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Skeleton - a new jewellery trend

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Three, two, one ... the wheel of fortune picked up the lucky ones!

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JC opening in SkyMall

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JC final draw at SkyMall!

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Leadership confirmed over the years!

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Happy Hours for golden wishes!

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Three weeks of SHOCK prices in JC!

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At the Blockbuster Mall took place a jewellery draw between the JC clients!

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What is the difference between sea and river pearls: 8 main differences

November 2, 2021

Gold Fair increases its discounts!

November 11, 2021

Big opening with big prizes!

November 22, 2021

Black Friday at JC: click for discounts!

November 26, 2021

Big New Year sale at JC!

December 15, 2021

Time for jewellery presents!

December 28, 2021

How to find out a man and woman character by the ring on the finger?

January 10, 2022

The healing and magical properties of the emerald - all about the green stone

January 21, 2022

Love season at JC: up to -50% for two

February 4, 2022

Valentine's Day is a day of great jewellery presents!

February 11, 2022

Some of our shops are open!

March 14, 2022

Jewellery and prices for everyone!

March 25, 2022

Gold in 2022: A safe shelter for hard savings

April 8, 2022

The showroom in Oasis shopping centre resumed work!

April 28, 2022

JC resumed work in Lutsk!

May 7, 2022

JC in Lavina Mall resumes work!

May 16, 2022

Tennis bracelet: an unusual history of jewellery

May 25, 2022

The Jewellery Card store in the Respublika Park shopping center resumed work!

June 1, 2022

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June 15, 2022

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August 12, 2022

Independence Day in Jewellery Card: feel free to choose your own!

August 22, 2022

Great gold shopping starts here!

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Jewelry gifts for the Defenders Day of Ukraine

September 23, 2022

Buy early, get larger discount!

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Lose, break or find an earring: what the signs say

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Opening of a new JC jewellery island!

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Only until November 19 - gems for free!

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Black Friday 2022: everything on sale!

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Spilling out an ocean of advantageous offers!

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Happy Hours - 2022: catch precious moments!

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HIT-price jewellery store is working again in Kyiv!

December 15, 2022

New Year's Eve Schedule

December 30, 2022

Fantastic Flash Sale in JC: you choose discounts!

January 18, 2023

From the bottom of our hearts, we give special offers for romantic gifts!

February 1, 2023

How to find out the size of the bracelet by yourself

February 14, 2023

How can I find out the size of the chain around my neck?

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Massive earrings: how to choose and what to wear

March 8, 2023

Minimalist jewellery: how to wear and match them

March 20, 2023

Spring Fantastic Flash Sale at JC!

April 11, 2023

Here it is - magic: how are pearls grown?

April 28, 2023

Leaf through the "Discount Calendar" with the Jewellery Card!

May 9, 2023

Special offer from JC for International Mother's Day

May 10, 2023

How to get knot out of a chain at home: practical tips

May 23, 2023

"Discount Calendar" from Jewellery Card continues to give benefits!

June 6, 2023

New SYMBOL collection from Jewellery Card

June 30, 2023

Repeated purchases in the JC have never been so profitable!

July 3, 2023

Let's spoil ourselves and our loved ones with golden gifts!

July 15, 2023

How to get the right earrings for your hairstyle?

August 10, 2023

Independence Day of Ukraine: the path to freedom in a mixture of patriotism and trials

August 24, 2023

Diamond days in JC, the brightest is half the price!

August 28, 2023

Repeat purchases in JC - such a bargain!

September 11, 2023

Congratulations to our dear Defenders of Ukraine!

October 1, 2023

Black Friday 2023: interesting facts from JC

November 10, 2023

Black Friday in JC: activating discounts up to -65%

November 20, 2023

The happy countdown to the New Year has begun!

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We give even more on a discount card!

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Boosting Benefits, Boosting Discounts!

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Differences between zircon, cubic zirconium, fianits and Swarovski stones
What is the difference between sea and river pearls
Gold Fair increases its discounts!
Big opening with big prizes!
Black Friday at JC: click for discounts!
Big New Year sale at JC!
Time for jewellery presents!
How to find out a man and woman character by the ring on the finger?
The healing and magical properties of the emerald - all about the green stone
Love season at JC: up to -50% for two
Valentine's Day is a day of great jewellery presents!
Some of our shops are open!
Прикраси для всіх, ціна для кожного!
Gold in 2022: A safe shelter for hard savings
Відновив роботу шоурум в ТРЦ Оазис!
ЮК знову працює у Луцьку!
ЮК в Lavina Mall відновлює роботу!
Тенісний браслет: незвичайна історія прикраси
Відновив роботу магазин Ювелірна Карта у ТРЦ «Республіка Парк»!
Хто вигадав запонки: для чого вони потрібні і як їх носити?
Ювелірний лікнеп: як правильно вибрати запонки до одягу?
Як безпечно купувати ювелірні прикраси в інтернеті
Весільні прикраси для нареченої
Браслет на ногу
День Незалежності у ЮК: сміливо обирай своє!
Надвигідний золотий шопінг починається тут!
Ювелірні подарунки на День захисника України
Раніше купуєте – більшу знижку отримуєте!
Загубити, зламати або знайти сережку
Відкриття нового ювелірного острова ЮК!
Лише до 19 листопада - самоцвіти у подарунок!
Black Friday 2022: розпродається ВСЕ!
Розливаємо океан вигідних пропозицій!
Happy Hours – 2022: ловіть дорогоцінні моменти!
Ювелірний магазин ХІТ-цін знову працює у Києві!
Графік роботи мережі у новорічні дні
Fантастичний Flash Sale у ЮК: знижки обираєте ви!
Від щирого серця даруємо спеціальні умови на романтичні подарунки!
Як самостійно визначити розмір браслета
Розмір ланцюжка на шию
Масивні сережки: як вибрати та з чим носити
Ювелірні прикраси в стилі мінімалізм
Весняний Fантастичний Flash Sale у ЮК!
Ось вона - магія: як вирощують перли?
Календар знижок” разом з Ювелірною Картою
Спецпропозиція від ЮК до міжнародного Дня матері
Як розплутати ланцюжок у домашніх умовах
Календар знижок від Ювелірної Карти
Нова колекція SYMBOL від Ювелірної Карти
Повторні покупки в ЮК
Давайте балувати себе і своїх рідних золотими подарунками!
Як правильно підібрати сережки до зачіски?
День Незалежності України
Діамантові дні в ЮК, найяскравіше - за пів ціни!
Повторні покупки в ЮК ще не були такими вигідними!
Вітаємо наших дорогих Захисників та Захисниць України!
Black Friday 2023: цікаві факти від ЮК
Black Friday в ЮК: вмикаємо знижки до -65%
Щасливий відлік до Нового року розпочато!
Даруємо додаткові знижки ДО дисконту!
Прокачуємо вигоди, бустимо дисконт!

Dozens of crystal clear diamonds and richly bright sapphires were used as the main gemstones in a new collection from Jewellery Card.

“We present you with classics in new meaning.” - masters of Jewellery Card commented about High Jewellery collection, “The traditional duet of white and blue are neatly enriched with the transparency of diamonds. The sapphire tone of an electrique brings an element of fairy-tale into an immaculate composition.”

According to jewellers, the featured atmosphere is inherited not only in the colour, but also in the shape of the ornaments with the domination of fragile but strict lines. An aristocratic glow of gemstones is gently combined with cold mat of gold. The true mystery of jewellery craftsmanship comes to live this moment.

Jewellery Card uses only the best stones. Ice cold diamonds, passionate rubies, magic emeralds and mysterious sapphires are supplied to Jewellery Card directly by one of the largest players in the global gemstone market - “Swarovski Gemstones”.

Our clients have a chance to appreciate the delightful aristocratic gold in combination with noble stones at the main showroom at 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street.

The tandem of Jewellery Card and Swarovski - duet of the highest quality of gold and the best stones.

Jewellery created by our artists and jewellers should be closer to their future owners. Jewellery House opens its stores in the main shopping centers in Kyiv

Jewellery from the House of Jewellery Card can now be tried on and purchased not only in niche showrooms of the chain, but also in the most popular shopping malls.

From now on, stores of our Jewellery House are presented in such shopping malls in Kyiv:

Lavina Mall shopping center on 6D Berkovetska street;
Ocean Plaza shopping mall on 176 Antonovycha street;
ТGorodok Gallery shopping mall on 23 S.Bandery avenue.

The House of Jewellery Card won the nomination "The Best Jewellery Store Chain 2018" by the results of annual Ukrainian People's Prize voting.

The level of skills of our artists-craftsmen who creates the jewellery, brings the awe in hearts. The customer service in the showrooms of which wish to say the words of gratitude. Current collection of jewellery can please everyone. This triad of factors makes us the best and helps to win!

We became the best jewellery store chain in 2018. And all this thanks to the trust of our customers who gave us their votes during the competition.

Inspired by the victory, the Jewellery Card craftsmen are completing the work on new collections of jewellery, of which we will soon announce on our website. We are sure that the beauty of these creations will impress you.

Very soon in our main showroom on 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street, will be presented three new collections of gold jewellery.

Techno - a new classic. A fresh look at the jewellery from Jewellery Card craftsmen

Precise geometry and thoroughly calibrated lines of complex, almost futuristic, patterns underlie the Crypto jewellery collection, crafted in the style of techno and skeleton.

Jewellery with a harmonious combination of precious shades of gold and classical architectural and sometimes fantasy forms will be included in the Legacy collection.

Eternal actuality and refinement of simple forms are embedded in the collection of gold wedding rings under the symbolic name Synergy.

It will be possible to see and try on these bright and courageous jewellery compositions very soon in the main showroom of our Jewellery House in the center of the capital, at 16 Velyka Vasylkivska street.

Cartier vintage jewels, hundreds of Bvlgari diamonds and always top jewelleries from Tiffany shone on celebrities, contenders and laureates of the most prestigious film award of the world: Oscar 2019.

Oscar is the most significant, most anticipated and brightest film award, has long been moved from the status of exclusively cinematographic to the rank of one of the main fashion events of the year. All the representatives of film industry are awaiting for Oscar as one more reason to prove themselves and to the rest of the world who is the brightest star here. Other guests are equally interested in evaluating the new masterpieces of the cinema world and those who represent them. Well, the Jewellery Card is professionally and intently looking at the brightest jewels of the recent film award.

This year, the topic of harassment was not rised, the black colour of the dresses ceased to be dominant, and the stars allowed themselves to shine with both dresses and jewellery.

This year, the red-haired beauty actress Amy Adams entered the red carpet of Oscar-2019 ceremony in a set of vintage and new Cartier jewellery with diamonds of platinum and white gold. The actress was wearing: Cartier High Jewelry Tennis necklace, brooch-clip Cartier Collection (Paris, 1935), earrings Cartier Collection (London, 1934), bracelet Cartier Collection (Paris, 1937) and ring Cartier Collection (approximately 2005).

Actresses Lucy Boynton and Glenn Close also came in vintage Cartier jewellery, thus demonstrating an affection for vintage jewellery.

Charlize Theron, in addition to her hair colour, stood out with the number of diamonds. 300 carats of diamonds and 30 carats of sapphires from which her Bvlgari Serpenti jewellery for the red carpet was collected including a white gold necklace with twin wrapping, bracelets, earrings and rings.

And one of the brightest stars of the ceremony was the singer and actress Lady Gaga. She not only picked up the coveted statuette for her song “Shallow” for the film “A Star Is Born”, but also put on an incredible Tiffany & Co jewellery with an old yellow diamond. The total weight of the necklace of 100 stones was 128 carats, and its cost exceeds 30 million dollars.

The most beautiful and famous people of the world, the brightest dressess and the most charming jewellery. And, of course, unforgettable films - we will remember this Oscar ceremony for a long time!

What could be better than an exclusive ring that no one has? Only ring, created according to your sketches! After all, it is more than just a jewellery, it is a reflection of your unique individuality!

From now on, together with Jewellery Card, you can dive into the charming world of jewellery, where you will feel like a real jeweller. Using our new service “Bespoke jewellery”, you become a co-author of a unique piece of jewellery, where you set the accents to a master’s work. As a couturier who thinks through his creation to the smallest detail, so you and our craftsman negotiate all the details of the future jewel.

Do you desire a diamond ring like Marilyn Monroe, or sapphire earrings like Victoria Beckham? It is not a problem! You can order from us any high-quality copy of celebrity jewellery, or make changes to already finished model from our catalogue. Our masters will take into account all your ideas and wishes. And perhaps today you will lay the foundation of your own family collection of gold jewellery!

Everything begins with the client, and only after that a new jewellery masterpiece is born. “ЮК” jewellery crafted by custom order are made in the best traditions of bespoke, which guarantees 100% uniqueness and quality of workmanship.

We carry out individual orders for gold jewellery with precious stones of 1st Category:

  • Diamonds
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies

To become the owner of a unique gold jewellery, you need to send us a request and meet up with our main jeweller. Then you make a pre-payment for the material. The rest of sum you pay at the cash desk in one of our stores when your jewellery is ready.

Let the diamond of your individuality shine with new facets together with “ЮК!”

Sensuality, elegance, romanticism and demonstration of the highest class – it is unchangeable milestones of filigree mastery, which have being praised through the ages.

Aerial pas, elegance of forms and styles, this is what really weaves the winner`s dance with the real masterpieces of the jewellery industry of our days.

The end of March was marked by a grand show “Ukrainian Ball 2019”, where the world-famous ballroom professional dancers took place. The international festival, which has already become a traditional event, united representatives of the world famous dance elite: multiple European and World champions, winners of international festivals and sport competitions in ballroom dancing.

French chic has become a peculiar storyline of the event, since it is known that it was France that presented the modern times with a special ceremonial of festivities, which was later transformed into professional competitions with a special program.

The final of the competition was marked with prizing of the best dancers with unique pieces of jewellery from the sponsor of the event, the trademark LemoNNier. This is a distinctive line of white and yellow gold jewellery created by craftsmen of the Jewellery House.

Compliance to the contact points is the main feature of ballroom dancing, which has brought them up to the level of the most romantic and emotional trends. That is why the duet of gold and diamonds from LemoNNier ideally highlights a tandem of grace and bewitching beauty of the ballroom dance, which, undoubtedly, did not leave anyone indifferent.

Beginning April 2019, Jewellery Card has become a part of all-Ukrainian Maxi Card loyalty program, which includes more than 40 partners.

From now on all buyers of gold jewellery from TM Jewellery Card will receive up to 3% of the price of purchase jewellery to their Maxi Card bonus account. When buying jewellery in our chain, it is possible to use bonuses to pay the whole price of chosen jewellery!

Swift issuance and registration of MaxiCard card is carried out while you are purchasing a jewellery in the JC chain. For more conveniences is provided the possibility of online registration in the loyalty program in one of the following ways:

After online registration, the account to be activated by entering a 4-digit confirmation code received via SMS. Well, using a virtual card on a smartphone is as easy as using a traditional plastic card: just present the virtual card to one of our stuff at the Jewellery Card store.

We wish you a good luck in finding good deals!

Soon, Jewellery Card chain will be enlarged with two showrooms at the biggest shopping malls in Kyiv.

One of the largest stores of our network is located in Smart Plaza shopping centre, at 19 Obolonsky Avenue and opens its doors to buyers in beginning of June. Our clients will be presented with 20 showcases with gold jewelleries of various themes, with precious and semi-precious inserts. The modern format of the shopping centre, located in one of the elite residential complexes in Kyiv, will make it possible to vividly present the jewelleries of our Jewellery House, satisfying the most sophisticated customer requests. The shopping centre itself includes 50 stores located on the area of more than 12,000 square meters and is divided into the following areas: clothing, accessories, perfumery, electronics, restaurants and a grocery hypermarket.

Another showroom will be opened to all visitors in the metropolitan Skymall shopping centre in the middle of the summer 2019. Nowadays the mall includes more than 250 stores on the area of 88,000 square meters, which makes it one of the largest shopping centres in the capital. The complex consists of shopping areas, indoor entertainment areas for adults and children, as well as the unique Sky Family Park - a place for rest and fun in the open.

The performance style, called "Skeleton", historically is used to demonstrate one of the most important part of a wearable watch - its mechanism. When working on skeleton products, watchmakers set themselves the task of exposing the insides of future watches as much as possible, thus demonstrating the entire multi-layered complexity of a future product. For a long time, the existence of the predecessors of modern skeleton watches was an indication of imperfection of assembly technology or little experience of its maker, who for several reasons was unable to completely hide the mechanism in its casing. In pursuit of durability by closing the moving mechanisms of the chronometer with metal plates craftsman was receiving a heavy, bulky and inconvenient to wear watch. The problem was further worsened by the lack of technology for the glass production of the required quality and thickness by European masters (which is not surprising for the 16th century).

Some historians state that the introduction of a full-fledged jewellery approach to the manufacture of watches is obliged to the Protestant movement called Reformation, which prohibits believers from carrying and displaying all kinds of adornment, including jewellery. This ban urged cooperation between jewellers and watchmakers, which gave rise to a completely new aesthetics design of wearable watches, allowed by the Church not as piece of jewellery, but as an object of everyday life. Thus, chronometers began to acquire individual characteristics in the form of additional artistic elements, which contributed to the beginning of the transition from the segment of "utilitarian" things to the category of "elite".

In our time, the openness of the "skeleton" and its multi-layered structure are the indicators of the highest skills and aesthetics of the product. The watches of the oldest renowned brands have evolved into priceless works of jewellery. Increasingly, the chronometer mechanisms are made of gold, and the cases are richly ornamented with gems.

In the XXI century, the artists of our jewellery house came up with an idea of creating a completely new direction in jewellery design. Directions based on a rich, centuries-old history of the "skeleton" style. While working on the design, our artists managed to introduce architecture, physics and the scope of the macrocosm into the jewellery microcosm, which resulted in birth of a new recognizable and unique style of the "Skeleton" collection by the LemoNNier. Sophisticated, at the first glance inconceivable forms of jewellery harmoniously complemented by inserts of the purest diamonds. Possession of such jewellery best emphasizes the extraordinary taste of its owner, and regular replenishment of the collection with new forms creates a new fashion trend in your surroundings!

