and with benefit to your loved one. This is exactly what the Jewellery Card offers and arranges the autumn gold prize draw. You grant us your participation, we - golden gifts and good mood!

Kyiv JC store, located on Mayakovsky Avenue 26, has closed, but we do not stop and continuing to grow. On Sunday, September 1st, a new showroom was opened in one of the capital’s largest shopping and entertainment centers, at the 2nd floor of SkyMall, 2t General Vatutin Ave. (entrance 2C).

Visit our store in SkyMall for new purchases and take part in the traditional gold jewellery draw!

Autumn has finally gained its power, but in Jewellery Card it is still hot like during the summer! After all, today, on 1st of October, long-awaited final draw has taken its place on the opening of a new shop at SkyMall!

Throughout September, we were drawing the gold pendants among our customers. And here is the drum bit – we found the winners! They are the holders of following discount cards:

  • №0000157652
  • №0000168070
  • №0000025071

All our visitors who made purchases from 1st to 30th of September in our new store in SkyMall shopping center were able to participate in the draw.

The draw held publicly and transparently - discount cards of all participants had equal chances of winning.

Well, those who was eager to participate, but did not have time or did not find themselves among the winners, should not be upset. For customers, we are always having interesting promotions.

Until 31st of October, all customers of the new JC store can take advantage of exclusive offer on jewellery: 20% discount for the second and subsequent purchases.

We would love to remind you that the new Jewellery Card store is located on the 2nd floor of the SkyMall (Kyiv, 2t General Vatutina Ave.). We work for you seven days a week, from 10.00 to 22.00.

New time sets new rules: in order to be in trend, create trends! This thesis became the foundation for the development and creation of a conceptual line of jewellery under LemoNNier brand from the masters of Jewellery Card.

The jewellery line consists of three collections at once, united by a single feature - a symbolic crown formed from a double Latin “N”:

Crypto. Extraordinary and perfect. The rings, earrings and pendants included in the collection will impress every individuals who sets its sights on originality, extraordinariness and uniqueness.

Synergy. The very name of the engagement and wedding rings collections testifies to the strong bonds of romantic feelings that crowns the hearts of lovers.

Legacy. It will rightfully take its place in the pantheon of achievements of masters of Jewellery Card. It cannot be otherwise, because this is the work of our whole life!

What is closer for you today? Strict conceptuality? Romantic sensuality? Or joy of status privileges? Choose a golden piece to match yourself in our new section on the website.

One more year and one more victory! For the second year in a row, “Jewellery Card” becomes the best chain among jewellery stores according to the “Ukrainian National Award”!

Four months Ukrainians were voting for the market leaders in different categories of goods and services. And now - drum roll - the finalists are revealed!

According to the voting results by the strictest and fairest jury, Ukrainian consumers, our company became the leader of the rating of jewellery chains in 2019 and entered in TOP-25 of the best stores in the country!

We are glad and proud to be the first, because this proves efficiency of our efforts and high customer trust into our chain.

To remind, “Ukrainian National Award” - is an annual competition among goods, services and companies in various sectors of the economy. Voting has taking place from June 1 to September 30, 2019 on the official website of the contest provider. A total of 445 winners were selected in 24 categories.

Inspired by the winning, we are already actively working on a new collection of gold jewellery. To your delight, we are undertaking to keep the brand of the best jewellery chain of 2019!

We are getting better for you!

The countdown to the New Year has begun, and head is spinning from thoughts - what to buy, give and put on. And most important - how not to lose its special feeling of New Year in the preparation rush? To make the leap year 2020 successful, the Jewellery Card decided to continue the long-standing tradition of New Year sales!

From December 15 to December 31, in the online store and offline showrooms of the Jewellery Card, all customers receive discounts of up to -60% on gold items. The size of the guaranteed discount depends on the type of jewellery insert in the product:

  • 40% on jewellery with precious stones
  • 30% on jewellery with semiprecious stones
  • 20% on jewellery with no gems or with synthetic stones
  • an additional -5% discount on all promotional products, which in total can give as much as -60%!

Terms of purchase are simple as always!

  • Ordered jewellery in the online store will be delivered for free to one of the points of the JC network at your convenience;
  • You can pay for ordered items in one of the following ways: by cash upon receipt, by bank transfer (invoice or bank card), by cash on delivery or using the service of "Instant installment plan";
  • You should collect the jewellery with discounted price within three days, after the goods arrive at the store.

The feeling of the New Year atmosphere already reigns in the Jewellery Card. Visit us for gifts and get only pleasant emotions from shopping!

Despite the rainy weather outside the window, the New Year’s atmosphere is in the air at the Jewellery Card: the lights are lit up, toys are hung up, and gold gifts are waiting for our customers.

Let all the good that pleased you this year find its new, no less interesting continuation in 2020. Leave sad thoughts and regrets in the past, and take with you in the new year all your victories and good luck, all the joy and warmth of life!

We wish you family welfare, self-confidence, good luck and persistence in achieving new goals.

On New Year's Eve, all adults become a little more sentimental. Allow yourself to be a child for a while! No wonder people say: "Miracles happens to those who believe in them." And then life, as in childhood, turns into a fairy-tale world, where there is a place for good and magic!

There are so many languages of love, but sometimes it’s so difficult to find words to express overwhelming feelings. Elegant gold jewellery of JC are telling about the most intimate: they love you, admire you, take care of you!

For two months, from February 1 to March 30, 2020, when buying non sale items in the Jewellery Card network, you get up to + 10% to your discount card. To receive the discount, you should buy at least one non sale piece of jewellery in February and March and already in February you get an additional discount of up to + 5%.

And the good news does not end there! All clients of the JC who bought jewellery in February-March 2020 automatically become participants in our drawing of valuable prizes such as:

  • Voucher for a tourist trip, which costs of 20 000 UAH;
  • Voucher for a trip costing 10 000 UAH;
  • JC voucher with a value of 1000 UAH (1 for each store);
  • JC vouchers with a value of 500 UAH (4 for each store);
  • JC vouchers with a value of 250 UAH (10 for each store).

The drawing of valuable prizes will take place on March 31, 2020. On this day, all buyers of gold jewellery can still get additional discounts to their discount card, but they no longer participate in the draw.

Please your loved ones and do not hesitate to show your feelings, because it makes your Love story truly unique!

Through the distance of years, jewellery, like the gentle touch of loved ones, fill our hearts with warmth and tenderness. “I will never give you away to anybody!” - the elegant gold jewellery by the JC will say it for you. Dive with us into the world of beauty, and we will help you to express your feelings vividly, beautifully and elegantly!

On the eve of International Women's Day, March 8, we have prepared pleasant golden surprises for our the online customers.

From February 10 to March 30, 2020, when paying for gold jewelry online, Jewellery Card gives customers additional discounts on their discount cards:

  • for products with precious and semiprecious stones - 14%
  • for products with synthetic stones or without stones - 7%
  • for all promotional products in the Golden Fair category - an additional discount of 5%

Purchase terms:

  • special prices for the jewellery are available when paying cashless;
  • discounts are valid for both regular and new customers of the Jewellery Card network;
  • total discount is calculated by the manager of the online store taking into account the client discount card.

Hurry up to please your loved ones and purchase gold jewellery for celebration. Moreover, all customers who purchase jewellery during the promotion period automatically become participants in the drawing of certificates for a romantic trip valuing ​​of 20,000 UAH and 10,000 UAH!

Each JC piece of jewellery is unique, like your love!

It is important to follow fashion jewellery trends. But this is not enough - you should know what exactly suits you. And here the concept of “colour type” will help.

Let's see what it is. Among the many wordings we choose the most accurate: the colour type is an individual combination of colours, which is formed by the tone of your hair, eyes and skin. Having studied your colour type, you can use knowledge and emphasize most advantageous characters of your look.

For every taste and colour – what are the colour types

Generally Winter and Summer are cold colour types, and Spring and Autumn are warm. But such a division will not be complete without taking into account the degree of its palette. Therefore, each is divided into 3 subgroups: light, cold, soft (summer); soft, warm, dark (autumn); dark, cold, bright (winter); bright, warm, bright (spring).

Nowadays, you can easily find many different tests to check your colour type. To make it easy, you can use simple rules - where there is a blue tint – it is a cold colour type; and where yellow or golden - warm!

Fatal Beauty Winter

A distinctive feature of the colour type is the contrast: light skin + blue-black hair + blue eyes. Plain black and white classic gives these girls inimitable glamour. In the elements of the wardrobe possessors of the winter colour type should go for distinct bright colours, but not milky and not with a yellow tint. The main criteria is not colour, but its saturation, contrast.


The incarnation of tenderness: spring colour type

The possessors of the Spring colour type can be visualised as sunny, gentle and radiant: golden-honey, light brown hair, skin with a slight peach tint, eyes with the colour of sky, grey, light green. The main rule of this colour type is warm light colours, a minimum of motley image, patterns. Remember: dark shades “level” the delicate tone of the face!


Cold Beauty: Summer Colour Type

Girls with ashen hair, brown-haired with gray-blue/green eyes - representatives of the Summer colour type. Cold, but gentle, pastel colours suit them.


Bright and eccentric: Autumn colour type

It is easy to imagine a girl in bright colours of Autumn: copper, golden, brown hair, amber-brown eyes. At the same time, the Autumn colour type is the only one to whom the saturated orange colour suits!


For those who struggles to choose, jewellers recommend getting various jewellery with a multi-coloured inserts, as well as jewellery with combined gold colours.

Earring clasps: what kind is out there?

Most owners of earrings faced the problem of "easy to lose and impossible to forget." A familiar situation: I put on a golf, straightened my hair, looked around, but one earring is gone!

That is reason why when choosing it is worth paying attention not only to the appearance, but also to the clasp. The comfort and how long you will be wearing it depends on it.

English lock

It consists of a pin and ear hook covering the bottom of the earlobe. Earrings look exquisitely and at the same time suitable for every day. But still there is a drawback: the area of the earlobe is not adjustable, so choose the product of your size.


Italian lock (clip clasp)

Convenience is that the space for the earlobe is adjustable, so earrings are easy to put on. With a harsh opening, the lock may become loose and the thin pin may bend.


Stud Earrings

Such earrings will suit both children and adults mainly because of its practicality, convenience, small size. Studs can differentiated by the clips:

  • Screw-back – threaded screw backs;
  • Posts - fixed with a clip with help of special recess.

Over time, backs often fall and getting lost.


Clip earrings

The ideal solution for those who have not pierced their ears. The clips are easily attached to the ear with a clasp that clamps the earlobe on both sides. But their plus is its minus - because of their fastening, earrings are often got lost.


French clasp

The design of the clasp consists of two loops: one is put through a puncture in the earlobe, the second is fixed on first at the back. Such earrings are often worn by the girls, as they are hard to lose. Nevertheless, there is a minus - due to the thinness of the metal, the loops are easily damaged.


Safety pin earrings

The safety pin is used in earrings hoops because of its fastening reliability. But if the pin is short - there is a chance of not fully fastening the earrings.


Loop fastener earings

The essence of such a fastener lies in an long loop. Because of this earrings can be put on quickly, although you need to be careful, because the loop can catch your hair and fly off your ear.


Hoop earrings

A widely used type of earrings, since it is difficult to lose them, the clasp is almost invisible (the elements of the lock fit tightly into each other). Due to the thinness of the fastener metal when fastening it is ease to bend.


Padlock earrings

This clasp is featured by a hook, which is fixed in a special recess on the back of the earring. The fragile design can bend, so it is recommended to remove such earrings before you go to bed


Chain lock earrings

A long chain with decor is inserted into the puncture of the earlobe. The graceful shape looks magnificent in the ear, but runs the risk of tangling in the hair.


Cuff earrings

Basically it has two fasteners - one is fixed on the earlobe, the second in the area of the "Antihelix" (upper part of the auricle). Between them the fasteners are connected by the chains. Convenience is in the distribution of weight.


Choose earrings to your taste, but do not forget to pay attention to the clasp, choosing the earrings based on your needs - for every day or for going out, for a girl or an adult woman.

Many do not know how the Catholic cross differs from the Orthodox one. Let’s see what things and features each of them has!


He shape of the cross is the first and main difference

In modern Christianity, the most popular four, six, eight-pointed crosses. The first relates to Western tradition. In Orthodox - more choices. Here crosses can be of all three forms:

  • Four-points cross. According to legend, Jesus was crucified on such a cross.
  • Six-pointed cross. The slanted bar in the six-pointed cross symbolizes the cup of sins: the lower end is the burden of not repentance; upper - relief after repentance.
  • Eight-pointed cross – it is a six-pointed cross with the addition of a short crossbar over a long one. The eight ends symbolize eight periods in the development of mankind. The upper end on the cross is the road up to the eternal kingdom revealed by Christ.

The Catholic cross is simpler and uncomplicated. It is characterized by a quadrangular shape.