For Jewellery Card Summer 2019 is special, because it begins with a grand opening. June the 20th, at Obolon, Kyiv opened its doors the new JC store, which is one of the largest in the chain. It means that you will find even bigger variety of jewellery at a bargain price!

We care about our customers, thus always offer the most comfortable places for shopping. This time, our jewellery showroom opened its doors in a cozy area of the capital – at the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping center. The location of the store has a convenient traffic interchange (next to "Minska" metro station), and the shopping center itself has everything you need for a pleasant pastime. Therefore, we are waiting for you on the ground floor of the Smart Plaza Obolon, at 19 Obolonsky Avenue, Kyiv!

On Friday, July 19, the final prize drawing took place in the opening of a new Jewellery Card store in the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping centre.

So, we already know the winners, who will receive gold jewellery as a reward for making their first purchases in the newly opened Jewellery Card store! They are the owners of following discount cards:

  • №0000167031 wins the pendant “Guitar”
  • №0000160604 wins pendant “Bag”
  • №0000025071 wins pendant “Kettle”

The rules of participation were very simple and clear: between June 20 and July 18 all clients who made they purchases at the newly opened Jewellery Card showroom in the Smart Plaza Obolon shopping centre could have selected a prize and have taken part in the draw.

We made the prize draw as clear as possible for all participants. The winners were selected by a random draw with the use of Random.org web service. You can check footages bellow how the numbers were picked:

There are more golden prises ahead!

You did not find yourself among the winners? Don’t be upset! The summer goes on, and ahead we have new promotions and even more gifts. Because soon the Jewellery Card opens another showroom, in Sky Mall Kyiv shopping centre!

Swarovski branded products first appeared more than 100 years ago when the scientist and dreamer Daniel Swarovski invented and introduced innovative cutting technologies. Swarovski illuminated our world with the luxury of a unique radiance of a wide palette of colours. The company's loyalty to the principles of continuous improvement, innovation, encouraging ingenuity and creativity is based on the rich cultural heritage that originated in the very centre of Europe.

The convenient geographical location of the company in the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire allowed it to harmoniously combine the art of East and West, mastery and science, design and craft, intelligence, entrepreneurial skills and sophisticated style.

Swarovski GEMS™ is a leading global brand, distinguished by the accuracy of artificial and natural stones cutting. This brand represent itself as a fascinating, perfectly balanced and harmonious collection of gems, perfectly cut in accordance with the famous accuracy of Swarovski from high quality raw materials. Every natural and artificial stone is carefully handled in its own factories in Austria and meets the most stringent requirements of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

Nowadays, the name Swarovski is synonymous with pedantic craftsmanship, the highest quality, technical virtuosity and inspiring originality.

And that is the features that are inherent to masters of House of Jewellery Card. Therefore, establishing partnerships with the world famous Swarovski brand was only a matter of time.

Today such a partnership satisfies a number of important production needs of our Jewellery House, such as:

  • High quality requirements for jewellery inserts;
  • Supply upon first request large portions of jewellery stones of guaranteed quality;
  • Ecological, ethical and proven natural origin of precious stones;
  • Unbeatable shine of stones of the proprietary Natural Brilliance cut, which in particular for topazes gives 130% more shine and brilliance, completing the jewellery composition of our Jewellery House.

High-quality jewellery with natural and artificial Swarovski stones can be purchased at the Jewellery Card chain showrooms. Demanding customers can pay attention to the special Swarovski GEMS™ brand label affixed to the jewellery, which guarantees the highest possible quality of jewellery inserts.

The final chords of the summer has echoed, but do not give in to sadness. After all, you can meet autumn gaily and with benefit to your loved one. This is exactly what the Jewellery Card offers and arranges the autumn gold prize draw. You grant us your participation, we - golden gifts and good mood!

Kyiv JC store, located on Mayakovsky Avenue 26, has closed, but we do not stop and continuing to grow. On Sunday, September 1st, a new showroom was opened in one of the capital’s largest shopping and entertainment centers, at the 2nd floor of SkyMall, 2t General Vatutin Ave. (entrance 2C).

Visit our store in SkyMall for new purchases and take part in the traditional gold jewellery draw!

Autumn has finally gained its power, but in Jewellery Card it is still hot like during the summer! After all, today, on 1st of October, long-awaited final draw has taken its place on the opening of a new shop at SkyMall!

Throughout September, we were drawing the gold pendants among our customers. And here is the drum bit – we found the winners! They are the holders of following discount cards:

  • №0000157652
  • №0000168070
  • №0000025071

All our visitors who made purchases from 1st to 30th of September in our new store in SkyMall shopping center were able to participate in the draw.

The draw held publicly and transparently - discount cards of all participants had equal chances of winning.

Well, those who was eager to participate, but did not have time or did not find themselves among the winners, should not be upset. For customers, we are always having interesting promotions.

Until 31st of October, all customers of the new JC store can take advantage of exclusive offer on jewellery: 20% discount for the second and subsequent purchases.

We would love to remind you that the new Jewellery Card store is located on the 2nd floor of the SkyMall (Kyiv, 2t General Vatutina Ave.). We work for you seven days a week, from 10.00 to 22.00.

New time sets new rules: in order to be in trend, create trends! This thesis became the foundation for the development and creation of a conceptual line of jewellery under LemoNNier brand from the masters of Jewellery Card.

The jewellery line consists of three collections at once, united by a single feature - a symbolic crown formed from a double Latin “N”:

Crypto. Extraordinary and perfect. The rings, earrings and pendants included in the collection will impress every individuals who sets its sights on originality, extraordinariness and uniqueness.

Synergy. The very name of the engagement and wedding rings collections testifies to the strong bonds of romantic feelings that crowns the hearts of lovers.

Legacy. It will rightfully take its place in the pantheon of achievements of masters of Jewellery Card. It cannot be otherwise, because this is the work of our whole life!

What is closer for you today? Strict conceptuality? Romantic sensuality? Or joy of status privileges? Choose a golden piece to match yourself in our new section on the website.

One more year and one more victory! For the second year in a row, “Jewellery Card” becomes the best chain among jewellery stores according to the “Ukrainian National Award”!

Four months Ukrainians were voting for the market leaders in different categories of goods and services. And now - drum roll - the finalists are revealed!

According to the voting results by the strictest and fairest jury, Ukrainian consumers, our company became the leader of the rating of jewellery chains in 2019 and entered in TOP-25 of the best stores in the country!

We are glad and proud to be the first, because this proves efficiency of our efforts and high customer trust into our chain.

To remind, “Ukrainian National Award” - is an annual competition among goods, services and companies in various sectors of the economy. Voting has taking place from June 1 to September 30, 2019 on the official website of the contest provider. A total of 445 winners were selected in 24 categories.

Inspired by the winning, we are already actively working on a new collection of gold jewellery. To your delight, we are undertaking to keep the brand of the best jewellery chain of 2019!

We are getting better for you!

The countdown to the New Year has begun, and head is spinning from thoughts - what to buy, give and put on. And most important - how not to lose its special feeling of New Year in the preparation rush? To make the leap year 2020 successful, the Jewellery Card decided to continue the long-standing tradition of New Year sales!

From December 15 to December 31, in the online store and offline showrooms of the Jewellery Card, all customers receive discounts of up to -60% on gold items. The size of the guaranteed discount depends on the type of jewellery insert in the product:

  • 40% on jewellery with precious stones
  • 30% on jewellery with semiprecious stones
  • 20% on jewellery with no gems or with synthetic stones
  • an additional -5% discount on all promotional products, which in total can give as much as -60%!

Terms of purchase are simple as always!

  • Ordered jewellery in the online store will be delivered for free to one of the points of the JC network at your convenience;
  • You can pay for ordered items in one of the following ways: by cash upon receipt, by bank transfer (invoice or bank card), by cash on delivery or using the service of "Instant installment plan";
  • You should collect the jewellery with discounted price within three days, after the goods arrive at the store.

The feeling of the New Year atmosphere already reigns in the Jewellery Card. Visit us for gifts and get only pleasant emotions from shopping!

Despite the rainy weather outside the window, the New Year’s atmosphere is in the air at the Jewellery Card: the lights are lit up, toys are hung up, and gold gifts are waiting for our customers.

Let all the good that pleased you this year find its new, no less interesting continuation in 2020. Leave sad thoughts and regrets in the past, and take with you in the new year all your victories and good luck, all the joy and warmth of life!

We wish you family welfare, self-confidence, good luck and persistence in achieving new goals.

On New Year's Eve, all adults become a little more sentimental. Allow yourself to be a child for a while! No wonder people say: "Miracles happens to those who believe in them." And then life, as in childhood, turns into a fairy-tale world, where there is a place for good and magic!

There are so many languages of love, but sometimes it’s so difficult to find words to express overwhelming feelings. Elegant gold jewellery of JC are telling about the most intimate: they love you, admire you, take care of you!

For two months, from February 1 to March 30, 2020, when buying non sale items in the Jewellery Card network, you get up to + 10% to your discount card. To receive the discount, you should buy at least one non sale piece of jewellery in February and March and already in February you get an additional discount of up to + 5%.

And the good news does not end there! All clients of the JC who bought jewellery in February-March 2020 automatically become participants in our drawing of valuable prizes such as:

  • Voucher for a tourist trip, which costs of 20 000 UAH;
  • Voucher for a trip costing 10 000 UAH;
  • JC voucher with a value of 1000 UAH (1 for each store);
  • JC vouchers with a value of 500 UAH (4 for each store);
  • JC vouchers with a value of 250 UAH (10 for each store).

The drawing of valuable prizes will take place on March 31, 2020. On this day, all buyers of gold jewellery can still get additional discounts to their discount card, but they no longer participate in the draw.

Please your loved ones and do not hesitate to show your feelings, because it makes your Love story truly unique!

Through the distance of years, jewellery, like the gentle touch of loved ones, fill our hearts with warmth and tenderness. “I will never give you away to anybody!” - the elegant gold jewellery by the JC will say it for you. Dive with us into the world of beauty, and we will help you to express your feelings vividly, beautifully and elegantly!

On the eve of International Women's Day, March 8, we have prepared pleasant golden surprises for our the online customers.

From February 10 to March 30, 2020, when paying for gold jewelry online, Jewellery Card gives customers additional discounts on their discount cards:

  • for products with precious and semiprecious stones - 14%
  • for products with synthetic stones or without stones - 7%
  • for all promotional products in the Golden Fair category - an additional discount of 5%

Purchase terms:

  • special prices for the jewellery are available when paying cashless;
  • discounts are valid for both regular and new customers of the Jewellery Card network;
  • total discount is calculated by the manager of the online store taking into account the client discount card.

Hurry up to please your loved ones and purchase gold jewellery for celebration. Moreover, all customers who purchase jewellery during the promotion period automatically become participants in the drawing of certificates for a romantic trip valuing ​​of 20,000 UAH and 10,000 UAH!

Each JC piece of jewellery is unique, like your love!

It is important to follow fashion jewellery trends. But this is not enough - you should know what exactly suits you. And here the concept of “colour type” will help.

Let's see what it is. Among the many wordings we choose the most accurate: the colour type is an individual combination of colours, which is formed by the tone of your hair, eyes and skin. Having studied your colour type, you can use knowledge and emphasize most advantageous characters of your look.

For every taste and colour – what are the colour types

Generally Winter and Summer are cold colour types, and Spring and Autumn are warm. But such a division will not be complete without taking into account the degree of its palette. Therefore, each is divided into 3 subgroups: light, cold, soft (summer); soft, warm, dark (autumn); dark, cold, bright (winter); bright, warm, bright (spring).

Nowadays, you can easily find many different tests to check your colour type. To make it easy, you can use simple rules - where there is a blue tint – it is a cold colour type; and where yellow or golden - warm!

Fatal Beauty Winter

A distinctive feature of the colour type is the contrast: light skin + blue-black hair + blue eyes. Plain black and white classic gives these girls inimitable glamour. In the elements of the wardrobe possessors of the winter colour type should go for distinct bright colours, but not milky and not with a yellow tint. The main criteria is not colour, but its saturation, contrast.


The incarnation of tenderness: spring colour type

The possessors of the Spring colour type can be visualised as sunny, gentle and radiant: golden-honey, light brown hair, skin with a slight peach tint, eyes with the colour of sky, grey, light green. The main rule of this colour type is warm light colours, a minimum of motley image, patterns. Remember: dark shades “level” the delicate tone of the face!


Cold Beauty: Summer Colour Type

Girls with ashen hair, brown-haired with gray-blue/green eyes - representatives of the Summer colour type. Cold, but gentle, pastel colours suit them.


Bright and eccentric: Autumn colour type

It is easy to imagine a girl in bright colours of Autumn: copper, golden, brown hair, amber-brown eyes. At the same time, the Autumn colour type is the only one to whom the saturated orange colour suits!


For those who struggles to choose, jewellers recommend getting various jewellery with a multi-coloured inserts, as well as jewellery with combined gold colours.

Earring clasps: what kind is out there?

Most owners of earrings faced the problem of "easy to lose and impossible to forget." A familiar situation: I put on a golf, straightened my hair, looked around, but one earring is gone!

That is reason why when choosing it is worth paying attention not only to the appearance, but also to the clasp. The comfort and how long you will be wearing it depends on it.

English lock

It consists of a pin and ear hook covering the bottom of the earlobe. Earrings look exquisitely and at the same time suitable for every day. But still there is a drawback: the area of the earlobe is not adjustable, so choose the product of your size.


Italian lock (clip clasp)

Convenience is that the space for the earlobe is adjustable, so earrings are easy to put on. With a harsh opening, the lock may become loose and the thin pin may bend.


Stud Earrings

Such earrings will suit both children and adults mainly because of its practicality, convenience, small size. Studs can differentiated by the clips:

  • Screw-back – threaded screw backs;
  • Posts - fixed with a clip with help of special recess.

Over time, backs often fall and getting lost.


Clip earrings

The ideal solution for those who have not pierced their ears. The clips are easily attached to the ear with a clasp that clamps the earlobe on both sides. But their plus is its minus - because of their fastening, earrings are often got lost.


French clasp

The design of the clasp consists of two loops: one is put through a puncture in the earlobe, the second is fixed on first at the back. Such earrings are often worn by the girls, as they are hard to lose. Nevertheless, there is a minus - due to the thinness of the metal, the loops are easily damaged.


Safety pin earrings

The safety pin is used in earrings hoops because of its fastening reliability. But if the pin is short - there is a chance of not fully fastening the earrings.


Loop fastener earings

The essence of such a fastener lies in an long loop. Because of this earrings can be put on quickly, although you need to be careful, because the loop can catch your hair and fly off your ear.


Hoop earrings

A widely used type of earrings, since it is difficult to lose them, the clasp is almost invisible (the elements of the lock fit tightly into each other). Due to the thinness of the fastener metal when fastening it is ease to bend.


Padlock earrings

This clasp is featured by a hook, which is fixed in a special recess on the back of the earring. The fragile design can bend, so it is recommended to remove such earrings before you go to bed


Chain lock earrings

A long chain with decor is inserted into the puncture of the earlobe. The graceful shape looks magnificent in the ear, but runs the risk of tangling in the hair.


Cuff earrings

Basically it has two fasteners - one is fixed on the earlobe, the second in the area of the "Antihelix" (upper part of the auricle). Between them the fasteners are connected by the chains. Convenience is in the distribution of weight.


Choose earrings to your taste, but do not forget to pay attention to the clasp, choosing the earrings based on your needs - for every day or for going out, for a girl or an adult woman.

Many do not know how the Catholic cross differs from the Orthodox one. Let’s see what things and features each of them has!


He shape of the cross is the first and main difference

In modern Christianity, the most popular four, six, eight-pointed crosses. The first relates to Western tradition. In Orthodox - more choices. Here crosses can be of all three forms:

  • Four-points cross. According to legend, Jesus was crucified on such a cross.
  • Six-pointed cross. The slanted bar in the six-pointed cross symbolizes the cup of sins: the lower end is the burden of not repentance; upper - relief after repentance.
  • Eight-pointed cross – it is a six-pointed cross with the addition of a short crossbar over a long one. The eight ends symbolize eight periods in the development of mankind. The upper end on the cross is the road up to the eternal kingdom revealed by Christ.

The Catholic cross is simpler and uncomplicated. It is characterized by a quadrangular shape.


Catholics cross is an indicator of the priesthood. The cross with six ends is an attribute of the authority of the archbishops, and with eight - the Pope.

Differences between Catholic and Orthodox cross

The Orthodox cross is not characterized by its shape, but by what is written / depicted on it. Based on this, it is possible to interpret to which current Christianity the product belongs.


The easiest way to determine which cross is in front of you is to look at the inscriptions on Orthodox / Catholic underwear crosses.

In Orthodox written in Slavic  I.Н.Ц.I. (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews), in Catholic Latin INRI. Quite often, on Orthodox crosses there is an inscription on the back “Bless and save”, which is not inherent in Catholicism.



Catholics usually depict the face of the suffering Christ, so that he reminds Christians of the price he paid to save people. In Orthodoxy emphasize on the triumph of resurrection, in victory over death, of the Spirit over the body.

The crucifixion of Catholics stands above the surface, while the Orthodox have a flat look.

Christians wear a cross under their clothes, considering it a talisman that should not be shown to others.

Crucifix (corpus)

Also a distinctive feature is that on the Orthodox crosses the legs of Christ are not crossed, but are nailed with two nails, each separately.

The Catholic Church has a fundamentally different opinion and its own shrine - three nails stored in the Vatican. Accordingly, on the Catholic crucifixion, Jesus' legs are laid one on top of the other and nailed with only one nail.


The choice of a cross is everybody personal business based on faith, tastes and financial capabilities. Today's market is represented by thousands of variations in the combination of different types of gold, as well as inlay and patterns.

A ring is not just a stylish accessory, but a thing that defines the comfort of everyday activities. It is important that it sits comfortably and does not cause discomfort when wearing it.


Why is it important to choose the right ring size?

The medical aspect is important. A tight ring on the finger can extend a pressure on the veins, which can cause joint problems.

Sometimes a master jeweller can increase the size of the ring, but this solution is not always acceptable: if there are decorative elements in the form of lines of stones, then when the metal is rolled out, the places where the stones sit can be deformed and the minerals fall out, and fancy patterns can be distorted beyond recognition.

It is important to remember that even in the best workshops you should expect the size of the ring to be increased only by 1 - 1.5.


What you need to know in order to choose correct ring size?

There are criteria for selecting a ring: structural features of the fingers (the thickness, length and presence of long phalanges on the fingers play an important role); the width of the ring (a narrow ring looks out of place on long graceful fingers).

Selecting a ring by trying on in the store

Decide which finger the jewellery is for. As the matter of fact, the fingers of the dominant hand will be larger (sometimes the difference is one and a half sizes)

Match the ring exactly to the size. Please note that the ring does not prick, does not catch on clothes - this will cause inconvenience in the future.


How to find out the size of the ring by yourself?

The shops have special devices for measuring the thickness of the fingers - "finger gauges". At home, you can make following calculations:

  1. A flexible thin object (thread, ribbon, thin strap) wrap around your finger exactly at the place where you plan to wear the ring. The thread should sit tight, but not clamp on your finger. It is important to check that the improvised “ring” does not get stuck on the phalanges.
  2. Repeat the take-off procedure several times.
  3. Fix the length that suits you and measure it with a ruler or a tape measure.
  4. Divide your length on the calculator by 3.14 and there you get your size.

How to choose the size of the ring remotely?

There are occasions when you decide to buy a jewellery not for yourself, but for someone else as a gift. For example, the February 14th is approaching and you are about to surprise your sweetheart. To find out the size you need:

  • Secretly from the beloved one, take one of her rings and take the jewellery to the jeweller. He will accurately measure the size of the ring.
  • Put the girl’s ring on your finger and make a mark in the place where it does not go further. After that, use the method of wrapping the thread around the finger.
  • Seek help of the closest of your beloved one whom the jewellery is intended for. It can be relatives or friends who know the size.

Ring sizes

In Ukraine is used a system of indicators from 14 to 24.5. Each subsequent size differs from the previous one by 0.5 mm.

The beginning of the week in the last month of Spring - new plans and good news for you, our dear customers!

Guided by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on the mitigation of quarantine, from May 14 shops of JC chain begin their work in the permitted format, adhering to all safety standards.

We carefully prepared for this day: we expanded size range of jewellery, enlarged stock with new models in colour and inlays. Moreover, all customers will get good discounts on the products from the “Golden Fair” category!

We guarantee quality and SAFETY!

In JC chain we strictly follow all sanitary requirements, since the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world remains unstable. Caring for the health of our customers, we process jewellery with antiseptic solutions; we use gloves and medical masks; regularly air the room. Also, we maintain a social distance (no more than 1 visitor per 10 square meters), and you can pay for purchases contactless by card or smartphone.

Opening hours of JC stores

May 14

  • 15 Perova Ave., Kyiv
  • 14-16 Starovokzalna Str., Kyiv
  • "Oasis", 47/42 Obolonsky Ave., Kyiv
  • “Smart Plaza”, 19 Obolonsky Ave., Kyiv

May 15

  • 7/20 Nebesnoi Sotni Str., Zhytomyr
  • 89 Victory Avenue, Chernihiv
  • 48 Voli Avn., Lutsk
  • 190 Soborna Str., Rivne
  • 11 Gagaryna Str., Brovary
  • 8 Olesya Gonchara (Belinsky) Str., Kherson
  • 243 Shevchenko Str., Cherkasy
  • 80 Academica Korolyova Str., Odesa

May 18

  • 7 Vasilianok St., Ivano-Frankivsk
  • 1/2 Cosmonauta Belyaeva Str., Mukachevo
  • 28 Myra, Vynogradiv

May 27

  • 23 Stepana Bandery (Moscowskij) Ave., Kyiv

May 30

  • 176 Antonovycha Str., Kyiv
  • 6d Berkovetska Str., Kyiv
  • 2t General Vatytina Str., Kyiv

June 3

  • 6A Sagaidachnogo Str., Kovel

We look forward to seeing you all!

Choosing the first earrings for the girl: all the subtlety and nuances

Daughter - a fairy tale princess who turns the most strict parent into a sweet "daddy". But what kind of princess is without beautiful jewellery?!

At what age is it better to pierce the ears?

This question is a real headache for parents. Most experts believe that the optimal age for ear piercing is 2-11 years. At this age, the girl is more consciously going through the procedure. Also, up to 3 years of age, cartilage tissue grows actively. This means that with a puncture in the first year of life, there is a risk that by 10 years of age asymmetry may appear.


Up to 1 year

According to statistics, almost a third of young mothers pierce the ears of a child from the first days of life, demonstrating to others that they have a girl.

Pros. A child under one year old does not realize what is happening to her and is not afraid of the procedure.

Cons. At this age, you can’t explain to the baby that you must not touch the ears after the puncture, and this at times increases the risk of injury.

1 to 3 years old

The child is already responding to shiny objects and can choose what she likes.

Pros. At this age, it is easy to agree on something with a child and stop tears by buying something tasty or a new toy.

Cons. After the procedure, the puncture site will have to be processed 2-3 times a day - the procedure is not pleasant, and the child can be capricious.

5 to 8 years old

The most optimal age. Children can choose earrings themselves and process the place of puncture.

Pros. Healing is very fast, the cartilage in the ear has already formed.

Cons. The child become more naughty and may be moody

After 8 years

A child is considered to be an adult. The girl herself decides whether she needs any earrings at all and which ones she wants.

Pros. At this age, the young adult shows her own taste and style.

Cons. There is a risk of a keloid scar at the puncture place.

Children's earrings clasps features

The second most important question after age is the type of fastener on children's earrings. After all, it determines how comfortable she will be while wearing jewellery.

Most often the following clasps are chosen for children's earrings:

  • Studs / Stud Earrings. This clasp is most often chosen for the first earrings. Choose products with a cap that will cover the sharp part of the earring (not to scratch the skin of the child). The screw lock, in addition to reliability, makes it possible to adjust the pressure force of the earlobe.
  • Congo rings. Children from 3 years old are preferable to buy Congo rings of a small size, since larger rings a child can cling to during active play, injuring the lobe.
  • English clasp. Such earrings are recommended to be worn on healed puncture. The notch on the pin can injure an unhealed baby ear during daily washing.
  • Italian clasp. In addition to reliability, the Italian clasp has another advantage - the ability to adjust the pressure on the earlobes.
  • French clasp. These earrings are comfortable to wear due to the flexible loop. They are movable in the lobe, which is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, the jewellery will not press and rub, and on the other, it can easily be unfastened.

What metal is best for baby earrings?

Budget jewellery can cause redness of the skin, or even worse - an allergy. To make the wound heal faster, give preference to yellow gold earrings - they are characterized as the least allergenic. The optimal weight of the earrings is 2 grams.


Mischievous butterflies, playful kittens, juicy apples, tender flowers, flirty hearts will emphasize your child’s young age and childlike immediacy. For older fashionistas, there are diamond earrings with a refined concise design. But with an elegant golden crown, each girl will feel like a real princess!

What is a diamond and a rough diamond: analysis of concepts

Let's start with the main thing - from the basic meanings. Rough diamond = diamond? Often that is the confusion as many people do not see the difference. But there is.

Diamond is a type of carbon, the hardest of all known substances, carried by lava from the depths of the Earth. This term is generally used to call the natural diamonds which are cut in a special way (diamond cut).

Rough diamond is the only mineral that consists of one carbon and has the highest hardness (10 on the Mohs scale!).

Most of the mined diamonds are no good for jewellery production. Almost 80% are rejected due to a heterogeneous structure, cloudy or opaque colour.

From mine to cut: why are diamonds so sought after?

The answer lies on the surface: because of its properties - very unique. And also thanks to a successful marketing campaign.

The exceptional hardness of diamond is its undisputable advantage. Highest score on the Mohs scale! Diamond can be burned or broken, but not scratched. Also, the stone is able to reflect and refract light beams, forming glare of all colours of the rainbow.

How diamonds differ from each other

Stones of the same colour and weight can differ significantly in cost, although they look identical.

> Each diamond is evaluated comprehensively according to the 5C classification: Cutting Shape, Colour, Clarity, Weight (Carat) and Confidence. The higher all these indicators, the more valuable the gem.

Carat weight

Carat or the weight of the gem plays the first violin in determining the final value of a diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams).

The smallest diamonds - with a mass of up to 0.29 carats, medium - from 0.3 to 0.99, large - 1 carat or more



Many diamonds have different shades: yellow, brown, and even dark blue. The fist ones are the most affordable, the last ones are very rare.

The most expensive are colourless gems. These are crystals of the highest category. Today, transparent diamonds may seem like a boring classic, so many people are increasingly opting for shaded ones



Also, diamonds differs by the clarity, since almost all of them have small defects and inclusions. It is difficult to see a difference by naked eyes - only with the help of a magnifier.

The location of inclusions has a direct impact on the cost of the gem. If minor imperfections are located behind or on its sides, the stone will cost more than the one in which they are in the centre.



There are various forms: "round", "emerald", "heart", "marquise", "pear", "oval", "princess" (square) and so on. The choice of cut does not affect the beauty of the diamond, but affects its value. A round diamond will be approximately 15–20% more expensive.

The quality of the cut should be also taken into account- the right proportions (Cut), symmetry (Symmetry) and polishing (Polish). All this comprehensively affects the play of light in stone.


How to choose the best diamond on the basis of price = quality?

Jewellers advise first to make up your mind about the size and colour of the diamond, and then experiment with clarity. For example, you can save up by going for a gem with yellowness, but a larger size and higher clarity - then it will sparkle like a drop of crystal clear water.

How to tell apart a diamond from a fake?

All diamonds of natural origin (from 0.29 ct) must be certified. In Ukraine, this duty is on the State Gemological Center. On large diamonds, the number is applied to the bottom of the gem.

Beauty and cost are not the only things to look for when choosing. After all, it depends on the clasp will it bring the beauty or discomfort into your life; will last a long time or until the first going out.

Learning about clasps: the main selection criteria

It is the clasp that has the greatest functional load when wearing gold chains / bracelets.

To prevent loss of shape or deformation of the jewellery, the clasp must be:

  • Tough, and its parts flexible (move / bend smoothly without jamming);
  • Smooth, without sharp corners / notches;
  • Easy to open.

Before purchasing, check whether you can open and close the lock by yourself, whether it fixes the jewellery firmly and doesn’t open by itself.

Types of clasps on bracelets / chains: which one is better?

Nowadays jewellers have created different types of fasteners, each of them has its own configuration and safety margin.

Spring clasp - small and sneaky

It looks like a ring with a spring latch. Light weight, durability and small size are a plus. But the spring mechanism can soon fail and the small size of the latch makes it hard to fasten it with one hand.


Lobster clasp - proven classic

Consists of a loop with a spring-loaded bracket, into which the connecting ring is inserted and is considered to be the most reliable lock. Such a lock can withstand the heavy weight of products and the lobster clasp is easy to open with one hand. The weak point is the spring, which gradually wears out and can jam.


Screw clasp - girl with a surprise

Such a fastener easily closes by the type of bolt and nut connection - one part of it is screwed into another. The lock is easy to use. At the same time, the thread on such locks is thin and wears out with frequent twisting / unscrewing.


Features of the box lock

Consists of a box with a hole and a latch strap, the notches of which are firmly fixed inside. Additional fixing loops are used in order to reinforce the lock from one or both sides. The clasp reliably fixes massive jewellery on the wrist. Massive lock adds weight to the jewellery increasing its value.


Buckle lock - freedom of movement

One of its elements is similar to a ladder with a folding latch clinging to the steps. The lock allows you to change the size of the bracelet and easily fastens without any outside help. At the same time, the latch is quite easy to open, accidentally catching a bracelet on clothes, hair.


Hook lock - beauty in simplicity

As the name implies, the design of the lock consists of a curl (hook), which is threaded into a metal loop. By it look the clasp may seem unreliable, but curl from the hook does not pop out easily - you need to make an effort. Hooks are no good for small and light bracelets.


Toggle and bar clasp

Consists of a T-pin and a ring into which it is threaded. Both parts are held by tension. They do not have extra parts and springs that can jam. Toggles are easily unfastened and fastened with one hand, but are not adjustable in length.


Magnetic lock – tension force

The design of the lock consists of two magnetized balls or dissected bars, which are easily unfastened with one hand. Such a lock greatly simplifies the process of putting on bracelets. The clasp is not adjustable in length and the quality of the lock depends on the strength of the magnet.


Hinge lock - originality and aesthetics

The key element of the design is a metal “nail” (pin), which is inserted into the hinge and is guaranteed to hold together the two ends of the bracelet. Such a design is hard to break. Cannot be stretched or reduced in length.


Clip fastener

Easily fastens and unfastens thanks to the inside spring. It is convenient and withstands the weight of heavy beads and pendants. Bracelets can only be made of a certain length, without adjustment to the width of the wrist.


Once the famous Coco Chanel said: pearls are always right! Today it appears in various guises: as a status jewellery of top officials; heirloom; glamorous accessory of celebrity; budget jewellery.

A unique creation of nature

Despite the fact that pearls are referred as precious stones, it is not a mineral in the classical sense. It is not formed in the earth's crust, like all other stones. Pearl is a gem created by a living creatures (oysters).


The rarest in the world

The birth of a pearl is an amazing process that requires a lot of time and certain conditions. Therefore, natural pearls are very rare.

Pearl farms

Nowadays, 95% of pearls are grown on special pearl farms. When collecting pearls, the oysters are kept alive, as small balls are inserted into them, which then turn into pearls.

The formation of a pearl takes from 6 months to 12 years. Its development is affected by the state of water, the size and type of an oyster. The formation of a medium size pearl takes approximately 5 years.

Doesn't require cutting

Pearls are the only natural mineral that does not require cutting and additional processing. Pearls are so self-sufficient that they are used in jewellery without additional “beautifying”.


Imperfect forms

There are no two perfectly round and symmetrical pearls. Each is unique in its own way.

There are 8 shapes of pearls: button, drop, pear, oval, semicircle, round, baroque and sphere. The last ones are more expensive than regular round ones, because of their weird shape.


White is not a “visit card"

White pearls are not the most common, as many might consider.

The variety of colour of artificial pearls includes all shades of white and cream (silver-white, cream-gold), as well as peach, deep black, purple, brown, green, blue. In total there are more than 30 colours!

The main feature of colour - smooth glitter on the light (effect "orient").


His Majesty!

Since ancient times no royal wedding was complete without pearls. Monarchs and nobles used pearls to decorate ceremonial wear.

At the baptismal ceremony of her son Louis XIII, Maria Medici was present in a dress embroidered with pearls. Its decor took 30 thousands beads!

Cleopatra was a famous admirer of pearl earrings, and Queen Elizabeth- necklaces. The latter wore 7 threads of beads with pearls at once.

“Pearls are always right!”

So, 60 years ago, the legendary Coco Chanel said and introduced the fashion for pearls. It was she who made pearls the most suitable jewellery that fits any clothes. With her light hand, pearls began to be worn not only with a small black dress, but also with a black sweater, jacket.


How to look after pearls

In wearing pearls are quite fastidious.

In dry air, micro cracks may appear on the pearls. But with an excess of moisture, its colour becomes dull. By the way, pearls quickly turn yellow from cigarette smoke.


Three simple pearl care tips:

  • Wipe the pearls once a week with a damp cloth;
  • If the pearls have faded, wipe it with potato starch, then wash thoroughly and leave to dry at room temperature;
  • If it is very dirty, wash the pearls in soapy water, and then rinse with running water.

Emerald is one of the most admired stones, due to its rich colour and velvet radiance, as well as unique love qualities.

Most admirable

It is hard to find a stone that in ancient times would be valued more than an emerald. In all sacred texts, the emerald was praised for its spiritual strength and beauty. In Islamic holy books, a garden of paradise was covered with this stone. And according to Christian legend, it was in the cup out of emerald ("Grail") that the blood of Christ was collected into. Then, anyone who drank from this cup could be cured of diseases.


In the first five

Emerald closes the group of precious minerals of the first class along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and alexandrite.

It has high hardness (from 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) and fragility, so it can break on impacts or falls.

Perfect, but not ideal

Can we say that emerald is perfect? Not. And this is his charm.

Almost every second one has microscopic inclusions, defects (cracks, grains of salts, small drops) that create the effect of moss.

If they are in it - the emerald is real!


All colours of green

In nature, there are minerals with all sorts of shades of green (from yellow-green to blue-green). A rich green tint to the stone is given by admixtures of chromium, vanadium and iron.

The value of an even dark green colour emeralds (so-called "ancient") exceed the cost of real diamonds.

A real emerald also changes colour with an angle of light: if you turn it 90°, you can notice a play of shades from bluish green to pale gold!

Nano Emerald

This is an artificial crystal grown in a laboratory using emerald powder and chemicals. It is transparent and its colour is more even. The crystals are placed in a special environment, the temperature of which is about 600°C, and pressure can reach up to 1400 atm!


Magic of a love stone

It has long been believed that stone helps to preserve love. Back in Kyivan Rus, girls were advised to wear emeralds near their hearts to find a loved one.

There is a belief that the emerald helps to return the departed love. To do this, take a stone and place it against your lips, confess your love to a loved one. Then give the stone to the man / woman with whom you want to renew the relationship.

In medicine

Lithotherapists believe that an emerald attracts big money, improves memory, helps to cope with melancholy. Under his influence, a person gets rid of evil thoughts. Emerald is able to relieve its owner from headaches, nightmares and insomnia.