Catholics cross is an indicator of the priesthood. The cross with six ends is an attribute of the authority of the archbishops, and with eight - the Pope.

Differences between Catholic and Orthodox cross

The Orthodox cross is not characterized by its shape, but by what is written / depicted on it. Based on this, it is possible to interpret to which current Christianity the product belongs.


The easiest way to determine which cross is in front of you is to look at the inscriptions on Orthodox / Catholic underwear crosses.

In Orthodox written in Slavic  I.Н.Ц.I. (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews), in Catholic Latin INRI. Quite often, on Orthodox crosses there is an inscription on the back “Bless and save”, which is not inherent in Catholicism.



Catholics usually depict the face of the suffering Christ, so that he reminds Christians of the price he paid to save people. In Orthodoxy emphasize on the triumph of resurrection, in victory over death, of the Spirit over the body.

The crucifixion of Catholics stands above the surface, while the Orthodox have a flat look.

Christians wear a cross under their clothes, considering it a talisman that should not be shown to others.

Crucifix (corpus)

Also a distinctive feature is that on the Orthodox crosses the legs of Christ are not crossed, but are nailed with two nails, each separately.

The Catholic Church has a fundamentally different opinion and its own shrine - three nails stored in the Vatican. Accordingly, on the Catholic crucifixion, Jesus' legs are laid one on top of the other and nailed with only one nail.


The choice of a cross is everybody personal business based on faith, tastes and financial capabilities. Today's market is represented by thousands of variations in the combination of different types of gold, as well as inlay and patterns.

A ring is not just a stylish accessory, but a thing that defines the comfort of everyday activities. It is important that it sits comfortably and does not cause discomfort when wearing it.


Why is it important to choose the right ring size?

The medical aspect is important. A tight ring on the finger can extend a pressure on the veins, which can cause joint problems.

Sometimes a master jeweller can increase the size of the ring, but this solution is not always acceptable: if there are decorative elements in the form of lines of stones, then when the metal is rolled out, the places where the stones sit can be deformed and the minerals fall out, and fancy patterns can be distorted beyond recognition.

It is important to remember that even in the best workshops you should expect the size of the ring to be increased only by 1 - 1.5.


What you need to know in order to choose correct ring size?

There are criteria for selecting a ring: structural features of the fingers (the thickness, length and presence of long phalanges on the fingers play an important role); the width of the ring (a narrow ring looks out of place on long graceful fingers).

Selecting a ring by trying on in the store

Decide which finger the jewellery is for. As the matter of fact, the fingers of the dominant hand will be larger (sometimes the difference is one and a half sizes)

Match the ring exactly to the size. Please note that the ring does not prick, does not catch on clothes - this will cause inconvenience in the future.


How to find out the size of the ring by yourself?

The shops have special devices for measuring the thickness of the fingers - "finger gauges". At home, you can make following calculations:

  1. A flexible thin object (thread, ribbon, thin strap) wrap around your finger exactly at the place where you plan to wear the ring. The thread should sit tight, but not clamp on your finger. It is important to check that the improvised “ring” does not get stuck on the phalanges.
  2. Repeat the take-off procedure several times.
  3. Fix the length that suits you and measure it with a ruler or a tape measure.
  4. Divide your length on the calculator by 3.14 and there you get your size.

How to choose the size of the ring remotely?

There are occasions when you decide to buy a jewellery not for yourself, but for someone else as a gift. For example, the February 14th is approaching and you are about to surprise your sweetheart. To find out the size you need:

  • Secretly from the beloved one, take one of her rings and take the jewellery to the jeweller. He will accurately measure the size of the ring.
  • Put the girl’s ring on your finger and make a mark in the place where it does not go further. After that, use the method of wrapping the thread around the finger.
  • Seek help of the closest of your beloved one whom the jewellery is intended for. It can be relatives or friends who know the size.

Ring sizes

In Ukraine is used a system of indicators from 14 to 24.5. Each subsequent size differs from the previous one by 0.5 mm.

The beginning of the week in the last month of Spring - new plans and good news for you, our dear customers!

Guided by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the mitigation of quarantine, from May 14 shops of JC chain begin their work in the permitted format, adhering to all safety standards.

We carefully prepared for this day: we expanded size range of jewellery, enlarged stock with new models in colour and inlays. Moreover, all customers will get good discounts on the products from the “Golden Fair” category!

We guarantee quality and SAFETY!

In JC chain we strictly follow all sanitary requirements, since the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world remains unstable. Caring for the health of our customers, we process jewellery with antiseptic solutions; we use gloves and medical masks; regularly air the room. Also, we maintain a social distance (no more than 1 visitor per 10 square meters), and you can pay for purchases contactless by card or smartphone.

Opening hours of JC stores

May 14

  • 15 Perova Ave., Kyiv
  • 14-16 Starovokzalna Str., Kyiv
  • "Oasis", 47/42 Obolonsky Ave., Kyiv
  • “Smart Plaza”, 19 Obolonsky Ave., Kyiv

May 15

  • 7/20 Nebesnoi Sotni Str., Zhytomyr
  • 89 Victory Avenue, Chernihiv
  • 48 Voli Avn., Lutsk
  • 190 Soborna Str., Rivne
  • 11 Gagaryna Str., Brovary
  • 8 Olesya Gonchara (Belinsky) Str., Kherson
  • 243 Shevchenko Str., Cherkasy
  • 80 Academica Korolyova Str., Odesa

May 18

  • 7 Vasilianok St., Ivano-Frankivsk
  • 1/2 Cosmonauta Belyaeva Str., Mukachevo
  • 28 Myra, Vynogradiv

May 27

  • 23 Stepana Bandery (Moscowskij) Ave., Kyiv

May 30

  • 176 Antonovycha Str., Kyiv
  • 6d Berkovetska Str., Kyiv
  • 2t General Vatytina Str., Kyiv

June 3

  • 6A Sagaidachnogo Str., Kovel

We look forward to seeing you all!

Choosing the first earrings for the girl: all the subtlety and nuances

Daughter - a fairy tale princess who turns the most strict parent into a sweet "daddy". But what kind of princess is without beautiful jewellery?!

At what age is it better to pierce the ears?

This question is a real headache for parents. Most experts believe that the optimal age for ear piercing is 2-11 years. At this age, the girl is more consciously going through the procedure. Also, up to 3 years of age, cartilage tissue grows actively. This means that with a puncture in the first year of life, there is a risk that by 10 years of age asymmetry may appear.