Noble luxury

Rich and elegant, calm and aristocratic - the emerald amazes with the richness and depth of colour, which distinguishes it from all other gems.

The most effective stone looks in a gold frame. Complemented with diamonds, jewellery with emeralds will be a wonderful emphasis of a refined evening look.

Emerald in a warm frame made of yellow metal is ideal for ladies with Spring and Summer colours. Surrounded by diamonds gold earrings underline the depth of green and brown eyes!

Designers create new and new emerald jewellery to help emphasize your look!

Each wedding ring is beautiful on its own way. But all its charm melts away when the product is not chosen to the right size or its original design creates daily discomfort.

Often emotions take over and the young couple impulsively make a purchase, not thinking about how the jewellery will look in 10-15 years.

A pleasant neighbourhood: how to combine an wedding and engagement rings

“Does a wedding ring is worn with an engagement ring?” We answer loudly: “Yes!”. Why such a beauty should get dusty in the box because of a single trip to the registry office!

The main rule: both rings should be the same style and have a similar shape!

n one hand you can combine two narrow bezels or wide + narrow. But two wide rings will look heavy and clumsy. An engagement ring with an average diamond will be harmoniously paired with an engagement ring with a shallow line of gemstones.


How to meet the wedding budget?

If the budget allows the purchase of an engagement ring with diamonds, then feel free to follow this decision. A budget alternative to a diamond is quality cubic zirconia. In appearance, it is just as transparent, bright and shiny.

In addition to diamonds, the rings are also decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds - it looks luxurious, extraordinary, but not intended for daily wear.

Choosing metal and its probe

Besides “like / dislike”, it is important to consider the practical part of it. In particular, what is most durable metal? Gold and platinum give the wedding rings the highest durability, especially when it comes to the 585°. But the 750° is softer, so more sensitive to external influences.

If we are talking about the most popular metals, today it is white and pink gold.

When buying a ring with silver, remember that it is softer than gold, darkens faster, so once if a while you will have to clean it.


Engagement ring design: with and without stones

Stereotypes fade into the background, and the traditional smooth ring gives way to products with an original pattern and bright inlay.

Modern engagement ring is a mix of classic and extravagant modern. The ring can combine different stones, colours and textures.

In addition to stones, emphasis is put on the texture of the jewellery. Along with classical smoothness, more bold variations with a metal texture are possible - carving, matting, grit.


General recommendations for choosing a ring

The thickness of the product should not exceed 2.5 millimeters, otherwise the ring will press on nearby fingers. Do not buy rings with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. Such models are easily deformed under the slightest physical impact.

Besides the traditional round shape, the square shape becomes no less popular.

The Comfort Fit shape (rounded from the outside and inside) is considered the most optimal. The size can be adjusted in case you lose or put on weight.


The size of the ring should not match exactly the size of your finger to the nearest millimeter. In wide rings (from 5 mm), it is necessary to make an adjustment for the size: for each 1 mm of width add 0.1-0.2 mm of size.


Taking care of a Wedding Ring

In order the wedding ring retains its original appearance for as long as possible, it must be properly looked after. Gold is more durable in wearing, but this does not eliminate the need of periodical cleaning.


Trends in jewellery fashion 2020

Geometric style with elegant asymmetry does not leave fashionable laurels. The latter can manifest itself in an unusual shape of faceting, for example, wavy or “broken”.

In decor, the first place does not take an inlay, but the texture of the jewellery. Classical smoothness gives way to a bolder solution - engraving, carving, matting, grit.

Minimalist decor draws an emphasis on the beauty of metal. The patterns can be through the ring, have a smooth base, or be created in the form of a flower.


Wedding rings for every taste

Nowadays, presented wedding rings are made out of white, yellow and red gold and are diverse in form and decor, from traditional classics to the latest jewellery novelties.

Single and combined models, with a glossy and matte surface, with filigree and patterned metal, with enamel coating, as well as with a diamond inlay. Make up your mind on the decor and compare models using the filters of our catalog.

Onyx jewellery is an example of a rare combination of rigor, showiness and originality. Striped patterns on the stone create unique combinations of lines and colours, revealing the hidden side of the soul of its owner.

General characteristics

Onyx is a semiprecious mineral, one of the varieties of quartz. The chemical structure of onyx is silicon dioxide. It is translucent, has a glass shine and a layered structure.

In jewellery, stone is valued for its plasticity. Onyx is easy to grind, polish, convenient for applying thread and delicate patterns. The mineral is hard enough and resistant to external influences (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale).

Striped stone

A distinctive highlight of onyx is its striped colour, which creates an amazing structural pattern on the stone.

Every stone has a unique pattern, which consists of parallel strips of different thicknesses and colours. There are both homogeneous (green onyx), and also two or three-layer siblings.

The rarest Arabic onyx or "pure" - with black and white stripes!

In addition to its striped pattern, another distinctive feature of onyx is translucency. Most valued are those minerals that shine deep into.


Mystical characteristic

In different countries people used to have contrary different opinions about onyx: some were afraid of him, others honoured him. One of the reasons is the dark colour of the stone, which supposedly attracted dark forces to itself. For example, in Yemen, black onyx was considered the eyes of a deceased.

But in ancient Egypt, onyx was a sacred stone. It was used to make sacrificial dishes. Hindus still believe that onyx (especially green and white) eliminates spoilage and has healing properties.

It is believed that any kind of onyx with grey stripes protects from the evil eye.

Stone of magicians and orators

Onyx ball – magicians unchangeable attribute.

Black magicians believe that a person’s soul can be imprisoned in a black stone. White Onyx is used in rituals to call souls of deceased.


In the ancient world, speakers used onyx to train diction. They took a few pebbles into their mouths and tried to talk loudly with them.

It is believed that onyx favours people with distinct leadership skills. In this regard, even there is a humour warning - it is better for husbands not to give onyx to their wife and mother-in-law, in order to avoid leadership in the family.

Weight Loss Aid

Lithotherapists believe that a pendant or figures made of onyx reduce nervousness, a sense of anxiety, help cure depression and relieve nightmares.

Onyx also helps those who want to get rid of extra weight: for this you need to drink water on empty stomach infused on this mineral.

To distinguish from a fake

Fake stones are made from polymers or artificially painted.

Two tips how to tell apart:

  • Take a closer look at the colour: a cheap fake has the blurry pattern or on the contrary, is too clear. Real one is decorated with stripes as if they are coming out from its depths;
  • Hold the piece of jewellery in your hands: a natural mineral has a significant weight.

Onyx in jewellery

Most often, black and green onyx is used in gold jewellery. White gold or silver goes best with light, black and tricolour onyx. Contrasting with the dark stone, the light metal makes the jewellery more expressive.

A unique tandem for an evening out - rings with onyx "marquis" of an oval shape scattered with cubic zirconias.

Choose what you like!

Pendants are always in the spotlight, because they emphasize the most delicate and seductive female zone - the neckline. They act like a magnet: they can attract and repel men's looks. The modern jewellery market offers a wide variety of pendants, depending on style and purpose.

Varieties of pendants: models and decorative features


Depending on its purpose, pendants exists of the following varieties:

  • Decorative;
  • Religious;
  • Protective;
  • Functional.

Each of these subgroups has its own symbolism and unspoken rules of wearing. For example, decorative pendants suggest splendour of forms and a wide variety of decor. While religious and protective models favour ascetic laconicism and simplicity of form.

  • Pendant as decoration . The most common way to use a pendant. Designers are coming up with new models: non-trivial geometric shapes, bizarre abstractions from various materials, products in the form of symbols.
  • Religious symbol . A religious pendant is a symbol of faith that many regard as a talisman. The decorative function of the product fades into the background, as the spiritual significance of the pendant stands out as a paramount importance.
  • Medallion . This pendant is in the form of a round or oval case, which opens and some memorable thing, for example, a small photo, is kept inside.
  • Talisman (amulet). A talisman performs a protective function against the evil eye, and is also meant to bring success in business.
  • Aroma pendant . Such pendants come in the form of a small container, into which aroma oil is poured or a piece of cloth soaked in ether is placed.
  • Watches . Today in jewellery stores you can find stylish pendant watches in the shape of an owl, ladybug, soccer ball, handbag.

The right accents: tips how to choose

Pendants can make any look catchy and memorable, as well as tasteless and cheap. Tastefully selected pendant magically transforms the simplest dress and vice versa. Therefore, in a fit of emotion from the beauty you see, do not lose your judgment.

Choosing metal: silver or gold?

Silver jewellery is universal: it can be worn to work and to informal events. They are not flashy and do not attract too much attention.

Gold loves segregation in wearing: mixing several metals in one look, and also even more with a cheap accessories, is considered a bad taste. And a gold chain with a pendant in such a colourful tandem will simply get lost.

What style of pendant to choose?


The selected pendant should harmoniously match the colour scheme to clothes, or stand out brightly in a monochrome look.

  • Classic . It is always strict laconic forms and correct proportions. Colours can vary, but always restrained.
  • Vanguard . Creative geometry and eccentric colours runs the show here. The vanguard design of pendants is almost always flexible, with some kind of focus!
  • Casual (urban style) . Casual pendants are open-theme accessories. This includes a variety of hearts, stars, flowers, glass pendants, flora and fauna.
  • Ethnos . It is a variety of shapes, colours, materials and symbols. Bright national motives and ethnic patterns are made only from natural materials and natural minerals.
  • Luxury . Luxury style - luxury elevated to absolute. These are rubies and diamonds, platinum and white gold, Swarovski crystals – which are, the most expensive materials.
  • Sports . A miniature soccer ball or a skate pendant or a pair of boxing gloves? Custom made sports pendants are made of any shape and from any metal.

Pendant styles


When choosing a pendant, pay attention to its shape. It will make the neck visually longer or become a bright touch of the image.

  • Angels . Jewellery gold angel pendants, made of white or lemon alloys, are usually complemented by small diamonds or cubic zirkonia.
  • Letters . Each letter has its own special meaning, image and meaning. Jewellers have designed letters in different shapes / sizes, in white and yellow gold, decorated with stones.
  • Butterflies . Elegant models from 10 mm in size. The wings are decorated with a scattered coloured stones. Bright blues, greens and browns will harmoniously complement playful summer looks
  • Hearts and Keys . Miniature heart pendants are inlaid with one or more diamonds / cubic zirconias, decorated with a delicate pattern of gold tracks.
  • Animals . Jewellery with cute animals (elephant, mouse, cat with sparkling blue or emerald eyes) will add flirt, mischief and good mood to a young fashionista.
  • Flowers and plants . Flower-shaped jewellery is a piece of summer that is always with you! <
  • Birds and insects . Original owls with diamonds, black and white cubic zirconias will complement your everyday style.

Every girl wants to be bright and the only one. With original women's pendants it is easy to do. The collection contains pendants made of gold of various themes: in the form of a glass, a snowflake, a guitar, a purse, cats, letters, flowers, animals and birds. It can be neutral daily jewellery or diamond pendants in Luxury style.

Bright, self-sufficient, but so changeable, chrysolite conceals many surprises. It is fragile and requires special attention. But it gives back a lot more - it is able to radically transform the life of its owner.

History of the "golden stone"

Since ancient times, chrysolite (peridot) has been considered a symbol of wealth, the patron of merchants / bankers. Due to its golden-green colour, chrysolite even got the name “golden stone”. This is how it is translated from Greek..

By the way - in ancient times chrysolite was not used in jewellery. Most often some clothes and objects of worship were decorated with it.


For example, bright green crystals of the stone can be seen on the turban of the Turkish sultans, as well as on the clothes of the Jewish priests.

Chrysolite deposits

The mineral is mined and exported by Australia, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Zaire and Myanmar. In addition, mineral deposits are often found in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and South Africa.

The largest and most expensive chrysolites were found on the uninhabited island of Zeberged in the Red Sea.

Physical and chemical properties of chrysolite

In terms of chemical structure, it is a mixture of magnesium + iron.In addition to gold, chrysolite reflects in light green, olive, orange, brown, pistachio and yellow shades.


On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the mineral is about 6.5-7 units. The stone does not tolerate high temperatures, it is difficult to polish and easy to scratche. Therefore, jewellers have to tinker with it.

Healing properties of peridot

In the 16th century, alchemists believed that the green overflow of the stone had a beneficial effect on vision, and also normalized the emotional state of a person.

Peridot is widely used in alternative medicine. Water is infused on the stone, and also a medicinal ointment is made. Lithotherapists believe that peridot helps to relieve pain in the stomach, bladder and cleanse the blood of toxins.


The magical properties of chrysolite

There are many legends around chrysolite (peridot). For example, in ancient India he was considered the stone of all lovers: supposedly he helped to keep love. In the 19th century in Europe, there was a thought that chrysolite relieves of male impotence. Also it was considered that gold enhances the magical power of the gem, protects a person from evil forces.

Gold rings with chrysolite are recommended to wear on the left hand - for good luck.

Jewellery with peridot

Today, the range of chrysolite (peridot) jewellery is represented by a big variety. These are pendants, earrings, rings with one or more round, drop-shaped or wedge-shaped stones. The latter gives the mineral the shape of flower petals. The floral theme in various compositions remains dominant in chrysolite jewellery. Here the stone can act as the central element of the decoration, or as an additional one - in


Who is chrysolite suitable for?

Astrologers advise Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius and Leo to wear chrysolite. The stone will strengthen their confidence in making the right choice, make them more determined in achieving goals. But the stone not supposed to be worn by fickle Gemini.

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Signet rings: from history to the present

You think that a man can wear only one ring - a wedding? As history shows, this is not the case. Since the primitive times, carved wooden or bone rings were worn by the most respected men: leaders, warriors and shamans. With the advent of precious metals, rings began to be made from copper, bronze, then from silver, gold.

Nowadays, signet does not bare practical use anymore. It rather serves as a main decorative and status male accessory.


What is a signet and how is it different from a ring?

People often identify both names. However, their appearance and purpose have several fundamental differences.

Only men wear the signets. On the front of the product there is a special area for inscription / engraving / drawing.

But rings are both male and female. The latter are dominated by soft, rounded shapes.

Choosing a men's signet: main tips

Signet is not just a jewellery, it is the personification of certain qualities of its owner. Some consider it as a kitsch, others - an attribute of the rich.

Signets can be smooth or carved. Square models with a polished insert are business classics. Products with a rectangular surface look neater on the hand. They are decorated with carvings or enamel inserts.

General guidelines for choosing a men's ring

In men's jewellery, as in women's, every detail matters. The shape, metal, decor of the ring determines its comfort and durability of wearing.


The general rule that applies to all rings is that the material of the product should be in harmony with other details of the jewellery. For example, a ring and cufflinks should be of the same metal colour and with a similar precious stone.

When peaking a metal, consider the event an accessory is intended for.



Square-shaped rings are preferred by lovers of restrained business style. Most often they are diluted with stone inserts.

The rectangular shape is chosen by young guys who prefer a free style of dress. It is decorated with engraving, enamel elements.

Signet signs and symbols

On the shop windows there are signets in different style solutions: laconic monochrome, two-colour with generous inlay, with brutal symbols (for men with no conventions).

Symbols on signets can tell a lot about its owner.

When buying a gold signet for a gift: some hints to make a right choice

The process of choosing signet rings does not tolerate hasty decisions. Here every detail matters, beginning from peaking a metal and method of decoration.

Remember: the signet should complement a lock, but not “clog” it!

How it is right to wear a signet?

Usually the signet ring is worn on the index finger. But there is also a special type of ring for men with stones ("finger-stall "), which is worn on a thumb.


If the owner of the signet is the head of a family, he wears the item on the ring finger of his left hand. In other cases, on the ring or little finger of the right hand. Engraved prints are worn both on the outside and on the inside of the palm.

Beautiful men's signet rings are made of high-quality materials in a variety of styles. These are rings with animalistic motifs, geometric symbols, ornaments and patterns, as well as vintage and modern style with generous inlay. Everyone will definitely find their own product.

Sapphire was admired by the most powerful who believed in its magical properties. It is believed that the stone recognizes poison, pacifies psychoses, treats dementia, develops intuition and also protects against the evil eye

Stone with royal history

Since ancient times, sapphire has been one of the most expensive and respected stones, second only to the diamond. The stone was considered a symbol of wisdom and power. According to legend, the seal and throne of King Solomon were decorated with a star sapphire.


In the Middle Ages, sapphire was called the “bishop's stone”, since all the high priests wore it in rings.

But the sapphire became famous primarily as an important attribute of the monarch's power. The stone was used in regalia by almost all monarchs of Europe and England, including Russian ones. The stone in the headdress symbolized the strength and wisdom of power.

Unarguably the most famous royal jewellery is Princess Diana's engagement ring with an 18-carat blue sapphire. The memorial decoration was inherited by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Sapphire deposits

In nature, sapphires are not rare stones. The mineral is mined in Africa, Madagascar, Burma, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Tanzania, as well as in the United States. The only exception is Antarctica.


It is the sapphire deposit that determines its value: the most expensive and rare blue specimens were brought from Kashmir (the mines were closed in the 1930s). They have an extraordinary colour - a clear blue with a light milky-violet haze that appears due to the presence of tiny cavities in the stone filled with liquid.

Physicochemical properties of sapphire

Sapphire belongs to corundum family. On the hardness scale, it is second only to a diamond (9 on the Mohs scale!). In terms of chemical composition, sapphire is alumina.

Translated from the ancient Greek "sapphire" is "blue stone". But this does not mean at all that the blue colour is the visiting card of the stone. Nature did not skimp on colours for sapphire. The stone can be of all colours of the rainbow (yellow, green, pink, orange, purple).

Healing properties of sapphire


Lithotherapists believe that sapphire relieves insomnia and headaches. Its calming, heavenly colour helps to cope with stress.

In India, they believe that the heavenly shade of sapphire helps to find peace of mind, treats psychosis and epileptic attacks. For the prevention of various diseases, it is recommended to constantly wear a gold ring with a sapphire.

A pendant or brooch with a star sapphire on the chest relieves heart cramps and also relieves angina attacks.

The magical properties of sapphire

Star and black sapphire are considered the most powerful charms against slander and evil eyes. The shining sapphire star is believed to be the best protection against witchcraft. However, jewellery with such a strong stone is not recommended to be worn all the time: several times a week will be enough.


Sapphire jewellery

It doesn't matter what colour type you belong to. A rich palette of sapphire shades effectively sets off both blondes and dark-skinned women. Blue sapphire is harmoniously combined with yellow and white gold. The stone can be located in the centre, emphasizing the laconicism of the product, in placers over the entire surface, or in paths along the rim. Evening models are decorated with large inserts located "solo" or in several rows.

Who is sapphire for?


Astrologers advise buying sapphire products for changeable, quick-tempered natures who are subject to frequent mood change (for example, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini).

According to astrologers, blue sapphire should be worn in a ring or pendant by people working in law enforcement agencies, as well as financiers and business owners.

Matte wedding rings are rapidly gaining positions from their glossy counterparts. It is the second year now, when products with a matte surface has been one of the main jewellery trends. If earlier jewellery were more appreciated for their brightness and purity of shine, now - for their odd texture and muted shine.


How are matte wedding rings made?

Matte wedding rings can be different: with a brutal or barely noticeable roughness, with a satin effect (they look like polished), scattered sand, embossed (with small holes), or antique.

The matte structure of such rings is an accent itself, because it looks fresh and at the same time unusual.

What is the process of matting products? In a simplified sense, this is the creation of roughness on the metal surface. Falling on such a coating, light is scattered in different directions, so the product does not shine, but flickers with restraint.

Technologies of making rings with matting

The method of matting depends on the technology used, as well as on the general style of the product.



To form a uniform matte surface, velvety to the touch, surface of the product is pierced with particles no more than 50 microns in diameter.

Such processing gives the ring a fine roughness, graininess, which will not cause any discomfort when worn.

Satin finish

In other words - light matting. The surface remains smooth, but the bright shine of the metal is muted.


Creates the effect of "artificial aging" by applying chaotic deformations with metal brushes. Small distortions are formed on the surface.

Brushing can be subtle or rough. It depends on whether the craftsmen use special equipment or polish the product by hand.


Benefits of Matte Wedding Rings

Compared to glossy, matte models benefit from practicality. Micro scratches are less visible on them, so they are more durable in wear and are perfect for people who are involved in traumatic and “dusty” work.

Such products look discreet, but elegant. To get away from minimalism, the accessory can be decorated with diamonds or supplemented with engraving.


Matte Ring Materials

Matte rings are made of gold, as well as silver and platinum. The first two options are the most durable and also hypoallergenic to wear.

  • Gold. The plasticity of gold allows to create the most complex shapes in a matte texture, however, it also has a downside - excessive softness. The gold ring is easy to distort and requires more careful handling.
  • Silver. Silver is convenient for adjusting the shape and size of the product, as it is easy to melt. The main disadvantage is that silver oxidizes and turns black, so it is necessary to avoid contact with salt water, sweat, as well as with chemicals.
  • Platinum. These rings are almost twice as expensive as gold. They are hypoallergenic, durable, require minimal care and look luxurious.

How to care for matte rings

Matte texture does not like contact with metals, chemical compounds, including washing liquids and perspiration.

At home, dirt is best to be removed with regular baking soda. It is not necessary to rub the product with a brush. Simply place the ring in the soda solvent for a few hours and then wipe it down with a cloth under running water.

The choice of jewellery says more about age than we think. So, with poorly chosen earrings / necklaces, a woman can look 5 or even 7 years older.

What jewellery is suitable for girls, and what for mature ladies

Jewellery on a woman in adulthood is an indicator of her lifestyle and attitude towards herself. On an intuitive level, a woman already understands that she is definitely not suitable for her. But the desire to look younger can lead to odd experiments.

Most often, young girls make a choice in favour of original, effective compositions, and older women - in favor of high-quality materials.

Paying attention to the age

The probability of making a mistake with the classics is lower than when choosing jewellery with an original, modern design. The age factor plays a primary role here. Agree, a woman of considerable age who wears a pendant with butterflies or a heart covered with bright gems looks somewhat out of place. The same applies to the young lady, who decided to complement her look with massive earrings with red garnets.

10 years

At this age, all girls want to seem more mature and be like their mother. As a rule, they like anything that shines brighter. However, don't overdo it with glitter. Jewellers recommend choosing elegant products with discreet inlay (transparent cubic zirconia, crystal, amethyst, turquoise).


20 years

Jewellery is becoming one of the ways of self-expression. Choose accessories that are close to you in spirit. If you are soft and feminine, graceful pendants and thin hoop earrings are the best companions. But for an active, extravagant girl, bright accessories with pointed shapes are suitable.


30 years

At this age, everything is more or less stable: the time of the search ends, its own style and worldview is settling. Less and less often there is a desire to shock. It is replaced by a craving for expensive simplicity and elegance. Jewellery made of white / rose gold looks elegant and expensive.


40 years

The age when you want to look younger, but at the same time remain yourself. It's easy to do with the right jewellery. Earrings with a stone that sets off the colour of the eyes will emphasize the depth of the look and make small wrinkles invisible.


50 years

50 years is the age when you can afford everything, except for the old-fashioned "grandmother's" jewellery. At a respectable age, jewellery should also be solid. It is better if the earrings are made of precious metals - gold, platinum. Earrings / rings with a graceful pattern and medium-sized stones are suitable for women in 50+, multi-row necklaces - the variety of jewellery is quite wide.


Jewellery for married women

Etiquette allows married women to wear more massive jewellery. For example, bright earrings in a complex setting, rings with yellow citrine, emerald, ruby, diamond will suit you.


How to choose the right earrings for a 45+ woman

From whatever material you would not buy earrings, the main thing is how harmoniously they will fit into the chosen look. A universal option is studs and hoop earrings (small or medium). They are not heavy, which means they will not stretch the earlobe. Wearing them, you wont feel daily discomfort. A good option is earrings with English, Italian and French locks, but with proper decoration.

When choosing the shape of the product, make sure that the distance between the shoulder and the earring is slightly more than the length of the earring itself. Otherwise, you risk making your neck visually wider and shorter.

Restrained elegance is a win-win slogan for all women over 50. The best solution would be gold earrings, since this material is the most resistant and durable to wear. The texture (matt, blackened, enameled) is selected depending on the overall style of the product.

Age suitable and combination with other accessories

In an effort to look young, many women try on youth style. Such jewellery will not make her younger, but will create the image of a deliberately youthful lady. When choosing a large ring or earrings, it is important to limit yourself only to them. Do not combine “all at once” in one look.


What earrings are not suitable for a 50-year-old woman?

It is better to leave out the mix of bright and acidic colours. Such products will look vulgar, unless their owner is 20 years old. Avoid feathers and tropical motifs and large hoop earrings.

For everyone who was born in October, the talisman was one of the most beautiful and mysterious stones on our planet - the many faces opal. However, not only on ours. Not long ago, NASA scientists discovered rock particles on Mars! Opal has a unique colour and an interesting history full of mystical legends.

The history of an unusual stone

Opal came to the European jewellery market from India, where it was considered a symbol of loyalty. Ancient people believed that opal predicted trouble by changing its colour.

But the Greeks called it "striking eye". Why is that? Because, they believed in the magic of the stone's radiance, capable of bewitching others.


Opal deposits

The birthplace of opal is Australia, known for its best pieces. It provides more than 95% of all mined stones.

Another major supplier of opals is Mexico. It is famous for its red-orange stones (fiery opals).

Physicochemical properties of opal

Opal itself is an amorphous, that is, non-crystalline type of quartz. Surprising but true: the two main constituents of the stone are water and silicic acid!

The water content in the stone ranges from 1 to 5%, but sometimes it reaches 34%!


Opal is not very hard (5-5.5 on the Mohs scale), so it is fragile and can crack when impacted. Also, the stone dissolves easily in alkalis.

Shimmering secrets of opal

Opal has two unique properties that give the stone an incredible shimmer and play of light:

  • Luminescence (glow). White opals have from white to blue-greenish tints; in fiery ones - from brown to greenish.
  • Opalescence (play of colour).

The widest range of overflows is provided by dark opals. That is why they are valued much more than bright ones.


Opal healing properties

For its magical properties, the stone was highly valued among ancient healers.

They believed that water infused with opal had antiviral properties.

In ancient times, opals were believed to cure various diseases of the body. For example, blue-green opal is the heart and liver, fiery opal is the nervous system, and black stone is sexual dysfunction.

Modern lithotherapists claim that opal has a positive effect on the nervous system: it treats depression, helps to cope with insomnia.

Opal magical properties

There are many legends about the magical power of opal. According to one of them, the Roman emperor Caligula once discovered that his protective opal had cracked. A few days later he died - since that time, the "death" of the stone predicted a quick death to its owner.

Opal jewellery is not recommended to be presented to wives, as they are considered harbingers of divorce.


Who is the stone for?

Astrologers believe that you need to buy a stone exclusively for yourself on a full moon. At this time, the properties of opal are fully revealed.

If you are virtuous, then the gem will bring you good luck. But dark personalities will experience the opposite effect.

Opal jewellery

The many faced opal is versatile. The multi-coloured play of the stone "adjusts" to any skin tone, eye shade, as well as type of precious metal.

Opal is rarely cut, mostly in the form of a cabochon. In this form, opal fully reveals its beauty.


To strengthen family ties, opal is recommended to wear on the index finger, and for good luck in business - on the middle one.

Dark kinds of opal look good surrounded by transparent cubic zirconias, diamonds that set off, but do not draw all the attention to itself. But light opals are best revealed when surrounded by coloured stones.

What is special about kiss rings and why they were so popular, what tricks are used by jewellers today to make the ring even more stylish - read about it in our new article below.

The history of the famous kiss rings appearance

In the 80s in the Soviet Union, kissing rings were at their peak of popularity, but, like everything else, in a terrible shortage. They were right away swept off the shelves, although they were not of high quality. For example, there were products with minor defects (the balls were scratched, or they simply wobbled).

Sometimes there were other types of “kiss rings” - analogues made of silver or with precious stones. But their cost was much higher.


Design features

Today, jewellers play with the texture and shape of rings / earrings, creating non-trivial compositions. In addition to the standard kiss ring, there on the market are models where the balls are soldered on top of a solid rim, or are not arranged vertically, but horizontally, sometimes even at a distance from each other. Another interesting idea is to attach the balls not to soldering, but to a suspension, which gives them a certain degree of freedom in movement.

In regular design, the balls are the same size. But this is dull, the jewellers decided, and they decorated the ring with one large and one very small ball. Apparently, the first symbolizes masculine strength, and the second - feminine fragility.

Instead of round balls, ovals or flowers can be used. The last ones are often decorated with miniature stones or a diamond facet to emphasize the depth and richness of the whole jewellery composition. An excellent option for lovers of romance and delicate floristry.


Variety of modern inserts

If earlier the main element of the decor were balls of smooth metal, today the colour and shape of the inserts varies depending on the style of the product and individual preferences.

Top 4 most popular decoration methods:

  • Playing with texture contrast. Kissing rings look very nice where the balls have a different surface;
  • Contrasting black and white. Transparent and black stones give the ring a special charm. In the evening version, the jewellery is decorated with black and white diamonds, in everyday life - with similar cubic zirconia;
  • Using bright inserts. Often coloured stones are used as the top, and they can be both same or different;
  • Complemented with decorative elements. The top part of the diamond ring can be decorated with curls, petals.

Convenience of kiss rings

How comfortable such rings are to wear is a moot point. The first kissing rings were not very comfortable: the balls clung to clothes or hair.

Today, jewellers are trying to create decor without sacrificing comfort. The design of the products is considered in terms of its flexibility, lightness, and versatility in wearing.

The falling popularity in the 90s and the emergence of modern analogues

In the 90s, other varieties of kiss rings began to emerge: with balls of different sizes, from a mix of metals in one piece, with three balls at once - from white / red / yellow aurum. But the name “kiss rings” is used less and less. It was replaced more and more often by “ball-rings”.


The original shape of the ring has also changed. Today, you can hardly find jewellery in its old shape - in the form of two gold balls on the top of the same colour and size. But this is also for the best. The more choices you have, the more likely you are to find the ring that fits perfectly the look you create!

When your favourite bracelet became loose or squeeze your hand, the joy of buying is instantly replaced by a feeling of discomfort and nervousness, as if not to lose it. There is only one way out - go to a jewellery workshop or try to solve the problem yourself. But here you cannot do without special knowledge and skills.

How to lengthen a gold bracelet?

It is always more difficult to lengthen a piece of jewellery than to make it shorter. It is problematic to lengthen the bracelets by yourself. Here you need to be able to work with metal and have special tools. In this case, it is better to get in touch with a jewellery workshop.


How jewellers do that

A bracelet with carapace and anchor links is the easiest to alter. In order to lengthen the gold bracelet, it is enough to pick up several links of the same weave / shape. Each link is carefully opened and soldered into the resulting gap. Repeat this one or more times depending on the required length.

Another way is to add a few rings to the chain at the opposite end of the lock. A truss fastener or carabiner is hooked onto these rings.

Solid gold bracelets are harder to increase. Usually a jeweller works with them in the same way as with rings, using one of three methods:

  • Rolling out. The method is used for smooth thin bracelets without stones and openwork patterns. It means heating the jewellery and stretching it gently evenly using a special tool.
  • Insеrt a metal plate. The bracelet is cut and a plate of gold of the same standard and colour is inserted into the place of the cut. After soldering, the cut is carefully smoothed out so that the jewellery takes a solid appearance.
  • Stretch on a cone. The machine is a conical expander made of hardened polished steel. As the lever moves, the cone expands and stretches the gold bracelet worn on it.

Reducing size of the bracelet?

This question is most often faced by women who received a bracelet / chain as a gift, or who bought jewellery without trying it on.

In order to shorten the bracelet, some part is removed from it. For chain and glider models, the links are disassembled, for solid models, a piece is cut out.

Bracelets with gold decor on a leather or rubber strip are even easier to shorten. To do this, you just need to remove the lock, cut a few millimetres from the strip and affix the fastener back.


What bracelets can be shortened?

Simple bracelets without patterns with non-solid links. For example, a large anchor chain is faster and easier to solder than curly women's weaving.

A thin chain with an intricate weaving can only be repaired in a workshop, because it requires high-quality soldering. The jeweller not only solder the gold chain, but also add some metal to recreate the original look of the threads.

Buying bracelets: how to choose the right one

Before deciding on a purchase, try on several bracelets at once, but no more than 10 times. Numerous fittings erase small details in your memory that could alert you. Your attention dissipates, and in the end, you can choose the model that initially seemed not so convenient.


If the jewellery is ordered via the Internet or bought as a gift, measurements must be taken. You can take an existing bracelet as a sample, or use a simple instruction:

  • For a clasp bracelet: measure your wrist with a tailor's tape, braid or strip. There is no need to leave extra space!
  • For a solid bracelet, wrap the tape around the widest point of the fist (usually at the base of the thumb).
  • Don't like too tight bracelets? Then add 1-2.5 cm to the measured size (the larger wrist, the greater number). Remember that heavy and wide models should fit tighter.

On thin wrists, thin, freely hanging bracelets look best, and on broad ones - wide bracelets with a tight fit. The range of bracelets is not limited to a specific style.

The bright yellow colour of citrine invigorates no less than morning coffee! Esotericists say that the stone reveals the energy of charm and eloquence, attracts good luck to its owner, returning the good done threefold.

History of the Sunstone

You will be surprised, but citrine became famous only in the 17th century, since it was originally considered topaz. The gem looks very much like a lemon because of its bright lemon colour – thereof comes its name (from the Latin "citrus" - "lemon").


Citrine was highly valued in Greece and Rome. He was considered a gem, almost a philosophical one. Products with citrine were worn only by the rich and noble.

Citrine has long been considered the saint patron of all gambling people. It was believed that it attracts good luck to its owner, even in the most risky business. Therefore, in Europe, citrine rings were worn by professional gamblers and cheaters.

Citrine deposits

Top 5 countries with the largest citrine deposits: Brazil, Colombia, Congo, Madagascar, Russia (Ural).

In South Africa, a unique symbiosis of citrine and amethyst - "Cactus-quartz" is found in nature. The surface of the stone resembles thorns, which are formed by small overgrown crystals.


Physical and chemical properties of citrine

Citrine belongs to the quartz family and is famous for its unique lemon-citrus colour. The mineral can acquire different shades of yellow (from light lemon to honey and brown), depending on the amount of aluminum and iron in its composition.

Almost all citrines on the jewellery market are artificially processed. The mineral acquires a yellow, honey or orange colour by piercing it at 500°C.

Citrine is a quite hard stone (7 on the Mohs scale). If you run citrine over glass, it will scratch it.

Despite the fact that citrine is called a "sun stone", he himself does not like bright light. In direct sunlight, the stone fades and may lose its colour.


The healing properties of citrine

Citrine has long been considered a conductor of vital energy that pacifies neuroses and balances the psyche. The solar energy of the stone invigorates and charges with a good mood.

Lithotherapists advise all girls who dream of an early replenishment to wear a stone. Elixir infused with citrine helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. It is also believed that citrine helps with stuttering.

The magical properties of citrine

According to esotericists, citrine develops parapsychological abilities, in particular, it can foresee the future.

The stone patronizes everyone who is engaged in manual labour. It is believed that the mineral adds charm and eloquence to its owner, therefore it is recommended to be worn by politicians and public figures.


Who the stone is suitable for

Most of all, the stone is suitable for those zodiac signs who are patronized by Mercury (Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio). For Gemini, citrine helps in financial matters, for Aquarius - for travel, in Aries it reveals eloquence, and attracts favorable acquaintances to Libra.