Up to 1 year

According to statistics, almost a third of young mothers pierce the ears of a child from the first days of life, demonstrating to others that they have a girl.

Pros. A child under one year old does not realize what is happening to her and is not afraid of the procedure.

Cons. At this age, you can’t explain to the baby that you must not touch the ears after the puncture, and this at times increases the risk of injury.

1 to 3 years old

The child is already responding to shiny objects and can choose what she likes.

Pros. At this age, it is easy to agree on something with a child and stop tears by buying something tasty or a new toy.

Cons. After the procedure, the puncture site will have to be processed 2-3 times a day - the procedure is not pleasant, and the child can be capricious.

5 to 8 years old

The most optimal age. Children can choose earrings themselves and process the place of puncture.

Pros. Healing is very fast, the cartilage in the ear has already formed.

Cons. The child become more naughty and may be moody

After 8 years

A child is considered to be an adult. The girl herself decides whether she needs any earrings at all and which ones she wants.

Pros. At this age, the young adult shows her own taste and style.

Cons. There is a risk of a keloid scar at the puncture place.

Children's earrings clasps features

The second most important question after age is the type of fastener on children's earrings. After all, it determines how comfortable she will be while wearing jewellery.

Most often the following clasps are chosen for children's earrings:

  • Studs / Stud Earrings. This clasp is most often chosen for the first earrings. Choose products with a cap that will cover the sharp part of the earring (not to scratch the skin of the child). The screw lock, in addition to reliability, makes it possible to adjust the pressure force of the earlobe.
  • Congo rings. Children from 3 years old are preferable to buy Congo rings of a small size, since larger rings a child can cling to during active play, injuring the lobe.
  • English clasp. Such earrings are recommended to be worn on healed puncture. The notch on the pin can injure an unhealed baby ear during daily washing.
  • Italian clasp. In addition to reliability, the Italian clasp has another advantage - the ability to adjust the pressure on the earlobes.
  • French clasp. These earrings are comfortable to wear due to the flexible loop. They are movable in the lobe, which is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, the jewellery will not press and rub, and on the other, it can easily be unfastened.

What metal is best for baby earrings?

Budget jewellery can cause redness of the skin, or even worse - an allergy. To make the wound heal faster, give preference to yellow gold earrings - they are characterized as the least allergenic. The optimal weight of the earrings is 2 grams.


Mischievous butterflies, playful kittens, juicy apples, tender flowers, flirty hearts will emphasize your child’s young age and childlike immediacy. For older fashionistas, there are diamond earrings with a refined concise design. But with an elegant golden crown, each girl will feel like a real princess!

What is a diamond and a rough diamond: analysis of concepts

Let's start with the main thing - from the basic meanings. Rough diamond = diamond? Often that is the confusion as many people do not see the difference. But there is.

Diamond is a type of carbon, the hardest of all known substances, carried by lava from the depths of the Earth. This term is generally used to call the natural diamonds which are cut in a special way (diamond cut).

Rough diamond is the only mineral that consists of one carbon and has the highest hardness (10 on the Mohs scale!).

Most of the mined diamonds are no good for jewellery production. Almost 80% are rejected due to a heterogeneous structure, cloudy or opaque colour.

From mine to cut: why are diamonds so sought after?

The answer lies on the surface: because of its properties - very unique. And also thanks to a successful marketing campaign.

The exceptional hardness of diamond is its undisputable advantage. Highest score on the Mohs scale! Diamond can be burned or broken, but not scratched. Also, the stone is able to reflect and refract light beams, forming glare of all colours of the rainbow.

How diamonds differ from each other

Stones of the same colour and weight can differ significantly in cost, although they look identical.

> Each diamond is evaluated comprehensively according to the 5C classification: Cutting Shape, Colour, Clarity, Weight (Carat) and Confidence. The higher all these indicators, the more valuable the gem.

Carat weight

Carat or the weight of the gem plays the first violin in determining the final value of a diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams).

The smallest diamonds - with a mass of up to 0.29 carats, medium - from 0.3 to 0.99, large - 1 carat or more



Many diamonds have different shades: yellow, brown, and even dark blue. The fist ones are the most affordable, the last ones are very rare.

The most expensive are colourless gems. These are crystals of the highest category. Today, transparent diamonds may seem like a boring classic, so many people are increasingly opting for shaded ones



Also, diamonds differs by the clarity, since almost all of them have small defects and inclusions. It is difficult to see a difference by naked eyes - only with the help of a magnifier.

The location of inclusions has a direct impact on the cost of the gem. If minor imperfections are located behind or on its sides, the stone will cost more than the one in which they are in the centre.



There are various forms: "round", "emerald", "heart", "marquise", "pear", "oval", "princess" (square) and so on. The choice of cut does not affect the beauty of the diamond, but affects its value. A round diamond will be approximately 15–20% more expensive.

The quality of the cut should be also taken into account- the right proportions (Cut), symmetry (Symmetry) and polishing (Polish). All this comprehensively affects the play of light in stone.


How to choose the best diamond on the basis of price = quality?

Jewellers advise first to make up your mind about the size and colour of the diamond, and then experiment with clarity. For example, you can save up by going for a gem with yellowness, but a larger size and higher clarity - then it will sparkle like a drop of crystal clear water.

How to tell apart a diamond from a fake?

All diamonds of natural origin (from 0.29 ct) must be certified. In Ukraine, this duty is on the State Gemological Center. On large diamonds, the number is applied to the bottom of the gem.

Beauty and cost are not the only things to look for when choosing. After all, it depends on the clasp will it bring the beauty or discomfort into your life; will last a long time or until the first going out.

Learning about clasps: the main selection criteria

It is the clasp that has the greatest functional load when wearing gold chains / bracelets.

To prevent loss of shape or deformation of the jewellery, the clasp must be:

  • Tough, and its parts flexible (move / bend smoothly without jamming);
  • Smooth, without sharp corners / notches;
  • Easy to open.

Before purchasing, check whether you can open and close the lock by yourself, whether it fixes the jewellery firmly and doesn’t open by itself.

Types of clasps on bracelets / chains: which one is better?

Nowadays jewellers have created different types of fasteners, each of them has its own configuration and safety margin.

Spring clasp - small and sneaky

It looks like a ring with a spring latch. Light weight, durability and small size are a plus. But the spring mechanism can soon fail and the small size of the latch makes it hard to fasten it with one hand.


Lobster clasp - proven classic

Consists of a loop with a spring-loaded bracket, into which the connecting ring is inserted and is considered to be the most reliable lock. Such a lock can withstand the heavy weight of products and the lobster clasp is easy to open with one hand. The weak point is the spring, which gradually wears out and can jam.