Jewellery with citrine

Thanks to a rich kaleidoscope of yellow shades, citrine looks spectacular in any metal and is equally suitable for both brunettes and blondes. This jewellery has no age restrictions.

Often, transparent crystals are cut with brilliant cut, and cloudy ones - with flat or cabochon cut.


Citrine in gold is a bright evening classic. The stone envelops the piece with a warm glow, emphasizing the beauty and nobility of the yellow metal.

The characteristics of citrine allow it to be used in different forms and compositions.

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Style decides

Before buying a gold bracelet, you should decide on what clothes you will wear it. The bracelet should be appropriate and match with other accessories.

A flat, not wide chain with an original weave is considered a universal classic. This option is suitable both for the office and for a gala reception.

Modern fashion allows the combination of several gold bracelets in one ensemble. With condition that they are of a similar form and design.

Some models are designed to be worn over clothing. These include wide bangla bracelets, cuffs.


Body type and features

Body type plays a decisive role when choosing a bracelet. The refinement of the hand and fingers will be most effectively emphasized by openwork bracelets or airy multilayer models with pendants.

For girls of a thin statue, multilayer chain bracelets, soft glider models with hinge / spring connections, weaved models, including those with multi-coloured pendants, are best suited. But only in loose wearing on the wrist! The same goes for wide models.

Girls with curvaceous forms can wear both wide and narrow models. Thin multilayer bracelets or bracelets with a large central element (for example, a gem) are also suitable for them.


How to find out the size of the bracelet?

The bracelet is matched to the size - when the product does not pinch the hand and does not dangle on it. Such a bracelet does not interfere with daily activities and is practically undetectable on the hand.

The simplest algorithm finding out the size: measure your hand at the widest point, and then add 1-2 cm to the resulting figure.

But for wide models, a different rule applies. Here you should strictly start from the diameter of the wrist. Gold bracelets with large inserts should fit snugly around the hand, with no tolerances.

Selecting the thickness of the bracelet depending on the proportions of the hands

The beauty of the jewellery, like the scent of a perfume, is fully revealed on its owner. A laconic chain bracelet or a tight closed hoop will look good on a thin hand with long fingers.

Multilayer bracelet with fine inlay - in such a combination does not look massive. On the contrary, it will make the hand visually more graceful.


How to wear the bracelet?

Stylists advise buying a bracelet last, when the outfit and basic accessories have already been chosen.

Five tips for wearing bracelets:

  • The bracelet is worn 'solo' on the right hand without a watch and other jewellery;
  • Always wear one accent piece on one hand: be it a large ring or a massive bracelet;
  • All jewelleries that are not from the same set should be of the similar weight, size, width and design to others. A wide and bright bracelet does not match with thin earrings or a chain;
  • The bracelet should not be hidden under the sleeve – this is bad tone. Only massive bulky bracelets are worn over clothing (like a rim or “ cuff ”);
  • The stones should have similar visual characteristics. If the item is selected for a set, then it is better to buy a bracelet with stones of approximately the same shape.

On what hand to wear the bracelet?

Let's see what bracelet etiquette says: the bracelet is worn on the "working" hand, that is, on the right hand for right-handers, on the left for left-handers. In this case, a wristwatch is put on the hand opposite to the one on which the bracelet is worn.

However, today this division is often disputable. The main thing is the feeling of comfort when wearing. And on which hand it is up to you to decide.

How to wear few bracelets together and with other jewellery?

Modern fashion allows wearing two, three or four bracelets at the same time, but no more than 7-10 (for both hands). Any thematic composition of bracelets is made up according to one principle: 1-2 bracelets in the base, the rest - as an addition.

An evening bracelet with large precious stones is best worn solo together with “top” jewelleries (earrings, pendant). But massive rings do not require additions as a bracelet, except perhaps in the form of a thin bezel on the opposite hand.


Bracelets for every taste

The variety of gold bracelets is quite "motley". There is always in stock everyone's favourite pearl classics, combined models of several metals, with links in the form of round, square rings, as well as extraordinary modern compositions. All of them are presented in a wide size range and are designed for both wide and narrow wrists.

Topaz is in no way inferior to a diamond in beauty and play of light. Moreover, it is found in nature much more often, and it costs less. Blue topaz has an interesting history, shrouded in legends, which will surely appeal to fans of mysticism. After all, some little-known facts about the stone are truly surprising.

The mysterious origin of topaz

The history of the appearance of the stone goes back for more than 3 centuries, but no one knows exactly how and where topaz originated.

One of the versions says that topaz was first found in the Red Sea on the island of Topazios, where its name came from.


Ancient people called all yellow-brown gems “topaz”. They believed that the Sun God himself endowed this stone with a bright glow.

But blue topaz was considered the patron saint of all sailors. The ancestors believed that he calmed the storm and helped to return home unharmed.

Topaz deposits

Famous places of topaz mining - Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Burma, USA, Ukraine. The homeland of the famous orange and yellow "Imperial Topaz" is in the town of Ouro Preto, Brazil, red-pink - in Pakistan, light champagne-topaz - in Volyn, Ukraine, as well as in the Mogok valley (Myanmar).


In nature, topaz is almost always colourless or has a barely noticeable blue colour. The famous blue topaz (Swiss, London Blue) is obtained by laboratory processing of natural stones mined in Brazil and Nigeria.

There are also “polychrome topaz” (stones with several shades of colour).

Physicochemical characteristics of topaz

Many people think that topaz is mostly a stone of a light blue colour. However, its colour palette is not at all limited to the blue tint. Topaz has a much wider variety of colours: from pink to metallic and even wine.

Transparent topaz can be easily misplaced with diamonds. They are not inferior to them in the play of light. Topaz can be of a high hardness (8 on the Mohs scale) and durability.


The stone lends itself well to cutting, polishes well and usually does not contain visible defects. Natural topaz is not vulnerable of chemicals, even hydrochloric acid. But upon impact, the stone can easily crack.

Today, the exhausting of mines has led to the almost complete disappearance of dark blue stones from world markets. Now, instead of London Blue topaz, they increasingly sell its synthetic imitation - safely grown spinel.

Healing properties of topaz

Topaz is believed to help with nightmares and nervous disorders.

In the Middle Ages, monarchs used topaz as an antidote. They checked the purity of the wine with a stone, believing that in the presence of poison the mineral changes its colour.


The magical characteristics of topaz

Blue topaz is also called the stone of equanimity. Esotericists believe that the blue gem makes its owner more calm and well-balanced, and helps women maintain youth and find spiritual harmony.

It is believed that the stone can be bewitched, so it is often used in hypnosis.

Who the stone is suitable for

Topaz is the most supportive for Scorpions and representatives of the water element. The stone will help pacify hot-tempered Scorpios, and calm Pisces - tune in to positive emotions, make them more energetic and less melancholic.


Jewelry with topaz

Topaz is in perfect harmony with laconic cold platinum, and with white / yellow gold. Due to the wide variety of shades, topaz blends well with all light and dark stones.

In different settings, topaz shines in a new way every time. The stone looks especially impressive in an ensemble with transparent diamonds and cubic zirkonia. They emphasize the depth of colour and crystal-clear shine of the stone.

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Garnet has been known to mankind since the time of ancient Scythia. Armour was decorated with it. With its help people where confessing their love. When mentioning this stone, associations with the red grains of the famous fruit of the same name immediately come into mind.

Garnet history

The Scythian warriors and the ancient Romans knew about the garnet. They decorated their armour with this stone and believed that it protects from poison and injury. The Greeks called the garnet "anthrax". Among the Romans, the stone had a less sweet-sounding name - "carbuncle".


Only in the 18th century a common name for this beautiful gem appeared - "garnet", which in Latin ("granatus") means "like grains". Indeed, in its shape, the mineral resembles pomegranate seeds.

Garnet deposits

Garnets are mined on almost all continents. The Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Russia are reach of the mineral deposits. In Ukraine, garnet (almandine) is found in Vinnytsia and Kyrovograd regions.

The largest part of all the world's garnet reserves falls on the African continent (Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania), where the rarest specimens are mined.

Physicochemical properties of garnet

Garnet is a whole group of minerals, each of them has its own unique colour. Basically, these are all shades of red, orange and brown (almandine). There are also purple (majorite), pink (spessartine), green and even yellow (uvarovite, grossular). Almost everything except blue!


Garnet itself is a fairly hard stone (6.5-7 on the Mohs scale). It is resistant to high temperatures and can be easily cut.

The healing properties of garnet

Thanks to its rich red colour, a legend has appeared that garnet normalize blood pressure and help stop bleeding.

It is believed that green crystals help with stress, and yellow - for skin diseases (from allergies to burns).

Esotericists believe that a ring with a garnet relieves migraine attacks, reduces menstrual pain and helps with menopause.


The magical properties of garnet

Garnet is considered a stone with strong energy, therefore it is suitable for strong-willed and confident people. In ancient times, it was believed that garnet has mystical properties: a stolen stone contributes to the death of its owner, but donated with good thoughts, on the contrary, becomes his talisman.

Who is the stone for?

Garnet is considered the talisman of all fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries). Astrologers say that hot-tempered Sagittarius become softer under the influence of a garnet, and pedantic Virgos feel less stressed.

Aries should treat garnets with caution: their natural self-confidence can turn into selfishness. But Cancers and Pisces are not recommended to wear a red stone.


Jewellery with garnet

Garnet is a fairly self-sufficient stone, so it looks best as a central jewellery insert. Large pieces accentuate its soft radiance and gradient of hues.

Craftsmen create original garnet jewellery thanks to the graceful decor and harmoniously matched metal colours. As a rule, the garnet is in the centre of the composition. Flower petals are laid out from stones or cut in the shape of a heart. As an elegant addition, small placers are used on the contour of the product.

Even 30-40 years ago, wearing several earrings in one ear was considered the prerogative of hippies and other informals who wanted to demonstrate their originality. Today, multiple ear piercings have become an independent trend, which is far from new, but at the same time it is still gaining its pace.


The ear is pierced in a variety of places, not limited to lobe: Helix piercing (piercing the upper part of the ear curl), antitragus (piercing the cartilage above the earlobe), ending piercing (piercing the cup), industrial (piercing the upper part of the ear), etc.

Ear piercing - modern varieties

Most often, in multiple piercings, discreet stud earrings or miniature rings are used in addition to the main pair of earrings. They look elegant, despite the style and clothing trend. Studs in the earlobe can be placed symmetrically / asymmetrically, or even in a checkerboard pattern. It is up to your taste and imagination!


Some extravagant girls use two jewellery at once in one look. For example, wide round earrings with crystals are worn with thin round earrings of larger diameter with small pendants, or miniature ear cuffs with a chain. But, again, in addition with large earrings.

An interesting move: in one ear to wear several earrings of different radius and diameter. Let's say mini studs and miniature rings in the earlobe. In addition, several round earrings of different diameters can be worn in the way of transition - from the largest to the thinnest.

Two earrings in the ear - is not the limit

The main puncture place is usually located in the centre of the earlobes. It is usually taken by hoop earrings or chains, which are complemented by the stud earrings with a transparent or coloured stone. Jewellery looks very stylish and sophisticated, with a miniature sparkling diamond in almost imperceptible frame - it seems as a star is shining on the ear.


Among the latest trends are gold earrings with two or three holes at once. As a rule, these are studs or cuffs connected by a thin chain.

Three or more earrings - is it appropriate?

The more earrings there are in the ear, the more attention should be paid to their selection and to the place they are worn. Indeed, in this case, it is very easy to cross the fine line between originality and excess.

Multiple compositions have a threefold responsibility: firstly, the earrings should be good looking to elegantly accentuate the shape/curves of your ear. Secondly, the earrings need to be correctly placed on the ear and harmoniously arranged to each other. Thirdly, they should not cling to each other and create discomfort.


New trend: one earring for two holes

In recent years, young people have increased interest in non-standard double-hole earrings. Or so called “Orbital Piercing”: two punctures are made through which one earring is threaded, resembling an orbit.

Rings, chains, two studs connected by a chain, or a twister (a spiral resembling a coil of a spring) are used as earrings.

Earrings on the cartilage of the ear: the nuances of the puncture

Cartilage puncture, although considered a harmless procedure, nevertheless, if improperly performed, can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, this procedure should not be carried out personally at home!

A rod is also used to connect two punctures in the cartilage (it consists of a rod that is twisted with a ball / cone / pebble).


Where to buy unordinary earrings?

Stores offer gold piercing earrings without stones and with laconic zirconia inserts. The product range covers a large size and thematic range. These are laconic studs with a single stone, as well as earrings in the shape of a heart, flowers, butterflies.

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The velvety shine of amethysts (from pale purple to rich lilac) brings a touch of mystery and grace to any image. Each crystal has its own unique look. Jewellery with amethysts is recommended for everyone who wants to balance their life and find strong love. But be careful: amethyst makes women fall in love with those who give it, even if your heart is not free!


Sobering stone

Surprisingly, the history of the name of the stone is directly related to alcohol. Yes, yes, you heard it right. "What does amethyst have to do with it?" - you ask? Because of the fact that in translation from Greek amethyst means “not drunk”.

Since ancient times, amethyst has been treated with special favour. No wonder, he was also called “blessed”.

Deposits of amethyst

So where do we go to find the famous purple stone? The Kola Peninsula is famous for stones with an even purple colour.

The largest deposits of stone are located in Brazil, the Urals, North America, and Canada. In smaller quantities, gems are found in Germany, Ceylon, Madagascar and Armenia.

Physical and chemical properties of stone

Amethyst is the most expensive member of the quartz family. And the reason for this is the extraordinary lilac colour of the stone, therefore it is called " violet stone".

Amethyst is a fairly hard stone (7 on the Mohs scale). Rough stones are in greatest demand among collectors.


The colour of the stone is a wide palette of violet shades of varying degrees of saturation: from dark purple to deep blue-red. There are also stones of blue, pink, red-purple and even cherry blossoms.

Depending on the type and angle of illumination, the amethyst can change its colour (for example, turn grey or acquire a purple-red hue).

The healing properties of amethyst

In ancient times, people believed that amethyst relieves neuroses and depression, and also helps to cope with emotions. If you apply a stone to the forehead, it relieves migraine attacks.

It was also believed that the water infused with the stone helps against colds.

The story of the cursed stone

Amethyst is loved by magicians and psychics, as it is susceptible to various conspiracies.

The stone is closely associated with mysticism and even curses. There is a story about a mysterious purple amethyst that brings trouble. According to legend, in the middle of the 18th century, during an uprising in India, a certain Colonel V. Ferris stole an unusual purple stone from the Delhi temple. Later it turned out that it was an amethyst.

The stolen jewel made him regret what he had done more than once. Upon his return to England, the colonel's family began to be plagued by illness and financial problems.


The magic power of love

But not only scary mystical stories are told about the stone. At all times, amethyst was also famous for its ability to attract love.

Amethyst is considered a stone of fidelity and eternal love.

Jewellery with amethyst

Lilac overflows of amethyst, accentuated by an elegant cut, bring noble chic and gracefulness to any look.

The colour and play of the stone is revealed in a variety of forms: brilliant cut brings a richer colour, while cabochon cut the best reveals the natural beauty of the stone.

Jewellers create spectacular floral compositions with amethyst, combining it with topaz and tourmaline. A purple stone with black pearls and transparent cubic zirconias looks luxurious. If you are looking for something brighter, then take a closer look at more colourful models with cubic zirconia and yellow citrines.


Who is the stone for?

Astrologers associate amethyst with serenity and consider it a zodiac stone of air and water signs (Aquarius, Libra, Pisces, Gemini).

It is believed that the stone is also useful for fire signs, as it helps to pacify their hot temper.

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Aquamarine is proud and self-sufficient. And although it is not a precious gemstone, behind its Nordic beauty the amazing properties are hidden that even noble gemstones can be jealous of.

Stone history

Stone history

The name, which was given in the 1st century by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder, quite accurately reveals the essence of the stone (from the Latin “aqua marina” - sea water).

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Poseidon himself was the saint patron of aquamarine. The stone was treated with special favour and was taken on long journeys as a talisman.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that aquamarine amulets pacified the elements of the sea and protected sailors on their trips.

In the middle of the 20th century, the President of Brazil presented Elizabeth II with an exquisite aquamarine parure on the day of her coronation. The Queen liked the piece so much that she asked the Garrard jewellery house to make a tiara for it. This is how the famous transformer tiara with blue stones was born. The upper part is removable and attached like a brooch.

Deposits of aquamarine

Deposits of aquamarine

Aquamarines vary in colour depending on the deposit. For example, in Brazil, where the largest deposits are located, the most beautiful dark blue crystals are mined. Elsewhere (India, Madagascar, USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa) aquamarine can be pale blue, greyish or green.

Aquamarine deposits are also found in Ukraine. Unique crystals of beryl in the variety of aquamarine, heliodor have been mined at the Volyn deposit for almost a century.

Physicochemical properties

Physicochemical properties

Aquamarine is a mineral of blue and greenish shades with a glassy shine. It belongs to the beryl family. It is noteworthy that the well-known emerald is the precious brother of aquamarine, but has a lower transparency.

The hue of aquamarine depends on iron impurities in the composition and can vary from pale turquoise, tender green to dark blue.

Having a high hardness (7.5-8 on the Mohs scale), aquamarine is very fragile, so it can be easily crushed. If fragility is considered a disadvantage, then the relative lightness allows cutters to create expressive jewellery.

The healing properties of aquamarine

The healing properties of aquamarine

The Romans used aquamarine to treat throat, stomach and liver diseases. The mineral was believed to relieve coughs and respiratory cramps, and also has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland.

Lithotherapists say that aquamarine helps improve eyesight. To do this, you need to look at the stone every day for 20 minutes.

"Magic Barometer"

This is another nickname for aquamarine. It is believed that the stone changes colour depending on the weather and the change in its owner mood.

Esotericists claim that aquamarine as a shield protects its owner from gossip and envy. But he does not patronize liars, so he can easily crack.