Screw clasp - girl with a surprise

Such a fastener easily closes by the type of bolt and nut connection - one part of it is screwed into another. The lock is easy to use. At the same time, the thread on such locks is thin and wears out with frequent twisting / unscrewing.


Features of the box lock

Consists of a box with a hole and a latch strap, the notches of which are firmly fixed inside. Additional fixing loops are used in order to reinforce the lock from one or both sides. The clasp reliably fixes massive jewellery on the wrist. Massive lock adds weight to the jewellery increasing its value.


Buckle lock - freedom of movement

One of its elements is similar to a ladder with a folding latch clinging to the steps. The lock allows you to change the size of the bracelet and easily fastens without any outside help. At the same time, the latch is quite easy to open, accidentally catching a bracelet on clothes, hair.


Hook lock - beauty in simplicity

As the name implies, the design of the lock consists of a curl (hook), which is threaded into a metal loop. By it look the clasp may seem unreliable, but curl from the hook does not pop out easily - you need to make an effort. Hooks are no good for small and light bracelets.


Toggle and bar clasp

Consists of a T-pin and a ring into which it is threaded. Both parts are held by tension. They do not have extra parts and springs that can jam. Toggles are easily unfastened and fastened with one hand, but are not adjustable in length.


Magnetic lock – tension force

The design of the lock consists of two magnetized balls or dissected bars, which are easily unfastened with one hand. Such a lock greatly simplifies the process of putting on bracelets. The clasp is not adjustable in length and the quality of the lock depends on the strength of the magnet.


Hinge lock - originality and aesthetics

The key element of the design is a metal “nail” (pin), which is inserted into the hinge and is guaranteed to hold together the two ends of the bracelet. Such a design is hard to break. Cannot be stretched or reduced in length.


Clip fastener

Easily fastens and unfastens thanks to the inside spring. It is convenient and withstands the weight of heavy beads and pendants. Bracelets can only be made of a certain length, without adjustment to the width of the wrist.


Once the famous Coco Chanel said: pearls are always right! Today it appears in various guises: as a status jewellery of top officials; heirloom; glamorous accessory of celebrity; budget jewellery.

A unique creation of nature

Despite the fact that pearls are referred as precious stones, it is not a mineral in the classical sense. It is not formed in the earth's crust, like all other stones. Pearl is a gem created by a living creatures (oysters).


The rarest in the world

The birth of a pearl is an amazing process that requires a lot of time and certain conditions. Therefore, natural pearls are very rare.

Pearl farms

Nowadays, 95% of pearls are grown on special pearl farms. When collecting pearls, the oysters are kept alive, as small balls are inserted into them, which then turn into pearls.

The formation of a pearl takes from 6 months to 12 years. Its development is affected by the state of water, the size and type of an oyster. The formation of a medium size pearl takes approximately 5 years.

Doesn't require cutting

Pearls are the only natural mineral that does not require cutting and additional processing. Pearls are so self-sufficient that they are used in jewellery without additional “beautifying”.


Imperfect forms

There are no two perfectly round and symmetrical pearls. Each is unique in its own way.

There are 8 shapes of pearls: button, drop, pear, oval, semicircle, round, baroque and sphere. The last ones are more expensive than regular round ones, because of their weird shape.


White is not a “visit card"

White pearls are not the most common, as many might consider.

The variety of colour of artificial pearls includes all shades of white and cream (silver-white, cream-gold), as well as peach, deep black, purple, brown, green, blue. In total there are more than 30 colours!

The main feature of colour - smooth glitter on the light (effect "orient").


His Majesty!

Since ancient times no royal wedding was complete without pearls. Monarchs and nobles used pearls to decorate ceremonial wear.

At the baptismal ceremony of her son Louis XIII, Maria Medici was present in a dress embroidered with pearls. Its decor took 30 thousands beads!

Cleopatra was a famous admirer of pearl earrings, and Queen Elizabeth- necklaces. The latter wore 7 threads of beads with pearls at once.

“Pearls are always right!”

So, 60 years ago, the legendary Coco Chanel said and introduced the fashion for pearls. It was she who made pearls the most suitable jewellery that fits any clothes. With her light hand, pearls began to be worn not only with a small black dress, but also with a black sweater, jacket.


How to look after pearls

In wearing pearls are quite fastidious.

In dry air, micro cracks may appear on the pearls. But with an excess of moisture, its colour becomes dull. By the way, pearls quickly turn yellow from cigarette smoke.


Three simple pearl care tips:

  • Wipe the pearls once a week with a damp cloth;
  • If the pearls have faded, wipe it with potato starch, then wash thoroughly and leave to dry at room temperature;
  • If it is very dirty, wash the pearls in soapy water, and then rinse with running water.

Emerald is one of the most admired stones, due to its rich colour and velvet radiance, as well as unique love qualities.

Most admirable

It is hard to find a stone that in ancient times would be valued more than an emerald. In all sacred texts, the emerald was praised for its spiritual strength and beauty. In Islamic holy books, a garden of paradise was covered with this stone. And according to Christian legend, it was in the cup out of emerald ("Grail") that the blood of Christ was collected into. Then, anyone who drank from this cup could be cured of diseases.


In the first five

Emerald closes the group of precious minerals of the first class along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and alexandrite.

It has high hardness (from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) and fragility, so it can break on impacts or falls.

Perfect, but not ideal

Can we say that emerald is perfect? Not. And this is his charm.

Almost every second one has microscopic inclusions, defects (cracks, grains of salts, small drops) that create the effect of moss.

If they are in it - the emerald is real!


All colours of green

In nature, there are minerals with all sorts of shades of green (from yellow-green to blue-green). A rich green tint to the stone is given by admixtures of chromium, vanadium and iron.

The value of an even dark green colour emeralds (so-called "ancient") exceed the cost of real diamonds.

A real emerald also changes colour with an angle of light: if you turn it 90°, you can notice a play of shades from bluish green to pale gold!

Nano Emerald

This is an artificial crystal grown in a laboratory using emerald powder and chemicals. It is transparent and its colour is more even. The crystals are placed in a special environment, the temperature of which is about 600°C, and pressure can reach up to 1400 atm!


Magic of a love stone

It has long been believed that stone helps to preserve love. Back in Kyivan Rus, girls were advised to wear emeralds near their hearts to find a loved one.

There is a belief that the emerald helps to return the departed love. To do this, take a stone and place it against your lips, confess your love to a loved one. Then give the stone to the man / woman with whom you want to renew the relationship.

In medicine

Lithotherapists believe that an emerald attracts big money, improves memory, helps to cope with melancholy. Under his influence, a person gets rid of evil thoughts. Emerald is able to relieve its owner from headaches, nightmares and insomnia.


Noble luxury

Rich and elegant, calm and aristocratic - the emerald amazes with the richness and depth of colour, which distinguishes it from all other gems.

The most effective stone looks in a gold frame. Complemented with diamonds, jewellery with emeralds will be a wonderful emphasis of a refined evening look.

Emerald in a warm frame made of yellow metal is ideal for ladies with Spring and Summer colours. Surrounded by diamonds gold earrings underline the depth of green and brown eyes!

Designers create new and new emerald jewellery to help emphasize your look!

Each wedding ring is beautiful on its own way. But all its charm melts away when the product is not chosen to the right size or its original design creates daily discomfort.

Often emotions take over and the young couple impulsively make a purchase, not thinking about how the jewellery will look in 10-15 years.

A pleasant neighbourhood: how to combine an wedding and engagement rings

“Does a wedding ring is worn with an engagement ring?” We answer loudly: “Yes!”. Why such a beauty should get dusty in the box because of a single trip to the registry office!

The main rule: both rings should be the same style and have a similar shape!

n one hand you can combine two narrow bezels or wide + narrow. But two wide rings will look heavy and clumsy. An engagement ring with an average diamond will be harmoniously paired with an engagement ring with a shallow line of gemstones.


How to meet the wedding budget?

If the budget allows the purchase of an engagement ring with diamonds, then feel free to follow this decision. A budget alternative to a diamond is quality cubic zirconia. In appearance, it is just as transparent, bright and shiny.

In addition to diamonds, the rings are also decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds - it looks luxurious, extraordinary, but not intended for daily wear.

Choosing metal and its probe

Besides “like / dislike”, it is important to consider the practical part of it. In particular, what is most durable metal? Gold and platinum give the wedding rings the highest durability, especially when it comes to the 585°. But the 750° is softer, so more sensitive to external influences.

If we are talking about the most popular metals, today it is white and pink gold.

When buying a ring with silver, remember that it is softer than gold, darkens faster, so once if a while you will have to clean it.


Engagement ring design: with and without stones

Stereotypes fade into the background, and the traditional smooth ring gives way to products with an original pattern and bright inlay.

Modern engagement ring is a mix of classic and extravagant modern. The ring can combine different stones, colours and textures.

In addition to stones, emphasis is put on the texture of the jewellery. Along with classical smoothness, more bold variations with a metal texture are possible - carving, matting, grit.


General recommendations for choosing a ring

The thickness of the product should not exceed 2.5 millimeters, otherwise the ring will press on nearby fingers. Do not buy rings with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. Such models are easily deformed under the slightest physical impact.

Besides the traditional round shape, the square shape becomes no less popular.

The Comfort Fit shape (rounded from the outside and inside) is considered the most optimal. The size can be adjusted in case you lose or put on weight.


The size of the ring should not match exactly the size of your finger to the nearest millimeter. In wide rings (from 5 mm), it is necessary to make an adjustment for the size: for each 1 mm of width add 0.1-0.2 mm of size.


Taking care of a Wedding Ring

In order the wedding ring retains its original appearance for as long as possible, it must be properly looked after. Gold is more durable in wearing, but this does not eliminate the need of periodical cleaning.


Trends in jewellery fashion 2020

Geometric style with elegant asymmetry does not leave fashionable laurels. The latter can manifest itself in an unusual shape of faceting, for example, wavy or “broken”.

In decor, the first place does not take an inlay, but the texture of the jewellery. Classical smoothness gives way to a bolder solution - engraving, carving, matting, grit.

Minimalist decor draws an emphasis on the beauty of metal. The patterns can be through the ring, have a smooth base, or be created in the form of a flower.


Wedding rings for every taste

Nowadays, presented wedding rings are made out of white, yellow and red gold and are diverse in form and decor, from traditional classics to the latest jewellery novelties.

Single and combined models, with a glossy and matte surface, with filigree and patterned metal, with enamel coating, as well as with a diamond inlay. Make up your mind on the decor and compare models using the filters of our catalog.

Onyx jewellery is an example of a rare combination of rigor, showiness and originality. Striped patterns on the stone create unique combinations of lines and colours, revealing the hidden side of the soul of its owner.

General characteristics

Onyx is a semiprecious mineral, one of the varieties of quartz. The chemical structure of onyx is silicon dioxide. It is translucent, has a glass shine and a layered structure.

In jewellery, stone is valued for its plasticity. Onyx is easy to grind, polish, convenient for applying thread and delicate patterns. The mineral is hard enough and resistant to external influences (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale).

Striped stone

A distinctive highlight of onyx is its striped colour, which creates an amazing structural pattern on the stone.

Every stone has a unique pattern, which consists of parallel strips of different thicknesses and colours. There are both homogeneous (green onyx), and also two or three-layer siblings.

The rarest Arabic onyx or "pure" - with black and white stripes!

In addition to its striped pattern, another distinctive feature of onyx is translucency. Most valued are those minerals that shine deep into.


Mystical characteristic

In different countries people used to have contrary different opinions about onyx: some were afraid of him, others honoured him. One of the reasons is the dark colour of the stone, which supposedly attracted dark forces to itself. For example, in Yemen, black onyx was considered the eyes of a deceased.

But in ancient Egypt, onyx was a sacred stone. It was used to make sacrificial dishes. Hindus still believe that onyx (especially green and white) eliminates spoilage and has healing properties.

It is believed that any kind of onyx with grey stripes protects from the evil eye.

Stone of magicians and orators

Onyx ball – magicians unchangeable attribute.

Black magicians believe that a person’s soul can be imprisoned in a black stone. White Onyx is used in rituals to call souls of deceased.


In the ancient world, speakers used onyx to train diction. They took a few pebbles into their mouths and tried to talk loudly with them.

It is believed that onyx favours people with distinct leadership skills. In this regard, even there is a humour warning - it is better for husbands not to give onyx to their wife and mother-in-law, in order to avoid leadership in the family.

Weight Loss Aid

Lithotherapists believe that a pendant or figures made of onyx reduce nervousness, a sense of anxiety, help cure depression and relieve nightmares.

Onyx also helps those who want to get rid of extra weight: for this you need to drink water on empty stomach infused on this mineral.

To distinguish from a fake

Fake stones are made from polymers or artificially painted.