Before, aquamarine was often presented for weddings, because of the belief in its ability to tame sea and family storms. Also, the stone helps not to lose love in a long parting.

Jewellery with aquamarine

Jewellery with aquamarine

For more than three centuries, aquamarine has been actively used in the collections by famous fashion and jewellery brands. The most successful tandem to the stone is made with diamonds in a bezel made of white/pink metal.

In nature, aquamarines form six-sided rectangular crystals that can be quite large. Therefore, rectangular and square cuts are best suited for aquamarine.

When buying a desired diamond ring, you want it to shine as cleanly and brightly as when it was produced. But no matter how you take care of it, one thing is inevitable: sooner or later the ring will lose its original shine, and the place under the stone will darken and clog with dust.

It is impossible to get away from this, but it is real to minimize the degree of its spoilage and unnecessary costs for cleaning. To do this, you need to get into the habit of taking care of your jewellery.

Getting into this kind of habit is not as difficult as it might seem. After all, cleaning gold at home, especially when it is not in a poor condition, is easy and simple. To do this, it is enough to have on you a soap, peroxide, salt or regular lipstick.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Features of cleaning gold at home

Even 100% neatness does not guarantee complete protection against gold getting dirty. One way or another, dirt and dust settle on the jewellery, sweat, grease, chemical and cosmetic staff getting caught on it. As a result, it all reduces the aesthetic appeal of jewellery. Until the pollution has become obsolete, it can be removed by yourself. But simple home methods are not suitable for every jewellery. When choosing a method for cleaning gold, you should also take into account the surface of the product (matte or glossy), colour, type, whether it has inserts.

Soapy water

Red and yellow gold can be polished with plain soapy water. Such solution is also suitable for products with more sophisticated design. This is the easiest way, which requires water and soap, which can be found in everyone's home.

Soapy water


A faster cleaning method will provide an ammonia solution. However, this method is hardly suitable for allergy sufferers, since ammonia has a harsh and not very pleasant smell.

Special paste

In a simplified version, it is prepared from water and soda. More complex version requires water, petroleum jelly, soap chips and chalk in powder. With such a paste, you can get rid of blackness, dirty plaque, grease and the leftovers of cosmetics.

Hydrogen peroxide

In this recipe a pharmacy solution of peroxide is used (concentration 3%). Adding two tablespoons of peroxide into a glass of warm water. Dip the gold in the solution for 20 minutes. After that, rinse the jewellery under running water and put it on boldly.

Hydrogen peroxide

Washing up liquid

The same like a soap, washing up liquid is in every house of not only housewives, but also in bachelors. However, it should be gel or creamy, and most importantly - no chlorine!

Saline solution

Saline solution is good at removing plaque, which often forms along the rim of rings, in places of stones attach or in grooves.

This method is suitable for those who are in no hurry because the jewellery should be left in the solution for at least 12 hours.

How to clean white gold

A special feature of white gold is that it is rhodium-plated. This chemical protects the jewellery from external influences, and also gives it a moonlight shine.

Mechanical methods are not suitable for cleaning white gold. A soap solution will be most gentle. You can also use a mixture of ammonia and peroxide, soaking the product in it for a maximum of half an hour.

How to clean white gold

How to clean matte gold

The matte texture gives the product a stylish look, but it is quite capricious in cleaning. Matte finish is easy to wipe off when using harsh abrasives. It is worth reminding that the jewellery is given a matte finish using a special polishing method. Therefore, it is recommended to clean such products only with delicate methods to remove visible plaque.

How to clean gold jewellery with stones

Gemstones give the product a special chic, but make the cleaning process more complicated. Most of all dust and dirt settles in the mountings between stones and inserts, and getting to these places is problematic.

How to clean gold jewellery with stones

How to prevent the appearance of plaque on gold

Gold does not like bright sun and moisture, as well as various cosmetic and chemical products.

Top 4 tips for preventing plaque on gold:

  • Store jewellery away from ultraviolet;
  • Take off jewellery before home and physical activities, as well as before a manicure;
  • Wipe the products dry if they get wet;
  • Protect rings and other jewellery from interacting with cosmetics, perfumes, and other liquid, free-flowing substances.

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The same as a century ago, diamonds are at the top of jewellery fashion, at the epicentre of intrigue, crime, women's checks ups and tricks. Epochs change, but the attitude towards the diamond remains special.

Features of cleaning gold at home

History of diamond

There is still no certain date when diamond was discovered. Scientists estimate that most natural stones are over a billion years old. The first diamond mines appeared in India over 3000 years ago.

The ancient Greeks and Romans treated diamonds with special awe, considering them to be the tears of Gods.

Diamonds began to be actively used in jewellery only about 500 years ago, after the masters invented the diamond cut.

The concept of a diamond as a synonym for wealth and luxury came into life during the reign of Empress Catherine II. And the tradition of giving an engagement ring with a diamond was first introduced in the West at the beginning of the 15th century by the Archduke of Austria Maximilian.

Features of cleaning gold at home


Diamonds are mined nearly in all continents, but the largest deposits are located in South America (Brazil), Russian Federation (Yakutia), Canada, Australia, Britain, South Africa.

A natural diamond of 1 carat or more is one in a million. To extract such a mineral, you need to process about 250 tons of ore.

In addition to colourless stones, world leaders also mine fancy yellow, hot pink and blue diamonds, which account for 1% of the total. Red gems are even rarer examples. The most valuable coloured diamonds are purple stones. They can cost more than $ 1 million per carat!

Features of cleaning gold at home

Physicochemical properties

A diamond is a processed rough diamond, and in its core, it is carbon extracted from the bowels of the earth. Carbon atoms form a crystal grid that provides diamond with the highest hardness - 10 (on the Mohs scale). This means that the diamond cannot be scratched by anything other than another diamond!

But due to its fragility, a diamond requires a more careful handling. After all, it can be easily shattered with one blow.

The magical and healing properties of a diamond

Lithotherapists believe that diamond speeds up metabolism, fights infections and parasites. It is also used as a rejuvenating agent.

In the Middle Ages, there was a belief in special mystical powers of diamond, capable of resisting many diseases: from madness to depression.

In the 16th century, the diamond was worn as an amulet to strengthen love. If the diamond, put in bed, laid towards husband, it proves the loyalty of his beloved one.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Who is the stone for?

The diamond is considered the main zodiac stone that rules the whole circle. The solar energy concentrated in it ideally interacts with fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo). The stone relieves them of depression, gives strength, protects against diseases, bestows good luck.

Jewellery with diamonds

Jewellery with diamonds are timeless, because they harmoniously suit any style. The main thing is to skilfully choose the shape and frame.

The most famous and expensive is the round cut of the diamond. By the way, it has about 58 variations. From small stones, you can lay out strips, as well as create patterns in various colours.

Features of cleaning gold at home

The catalogues of jewellery stores present pieces with diamonds in the form of flowers, butterflies, leaves, fruits, Love themes. In addition to laconic studs with one small diamond, there are also evening models of rings, pendants with large teardrop stones, as well as earrings with a scattering of coloured stones and diamond strips.

The ring is such an ancient piece of jewellery that during its existence it soaked in many beliefs. Some of them have long been forgotten, others continue to live in human minds even in the progressive XXI century.

When is the best time to buy wedding rings?

It is better to take care of buying rings in advance, that is 2-3 months before the planned date of registration. Decide on the design of the ring first, and then on its usability. The second point is no less important than the first.

Who should buy wedding engagement rings?

To follow traditions, the purchase of rings is entrusted to the man as the future head of the family.

Nowadays this issue resolved in more loyal way. Often, the groom buys wedding rings with the bride, so as not to be mistaken in the preferences of the other half.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Is it ok to present wedding rings to newlyweds?

It is believed that the bride and groom must choose their wedding rings on their own, after that to sanctify in church and then use on the wedding. In addition, the ring should fully match you and your preferences. There is hardly anyone who knows you better than yourself.

How to sanctify rings?

According to church canons, rings are sanctified in the church during the Saturday service or Sunday evening liturgy. If the couple gets married, then the ceremony takes place directly during the ceremony.

Wedding signs in the registry office

First groom puts the ring on the hand of his bride. The process of presenting the ring can be made in a different thematic style: for this, special pillows or boxes are used, which are given to the registrar before the ceremony.

Features of cleaning gold at home

How to put on the ring?

On the wedding day, the bride should not have other rings on her right hand, except for the engagement ring. It is considered a bad sign to wear jewellery on a glove. They say that then your marriage will not be real. If gloves are part of the wedding look, you will have to take them off before putting on the ring.

What to do with the wedding ring box?

Whoever first picks up a rings box will soon have a wedding. It is recommended to leave the box to the witness, who holds it during the ceremony, or give it to another unmarried girl or boy.

Three main "No" after the wedding

Among the many wedding superstitions, there are three dangerous ones, which suspicious people try to avoid. They say that it can bring misfortune and even death to your spouse.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Not to lose your wedding ring

Loss of the ring promises disagreements in the family, as well as a fast divorce. If the husband loses the ring, then soon he may become a widower or he will be taken away from the family.

For those who are carrying a baby, a gold ring is a special talisman. It should be with the woman throughout pregnancy, but it is better to take it off during delivery.

Do not drop

The second bad sign that foreshadows unhappy marriage. But the negative charge of this superstition can be neutralized. To do this, you need to have a white thread with you to thread the jewellery through. In this way, the ring and the marriage it preserves are cleansed of bad sign.

Do not pass over

Some people keep wedding rings as a family heirloom to be inherited by their children / grandchildren - and this is not the best idea. It is believed that in such products all the energy of the family is preserved and the newlyweds will take upon themselves both all the good and all the bad that the parents had.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Can I wear someone else's wedding ring?

The ring is a strong amulet that accumulates the energy of its owner. Never let another person remove the ring from your finger. If you want to compare how different engagement rings look on your finger, go to the store and try on new rings.

Signs about wedding rings in case of a second marriage

It happens that after a divorce, former spouses continue to wear engagement rings out of habit. But superstitious people recommend to get rid of this habit.

Is it okay to sell a wedding ring?

If the family lives in marriage, then it is strictly forbidden to sell the symbol of their love. Get ready for personal and financial difficulties in your marriage soon.

Features of cleaning gold at home

Signs about wedding rings in case of divorce or death of a spouse

In memory of spouse, widow can wear a wedding ring, but on the left hand. An alternative is to wear both rings on a chain or on one finger of your left hand. But in case of remarriage, it is better to remove the ring of deceased, not to bring trouble to the new spouse.

Although a diamond is considered the most expensive and prestigious stone, it is not the only one. On the same level with him is his fellow emerald, which has no less jewellery value. A stone with an aristocratic history and extraordinary colour depth.

Favourite of Cleopatra, kings and emperors

The history of the discovery of the emerald goes back to the times of Ancient Egypt. According to some testimonies, for the first time a stone deposit was discovered in the Arabian Desert by Egyptian miners. Subsequently, their underground mining began to be called "Cleopatra's mines"

Emerald: 6 unusual facts that the stone conceals

In the 15th century, the fashion for emerald spread to the rulers of Russia, who diligently filled their treasuries with it.

Emeralds were prized as talismans by the rulers of India. The green stone was even engraved with sacred texts.

Emerald deposits

On the world map, Colombia was nicknamed “the emerald country”, where more than a third of all world reserves are deposited.

In addition to Colombians, emeralds from Zimbabwe, the northern part of the Red Sea (at an altitude of 550 meters near the Jebel Zabara and Jebel Sikayt mountains), as well as from East and South Africa, South America, Egypt, Pakistan, and India are highly valued in the jewellery world. In Russia, the largest deposits are located in the Urals (Mariinsky mine).

Emerald: 6 unusual facts that the stone conceals

Physiochemical properties

Emerald is formed in granite magma that contains the elements of beryllium. Crystallizing, beryl absorbs chromium and takes on a bright emerald colour.

Meaning the colour of the stone directly depends on the amount of chromium in it. Light green crystals contain 0.10-0.20% chromium, and dense green crystals contain from 0.50 to 1.0%.

Unlike a diamond, an emerald is less hard (7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale). On impact, it can easily crack, forming an uneven fracture. High-quality jewellery emeralds are usually small (up to 5 cm). Synthetic stones are larger. Their size can reach up to hundreds of carats

Today jewellery technologies have reached such a level that synthetic emeralds are almost indistinguishable from natural ones.

Emerald: 6 unusual facts that the stone conceals

"Magic mirror"

Even King Solomon said that the emerald drives away black thoughts and cheers the heart.

In the 10th century Georgian sages called the emerald a “magic mirror” through which the future is revealed to a person. In ancient times, it was believed that if you put an emerald under your tongue, you can see the future.

Esotericists believe that the emerald helps its owner to fight aggression and bad habits (with adultery, theft).

Emerald: 6 unusual facts that the stone conceals

The healing properties of emerald

The people also call the stone "heavenly healer". Lithotherapists claim that emerald helps to stabilize blood pressure and relieve headaches. In addition, the emerald has antibacterial properties - if you put a gem in a glass of water, then you don't need to boil it.

Jewellery with emerald

For the honour of emerald was invented a separate shape - emerald cut. Having bevelled corners, it maximally protects the stone from damage and chips, and also it ideally emphasizes the depth of the mineral's colour.

And it is customary to give jewellery with this stone on the 20th, 35th or 55th wedding anniversary. But why wait so long?! Make your loved ones happy now!

Emerald: 6 unusual facts that the stone conceals

Who is the emerald suites for?

Emerald is considered the patron saint of Cancers, Gemini, Taurus, Lions and Pisces. For Gemini, the gem will become a source of composure, wisdom, and confidence. Jewellery with this mineral will help them get rid of loneliness.

For Taurus, the emerald will help to fulfil the most daring plans, and for Leo and Pisces - to strengthen the marriage.

Green colour sets on a positive mode, therefore heals emotional Cancers from melancholy. Cancer-owner of an emerald becomes less withdrawn, gains calmness and self-confidence. But the stone will, rather oppress Scorpios than inspire.

Love to jewellery is ageless. As they grow older, the love for bright things, poufy dresses, fairy tales about the princess disappears, but the desire to be the most beautiful remains. It doesn't matter how old you are. The first adult jewellery becomes the best helper for the desires to come true.

All ages are submissive to gold jewellery

Almost from the cradle, girls have a weakness for their mother's jewellery. So they try to grab, nibble and try them on. With age, the understanding of the value of beautiful things becomes more conscious. Jewellery is undermined as a way to highlight your individuality, status and style.

The baby's first jewellery set, as a rule, consists of stud earrings, a cross and a silver spoon. Giving such items has already become a tradition. But first-graders are already beginning to wake up their first interest in bracelets, rings, pendants. The period 13-16 years old is impetuous, contradictory, emotional.

Teenagers like bright, extravagant things that become a way of expressing themselves. These can be cuffs for one ear of an unusual shape, themed earrings, chains with large links. An adulthood is the best age to give meaningful gifts. The main function of jewellery is to inspire and motivate.

All ages are submissive to gold jewellery

Why it is important to give children gold jewellery

"Is it really important?" - some parents may be sceptical. After all, giving a baby gold jewellery is rather an excess than a necessity. A small child will not soon appreciate the value of such a gift, rather break it or lose i. However, the correct choice of the first jewellery will negate many risks. But such a gift has quite enough advantages:

  • Gold jewellery is a wonderful memorable gift for a girl or a boy. Often, the first jewellery is kept with special warmth and tenderness, and then passed on to children and grandchildren. Imagine - from the first golden present, the jewellery will turn into a heirloom.
  • The first step in the aesthetic education of a child. Instilling in a child a sense of taste, the ability to distinguish valuable from bad taste is no less important than teaching the rules of behaviour.
  • A good investment. Quality gold is always valuable. With proper care – time has no power over it.
Why it is important to give children gold jewellery

Earrings for little princesses

Choosing earrings for your daughter is a real escape for mothers. Together with their child, they can plunge into the bright world of childhood, remember their favourite fairy-tale characters. Delicate, bright and incredibly cute - these children's earrings captivate with their touching decor. But, in addition to external cuteness, every detail is important in such products. No cheap alloys, sharp lines, or awkward fasteners. Baby's delicate skin is not a place for experiments.

How to choose a golden ring for a young girl?

When your daughter turns 16, it's time to take a closer look at the stylish jewellery that will form the basis of her precious collection. When choosing a gift for her birthday, remember that she is a teenager: emotional and changeable.

Children's jewellery can be personalized, thematic, with or without inlay. A winning option is a flat surface ring with a minimalistic decor. But young fashionistas may not appreciate its external simplicity.

How to choose a golden ring for a young girl?

Choosing a chain for a child

The question of choosing the first child's chain becomes relevant, if not in the first year of life, then at 6 so for sure. Instead of a simple silicone cord on the neck of the princess, a beautiful set of gold chain and a cross will suite much better. Instead of dubious budget alloys, it is better to opt for a laconic model made of gold, or of cheaper but high-quality silver.

We select a pendant-for a child

As they grow older, children and teenagers are more and more drawn to original, bright pendants. With multi-coloured stones, figures and finishes, the modern range of pendants will impress not only children. Sometimes, “inner child” wakes up even in adults and they buy themselves a pendant of a cute kitten.

The range of children's pendants is stylish and diverse. These are personalized models, minimalistic, daring with the figure of a predator and gentle romantic with the figure of an angel, butterfly or heart.

We select a pendant-for a child

Choosing a child’s bracelet

Gold bracelets attract the attention of children at any age, especially if they have beautiful pendants or pebbles. But how long a child can wear a piece of jewellery and how comfortable it will be to wear is already a question.

In contrast to adult models, comfort and appropriate size play a key role in choosing a children's bracelet. Correctly selected jewellery will not squeeze the wrist and will not fly off the hand during games. It is better to choose products with small pebbles so that it is convenient for the baby to wear them.

How to choose a necklace for a child?

The necklace is always the main accent of the image. It is not customary to hide such a jewellery under clothes or wear it with scarves. A well-chosen necklace will emphasize the youth, natural beauty of a young fashionista. It will look gentle and neat.