Two tips how to tell apart:

  • Take a closer look at the colour: a cheap fake has the blurry pattern or on the contrary, is too clear. Real one is decorated with stripes as if they are coming out from its depths;
  • Hold the piece of jewellery in your hands: a natural mineral has a significant weight.

Onyx in jewellery

Most often, black and green onyx is used in gold jewellery. White gold or silver goes best with light, black and tricolour onyx. Contrasting with the dark stone, the light metal makes the jewellery more expressive.

A unique tandem for an evening out - rings with onyx "marquis" of an oval shape scattered with cubic zirconias.

Choose what you like!

Pendants are always in the spotlight, because they emphasize the most delicate and seductive female zone - the neckline. They act like a magnet: they can attract and repel men's looks. The modern jewellery market offers a wide variety of pendants, depending on style and purpose.

Varieties of pendants: models and decorative features


Depending on its purpose, pendants exists of the following varieties:

  • Decorative;
  • Religious;
  • Protective;
  • Functional.

Each of these subgroups has its own symbolism and unspoken rules of wearing. For example, decorative pendants suggest splendour of forms and a wide variety of decor. While religious and protective models favour ascetic laconicism and simplicity of form.

  • Pendant as decoration . The most common way to use a pendant. Designers are coming up with new models: non-trivial geometric shapes, bizarre abstractions from various materials, products in the form of symbols.
  • Religious symbol . A religious pendant is a symbol of faith that many regard as a talisman. The decorative function of the product fades into the background, as the spiritual significance of the pendant stands out as a paramount importance.
  • Medallion . This pendant is in the form of a round or oval case, which opens and some memorable thing, for example, a small photo, is kept inside.
  • Talisman (amulet). A talisman performs a protective function against the evil eye, and is also meant to bring success in business.
  • Aroma pendant . Such pendants come in the form of a small container, into which aroma oil is poured or a piece of cloth soaked in ether is placed.
  • Watches . Today in jewellery stores you can find stylish pendant watches in the shape of an owl, ladybug, soccer ball, handbag.

The right accents: tips how to choose

Pendants can make any look catchy and memorable, as well as tasteless and cheap. Tastefully selected pendant magically transforms the simplest dress and vice versa. Therefore, in a fit of emotion from the beauty you see, do not lose your judgment.

Choosing metal: silver or gold?

Silver jewellery is universal: it can be worn to work and to informal events. They are not flashy and do not attract too much attention.

Gold loves segregation in wearing: mixing several metals in one look, and also even more with a cheap accessories, is considered a bad taste. And a gold chain with a pendant in such a colourful tandem will simply get lost.

What style of pendant to choose?


The selected pendant should harmoniously match the colour scheme to clothes, or stand out brightly in a monochrome look.

  • Classic . It is always strict laconic forms and correct proportions. Colours can vary, but always restrained.
  • Vanguard . Creative geometry and eccentric colours runs the show here. The vanguard design of pendants is almost always flexible, with some kind of focus!
  • Casual (urban style) . Casual pendants are open-theme accessories. This includes a variety of hearts, stars, flowers, glass pendants, flora and fauna.
  • Ethnos . It is a variety of shapes, colours, materials and symbols. Bright national motives and ethnic patterns are made only from natural materials and natural minerals.
  • Luxury . Luxury style - luxury elevated to absolute. These are rubies and diamonds, platinum and white gold, Swarovski crystals – which are, the most expensive materials.
  • Sports . A miniature soccer ball or a skate pendant or a pair of boxing gloves? Custom made sports pendants are made of any shape and from any metal.

Pendant styles


When choosing a pendant, pay attention to its shape. It will make the neck visually longer or become a bright touch of the image.

  • Angels . Jewellery gold angel pendants, made of white or lemon alloys, are usually complemented by small diamonds or cubic zirkonia.
  • Letters . Each letter has its own special meaning, image and meaning. Jewellers have designed letters in different shapes / sizes, in white and yellow gold, decorated with stones.
  • Butterflies . Elegant models from 10 mm in size. The wings are decorated with a scattered coloured stones. Bright blues, greens and browns will harmoniously complement playful summer looks
  • Hearts and Keys . Miniature heart pendants are inlaid with one or more diamonds / cubic zirconias, decorated with a delicate pattern of gold tracks.
  • Animals . Jewellery with cute animals (elephant, mouse, cat with sparkling blue or emerald eyes) will add flirt, mischief and good mood to a young fashionista.
  • Flowers and plants . Flower-shaped jewellery is a piece of summer that is always with you! <
  • Birds and insects . Original owls with diamonds, black and white cubic zirconias will complement your everyday style.

Every girl wants to be bright and the only one. With original women's pendants it is easy to do. The collection contains pendants made of gold of various themes: in the form of a glass, a snowflake, a guitar, a purse, cats, letters, flowers, animals and birds. It can be neutral daily jewellery or diamond pendants in Luxury style.

Bright, self-sufficient, but so changeable, chrysolite conceals many surprises. It is fragile and requires special attention. But it gives back a lot more - it is able to radically transform the life of its owner.

History of the "golden stone"

Since ancient times, chrysolite (peridot) has been considered a symbol of wealth, the patron of merchants / bankers. Due to its golden-green colour, chrysolite even got the name “golden stone”. This is how it is translated from Greek..

By the way - in ancient times chrysolite was not used in jewellery. Most often some clothes and objects of worship were decorated with it.


For example, bright green crystals of the stone can be seen on the turban of the Turkish sultans, as well as on the clothes of the Jewish priests.

Chrysolite deposits

The mineral is mined and exported by Australia, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Zaire and Myanmar. In addition, mineral deposits are often found in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and South Africa.

The largest and most expensive chrysolites were found on the uninhabited island of Zeberged in the Red Sea.

Physical and chemical properties of chrysolite

In terms of chemical structure, it is a mixture of magnesium + iron.In addition to gold, chrysolite reflects in light green, olive, orange, brown, pistachio and yellow shades.


On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the mineral is about 6.5-7 units. The stone does not tolerate high temperatures, it is difficult to polish and easy to scratche. Therefore, jewellers have to tinker with it.

Healing properties of peridot

In the 16th century, alchemists believed that the green overflow of the stone had a beneficial effect on vision, and also normalized the emotional state of a person.

Peridot is widely used in alternative medicine. Water is infused on the stone, and also a medicinal ointment is made. Lithotherapists believe that peridot helps to relieve pain in the stomach, bladder and cleanse the blood of toxins.


The magical properties of chrysolite

There are many legends around chrysolite (peridot). For example, in ancient India he was considered the stone of all lovers: supposedly he helped to keep love. In the 19th century in Europe, there was a thought that chrysolite relieves of male impotence. Also it was considered that gold enhances the magical power of the gem, protects a person from evil forces.

Gold rings with chrysolite are recommended to wear on the left hand - for good luck.

Jewellery with peridot

Today, the range of chrysolite (peridot) jewellery is represented by a big variety. These are pendants, earrings, rings with one or more round, drop-shaped or wedge-shaped stones. The latter gives the mineral the shape of flower petals. The floral theme in various compositions remains dominant in chrysolite jewellery. Here the stone can act as the central element of the decoration, or as an additional one - in


Who is chrysolite suitable for?

Astrologers advise Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius and Leo to wear chrysolite. The stone will strengthen their confidence in making the right choice, make them more determined in achieving goals. But the stone not supposed to be worn by fickle Gemini.

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Signet rings: from history to the present

You think that a man can wear only one ring - a wedding? As history shows, this is not the case. Since the primitive times, carved wooden or bone rings were worn by the most respected men: leaders, warriors and shamans. With the advent of precious metals, rings began to be made from copper, bronze, then from silver, gold.

Nowadays, signet does not bare practical use anymore. It rather serves as a main decorative and status male accessory.


What is a signet and how is it different from a ring?

People often identify both names. However, their appearance and purpose have several fundamental differences.

Only men wear the signets. On the front of the product there is a special area for inscription / engraving / drawing.

But rings are both male and female. The latter are dominated by soft, rounded shapes.

Choosing a men's signet: main tips

Signet is not just a jewellery, it is the personification of certain qualities of its owner. Some consider it as a kitsch, others - an attribute of the rich.

Signets can be smooth or carved. Square models with a polished insert are business classics. Products with a rectangular surface look neater on the hand. They are decorated with carvings or enamel inserts.

General guidelines for choosing a men's ring

In men's jewellery, as in women's, every detail matters. The shape, metal, decor of the ring determines its comfort and durability of wearing.


The general rule that applies to all rings is that the material of the product should be in harmony with other details of the jewellery. For example, a ring and cufflinks should be of the same metal colour and with a similar precious stone.

When peaking a metal, consider the event an accessory is intended for.



Square-shaped rings are preferred by lovers of restrained business style. Most often they are diluted with stone inserts.

The rectangular shape is chosen by young guys who prefer a free style of dress. It is decorated with engraving, enamel elements.

Signet signs and symbols

On the shop windows there are signets in different style solutions: laconic monochrome, two-colour with generous inlay, with brutal symbols (for men with no conventions).

Symbols on signets can tell a lot about its owner.

When buying a gold signet for a gift: some hints to make a right choice

The process of choosing signet rings does not tolerate hasty decisions. Here every detail matters, beginning from peaking a metal and method of decoration.

Remember: the signet should complement a lock, but not “clog” it!

How it is right to wear a signet?

Usually the signet ring is worn on the index finger. But there is also a special type of ring for men with stones ("finger-stall "), which is worn on a thumb.


If the owner of the signet is the head of a family, he wears the item on the ring finger of his left hand. In other cases, on the ring or little finger of the right hand. Engraved prints are worn both on the outside and on the inside of the palm.

Beautiful men's signet rings are made of high-quality materials in a variety of styles. These are rings with animalistic motifs, geometric symbols, ornaments and patterns, as well as vintage and modern style with generous inlay. Everyone will definitely find their own product.

Sapphire was admired by the most powerful who believed in its magical properties. It is believed that the stone recognizes poison, pacifies psychoses, treats dementia, develops intuition and also protects against the evil eye

Stone with royal history

Since ancient times, sapphire has been one of the most expensive and respected stones, second only to the diamond. The stone was considered a symbol of wisdom and power. According to legend, the seal and throne of King Solomon were decorated with a star sapphire.


In the Middle Ages, sapphire was called the “bishop's stone”, since all the high priests wore it in rings.

But the sapphire became famous primarily as an important attribute of the monarch's power. The stone was used in regalia by almost all monarchs of Europe and England, including Russian ones. The stone in the headdress symbolized the strength and wisdom of power.

Unarguably the most famous royal jewellery is Princess Diana's engagement ring with an 18-carat blue sapphire. The memorial decoration was inherited by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Sapphire deposits

In nature, sapphires are not rare stones. The mineral is mined in Africa, Madagascar, Burma, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Tanzania, as well as in the United States. The only exception is Antarctica.


It is the sapphire deposit that determines its value: the most expensive and rare blue specimens were brought from Kashmir (the mines were closed in the 1930s). They have an extraordinary colour - a clear blue with a light milky-violet haze that appears due to the presence of tiny cavities in the stone filled with liquid.

Physicochemical properties of sapphire

Sapphire belongs to corundum family. On the hardness scale, it is second only to a diamond (9 on the Mohs scale!). In terms of chemical composition, sapphire is alumina.

Translated from the ancient Greek "sapphire" is "blue stone". But this does not mean at all that the blue colour is the visiting card of the stone. Nature did not skimp on colours for sapphire. The stone can be of all colours of the rainbow (yellow, green, pink, orange, purple).

Healing properties of sapphire


Lithotherapists believe that sapphire relieves insomnia and headaches. Its calming, heavenly colour helps to cope with stress.

In India, they believe that the heavenly shade of sapphire helps to find peace of mind, treats psychosis and epileptic attacks. For the prevention of various diseases, it is recommended to constantly wear a gold ring with a sapphire.

A pendant or brooch with a star sapphire on the chest relieves heart cramps and also relieves angina attacks.

The magical properties of sapphire

Star and black sapphire are considered the most powerful charms against slander and evil eyes. The shining sapphire star is believed to be the best protection against witchcraft. However, jewellery with such a strong stone is not recommended to be worn all the time: several times a week will be enough.


Sapphire jewellery

It doesn't matter what colour type you belong to. A rich palette of sapphire shades effectively sets off both blondes and dark-skinned women. Blue sapphire is harmoniously combined with yellow and white gold. The stone can be located in the centre, emphasizing the laconicism of the product, in placers over the entire surface, or in paths along the rim. Evening models are decorated with large inserts located "solo" or in several rows.

Who is sapphire for?


Astrologers advise buying sapphire products for changeable, quick-tempered natures who are subject to frequent mood change (for example, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini).

According to astrologers, blue sapphire should be worn in a ring or pendant by people working in law enforcement agencies, as well as financiers and business owners.