How to choose a necklace for a child?

Choosing a gold pin for a baby

A gold pin is a miniature and discreet accessory that can become a talisman for your child. Some parents use a pin as a fastener for a scarf, hat. Others decorate their children's coat or dress with it.

Figures of multi-coloured butterflies, flowers, angels on golden pins will delight children! Pins with small stones look stylish and beautiful.

Children's gold jewellery is presented in a wide variety of shapes and colours. There are models with or without inlay, which will emphasize the individuality of your child.

Look can charm, smile can melt a heart, and diamonds can fall in love without words. There are not many of them, especially unwanted.

Elegant jewellery with diamonds from the Jewellery Card is ready to make friends and become a spectacular detail of your look.

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Choose designs, be irresistible and remember: beauty is in the details!

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Unbeatable classics, unique romance, a symbol of femininity and elegance - all these are pearls. If before pearls were worn only on special occasions, now they are worn with T-shirts, jeans and even with coats. This is the case when the jewellery does not go out of style and acquires new tones over time.

The most ancient adornments

The most ancient adornments

According to archaeologists, already in 2000 BC pearls were valued as a precious thing. Mentions of the mysterious mother-of-pearl are found in the Indian Vedas and on Persian tablets.

All court officials in China wore a miniature pearl on their headdress - a special symbol of power.

Pearls were considered the main jewel in Rome. Monarchs and rulers decorated their ceremonial clothes with them. Over time, even a dedicated term “power pearl” appeared, which meant “pearls as an element of the style of power”.

Pearl deposit

The main deposits of natural pearls are located in Japan, Sri Lanka, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea. However, since the 50s of the XX century, the extraction of sea pearls has been prohibited because of people barbaric annihilation of a whole generation of pearl shells.

Pearl deposit

Now the main niche in the market is occupied by cultured pearls, which are grown on river and coastal farms in China, North America, and Germany.

Unlike sea nacre, freshwater pearls are less bright, but more resistant to abrasion. River pearls are often irregular in shape. Their colour can change from one shade to another.

Physiochemical properties

Pearls are a unique creation of nature. This is not a stone in the classical sense, but an organic compound that occurs as a result of a molluscs protective reaction to a foreign substance. The shellfish envelops the intruder in layers of nacre (calcium carbonate), creating a precious ball.

Pearls are fragile and delicate with a hardness of only 3.5-4 (on the Mohs scale). It can be easily scratched with any sharp object.

Physiochemical properties

The magical and healing properties of pearls

Since ancient times, pearls have been associated with purity, innocence and sincere feelings. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to give pearls for weddings. It was believed that it protects the bride from infidelity. Jewellery with pearls was inherited and kept as a memory.

Some believe that white pearls strengthen the immune system, normalize blood pressure, and pink and yellow pearls heal the reproductive organs, liver and stomach.

It is believed that pearls acquire magical powers on a full moon. According to astrologers, water on pearls should be infused on the 1st, 2nd, 28th and 30th day of the lunar month.

The magical and healing properties of pearls

Jewellery with pearls

The value of pearls in jewellery production depends on its size, shape and gloss. The most expensive pearls are large spherical ones without visible flaws. There are also round, semi-circular, buttons, drop, oval, hoop, baroque and semi-baroque shapes. The last two are of irregular asymmetric shape with a bumpy surface. Paragon pearls are of growing interest. These are balls that resemble the shapes of the human body or animals.

In online stores you can buy pearl jewellery of classical and modern designs. For brides and young fashionistas, there are romantic models with flowers and round pearls.

Jewellery with pearls

Who are pearls suitable for

According to astrologers, pearls of all colours are suitable for Cancer, Aquarius and Pisces. It will help get rid of melancholy, doubt and indecision, but Cancer women will even attract a rich husband. For Aquarius, pearls are a talisman against envy and revenge.

Scorpios are advised to wear exclusively black pearls. Its energetic vibrations will get rid of excessive harshness and emotionality.

But Aries, Virgo and Leo are not recommended to wear pearls, unless on special occasions. Pearls for the Aries woman are a talisman for failure.

Opal is called one of the most impressive gemstones for its multifaceted colour play. Each time is so different and at the same time unique. Opal fascinates literally at first glance. You look at a small piece of stone and it seems as if it is alive. An opal ring can be red, but immediately shine green, yellow, blue.

The uniqueness of opal lies not only in its multifaceted colour, but also in its unusual properties, of what there are many legends.

What you need to know when choosing an opal ring?

One of the most beautiful minerals has its own characteristics in wear and care. Remember that opals contain up to 18% water, which means overheating and sudden temperature changes have a bad effect on it. In addition, opal does not have a high hardness (from 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale), although it is hard enough to scratch glass.

What you need to know when choosing an opal ring?

About mineral

Opal is a chameleon in the world of precious stones. Each stone is a unique mosaic of colours. Its inner pattern always varies. Catching light at each turn, the stone begins to glow with rainbow tints (“opalescence” effect): white opals glow with blue, reddish, greenish; fiery – with greenish-brown, and black - with all colours of the rainbow!

The secret of this lies in the fact that the stone does not have a crystalline structure, but consists of silicon balls + water. When light hits the silicon beads, it breaks down into all shades of the colour spectrum and reflects them onto the surface of the stone.

All opals can be divided into two categories:

  • Noble ones. They shine with all the colours of the rainbow and seem to glow from the inside, are semi- or completely transparent, have a variety of colours - from black to bluish-white. Refers to precious stones.
  • Ordinary. They do not shimmer in the light, painted exactly in pastel colours: beige, pinkish, greyish. The most beautiful specimens, after polishing, are used as semi-precious stones.
Cutting features


Opal is a stone of extraordinary beauty, so it needs a decent presentation in decoration. This chameleon stone is in harmony with the bright shine of yellow / red metal, as well as with the cold calmness of white aurum and blackened silver. A dark background enhances the iridescent glow of the stone.

Gems with warm hues look best when set in gold, which, like a mirror, reflects the light and adds a shine to the opal. But gems of cold emerald-blue shades are best combined with silver or white gold.

Transparent opal runs the risk of getting lost in the white rim. In this case, a rim made of yellow aurum or silver with blackening will help him to "play".

Popular Opal Rings

Cutting features

The opal itself is quite thin, so it can be easily damaged during the cutting process. An opaque round / oval stone is often fixed in a closed caste that squeezes it from all sides. The metal around the perimeter reliably protects the stone from loosening, as well as from cracks and chips when falling. For additional protection, opals are coated with a transparent synthetic resin. However, in the case of strong compression, microcracks may appear in the stone. The reliability and durability of such a frame directly depends on the skills of the master.

Variety of opal tints

Opals of various shades are used in the rings: the most valuable are black, fiery; the most durable are boulder opals; almost colourless - girasol; mosaic - harlequins; pearl - cacholongs; apple green - chrysoprase.

Opal itself is basically a light translucent / transparent stone with a layered structure. Dark specimens have a dark grey or black bottom layer that enhances the brightness of the top transparent.

Choosing a natural opal ring

Popular Opal Rings

Rings for special occasions are gold models with one large or several medium stones. The stone in such a product is in the centre of the entire composition. The darker the mineral, the brighter its pattern, reminiscent of various constellations.

Opal is also widely used in wedding rings. Its unusual play of colour cannot be duplicated by any diamond. In addition, opal is considered a stone of fidelity, purity and strong marriage, so it is logical that some newlyweds choose rings with such an insert.

Textured rings with dark opal are popular among men. Quite often you can find zircon and diamonds in such items. Usually men prefer dark stones with a dull, but visible play of colours.

Choosing a natural opal ring

For natural stones, a design without strict symmetry is best suited. The rim in such rings exactly repeats the shape of the stone. An interesting effect is created by the contrast of the freedom of the stone and the clarity of additional details.

The peculiarity of natural opal is the variability of colour, which adapts to any image of its owner.

Proper opal care

Proper opal care

The stone is picky enough in wearing. It should be protected from contact with water, aggressive cleaning agents. Opal dislikes overheating in the sun. The stone can lose its iridescent radiance. Also it can crack with a rapid change of temperature.

In winter, opal rings should be worn under gloves. The strongest and most resistant to external factors are Australian opals, but they are not so easy to find.

If you are a lover of discreet and at the same time expressive products, then take a look at jewellery with onyx. This stone is a vivid example of how you can look impressive and at the same time strict/formal.

The sacred stone

The sacred stone

The history of the appearance of onyx is closely related to ancient Greek mythology. According to one of the legends, the son of Aphrodite accidentally caught her finger with an arrow and cut off the tip of the nail. On Olympus, they could not leave a nail collecting dust on the ground, so they created a stone from it. This is how onyx was formed, which is translated from Greek as “nail”.

Ancient people began to use stone in everyday life in the 5th – 4th centuries BC. In Ancient Egypt and Babylon, dishes were made from it, as well as various statuette.

Onyx is one of the few stones that belongs to the sacred gems. In particular, the walls of the Jerusalem Temple were made of onyx inserts. They gave the room a mysterious twilight. The throne and walls of Solomon's temple were also decorated with onyx stones. The mention of onyx is also found in the Bible when describing Paradise.

Onyx deposits

Onyx deposits

The Arabian Peninsula is famous for the highest quality examples of onyx. Large deposits of yellow and pink onyx and beige / white onyx are found in Pakistan. From there, the stones are exported to Spain, China and the United States.

Physical and chemical properties of onyx

Onyx is a kind of quartz with admixtures of silicon oxide, iron, chlorides and other substances. So the green colour is given to natural stone by admixtures of magnesium, copper and iron.

Depending on the impurities, the colour of the stone can be black (Arabic), red-white (carnelian), orange-white or brown-white (sardonyx), white-grey (chalcedony). The white layers are so thin that they are barely visible, creating a mysterious haze on the surface of the stone.

High hardness - 6.5-7 (on the Mohs scale). Onyx is easy to grind, polish, convenient for carving and fine patterns.

Physical and chemical properties of onyx

Magic and healing properties of onyx

Onyx is a gem with a magical gift. Traditionally, onyx is considered a “male” stone, but it is also suitable for strong-willed women. The gem has a strong energy, therefore it helps the leaders.

For a long time, the gem had a special meaning for magicians and warlocks. Onyx dishes were used in acts of sacrifice.

According to lithotherapists, onyx helps to concentrate, get rid of depression, relieve nervous tension. Obesity was treated with water infused with onyx, and a powder of mineral particles was applied to wounds to speed up healing.

Modern alternative medicine recommends wearing red onyx pendants for peoplet with heart diseases.

Magic and healing properties of onyx

Jewellery with onyx

Onyx does not belong to the first row gems, but it looks no less impressive in expensive gold frames. The yellow metal, contrasting with the stone, gives the jewellery an unprecedented expressiveness and sensuality.

The consonance of green stones and yellow metal is bright and solemn, and in black it is more strict and formal.

The gem is not cut, but processed with a round or oval cabochon to maximize the beauty of the stone.

Jewellery with onyx

The gem is not cut, but processed with a round or oval cabochon to maximize the beauty of the stone.

Onyx jewellery goes well with casual, classic and ethnic styles. Green stones will emphasize the sensuality of a woman's image. But women's and men's products with black onyx will make your business look not boring but elegant.

Men who are going to make a proposal to their beloved are increasingly looking for engagement rings with some non-classical twist - multi-coloured inlay, a mix of metals or textures. More and more often they are going for sapphire rings as a substitute for diamonds.

Sapphire engagement ring - what should it be?

What it should be - a sapphire engagement ring?

Modern jewellery fashion recommends lovers to move away from the usual classics and take a closer look at non-standard rings with coloured stones.

The classic version of the engagement sapphire ring is a piece framed in white or yellow gold with one small stone. Such a product symbolizes wisdom and loyalty, and also, according to legends, attracts financial well-being to the house.

The main advantage of a sapphire ring is that it looks spectacular on girls with any type of appearance - it makes light-skinned blondes brighter, and on dark-skinned women it favourably sets off the colour of eyes and hair.

What it should be - a sapphire engagement ring?

What sapphires are suitable for making engagement rings?

The most popular shades in sapphire engagement rings are deep blue and cornflower blue. The more intense the colour of the gem, the higher the value and cost of the item.

There are also on the market sapphires of fantasy colours (fancy sapphire): yellow, pink, green, colourless, orange, purple. Thanks to their brilliance and sharp edges, coloured sapphires are somewhat reminiscent of fancy diamonds.

Sapphires are mainly used in jewellery, which were specially processed with heat. Such stones, unlike natural ones, have a persistent colour and a plain structure - there nearly have no defects in them.

What sapphires are suitable for making engagement rings?

How a sapphire to be cut for an engagement ring?

For large sapphires, the most often used are the "Heart", "Oval", "Pear", "Marquis" cut, and for small sapphires - round.

"Oval" best reveals the depth of colour of the stone, as well as its purity. Hazy sapphires with a lot of inclusions look more advantageous in the form of cabochons.

There is also a buff-top cut that is used for the smallest sapphires. The stones are placed close to each other on metal rails. This creates the effect of a single sparkling blanket and allows you to hide the metal as much as possible. It seems as if the piece of jewellery is completely covered with precious stones.

How a sapphire to be cut for an engagement ring?

5 reasons to buy a sapphire ring for your engagement

1. Symbol of love, devotion and purity. Its colour is associated with the purity of the sky, tranquillity and nobility. It will save his owner from deception and lies, share the ability to charm, help maintain inner peace and improve relationships with people.

2. Spectacular look. The blue colour of sapphire fascinates and surprises. How can such a ring go unnoticed?

3. High value. Sapphires of rare clarity and richness cost more than diamonds. The final price depends on the colour and carat weight of the stone. Large crystals are less common, therefore, in terms of 1 carat, they are more expensive than small ones - up to $ 20 thousand per carat.

4. Mohs hardness – 9. Sapphire is one of the few stones that can be worn every day with no fear of scratching it. Only a diamond with its 10 points is harder.

5. Multipurpose. A sapphire ring can be presented not only for an engagement, but also for any other significant occasion.

5 reasons to buy a sapphire ring for your engagement

Princess Diana's famous ring

Talking about engagement rings with sapphire, it is impossible not to mention the most famous product with this blue stone, donated by Charles to Princess Diana's engagement. This ring is from Gerrard Jewellery House in white gold with a large Ceylon sapphire in Royal Blue tint and 14 round diamonds.

Such interest fell on the ring that subsequently the jewellers created several variations similar to it, as well as pendants, studs and earrings in the same style. However, already in 2016, due to the dig demand, at the request of Kensington Palace, a ban was imposed on the creation of replica rings.

Now this jewellery is worn only by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for significant events. She, as the wife of William's eldest son, inherited the famous sapphire ring.

Usual situation: the bride wants a ring with a diamond and a beautiful pattern, while the groom, on the contrary, tends to laconic classics. Often it is not done without the participation of relatives, who frighten everyone with omens and superstitions. Then how can you come to a compromise? Or maybe there is no point in wasting time looking for it?

Identical wedding rings - is it necessary or not?

Modern bridal fashion does not give a clear answer. Those who honour traditions put the question straight: only identical gold wedding rings, without carvings and patterns. But if the tastes of the newlyweds are not inline, why not discard prejudices? Especially when jewellers deliberately offer different kinds of rings in contrast to give the bride or groom character and personality.

Identical wedding rings - is it necessary or not?

There are other advantages to this:

  • Choosing a ring for their style and character, the groom/bride learns to compromise, which is important in the future family life;
  • In the process of choosing jewellery, there is no pressure on a partner in an attempt to force him to choose one or another model;
  • Everyone can choose the ring that best sets off eye colour and skin tone, take away attention from imperfections (too thick or thin fingers, large joints), or, on contrary, emphasizes advantages.

Arguments "For" identical wedding rings

  1. All classic engagement rings have a similar design, so choosing them is easier and faster;
  2. Smooth classics (no stones and patterns) don't go out of style. It suits various clothing styles and is the most durable to wear;
  3. If you both are superstitious, then the same engagement rings will save you from bad omens and reproaches from relatives;
  4. Identical wedding rings demonstrate to others your complete unity with each other;
  5. Various engagement rings are more like ordinary rings than a symbol of marriage.
Arguments For identical wedding rings

Arguments "Against" identical wedding rings

  1. In identical engagement rings, the individuality of each couple is lost;
  2. Family life does not depend on wedding rings, but on the future couple, therefore all signs on this are archaic prejudices;
  3. Everyone has the right to choose a ring they like, especially when a big variety allows it;
  4. Wedding classics are boring and monotonous, considering new jewellery trends in bridal fashion. Mix of metals, coloured stones, non-standard shape and texture (mat textures, sections, graininess);
  5. Men's and women's jewellery preferences differs, so it will take some time to choose a ring that will fully satisfy the needs of both partners.
Arguments Against identical wedding rings

Signs and superstitions

According to folk belief, the rings of the newlyweds should be identical, because the husband and wife are one. It may differ only in size. The same metal, like the same style, symbolizes family harmony. This is the first common decision, where there is no “mine” and “yours”, but “ours” is formed.

The gold metal was considered the preferred one. Gold was a symbol of prosperity and financial well-being, and silver was protection from evil spirits and negative energy. That is why in Russia a gold ring was worn by the head of the family, and a silver ring was worn by his other half - the keeper of the family hearth.

How to choose wedding rings if husband and wife have different tastes?

Does your fiancée love diamond/brightly inlaid engagement rings and are you a minimalist? In such cases, attempts to find the same set of engagement rings will surely be in vain. Leave unnecessary arguments. We have several variants for you.

Signs and superstitions

Firstly, wedding rings can be different, but to have same element:

  • Different in style, but made of the same metal (or vice versa, rings of similar style from different materials).
  • Identical in shape and colour, but all elements of the men's ring are made of matte gold, and the women's ring is made of glossy.
  • The girl will be happy to wear a ring with a diamond path running along its entire perimeter.

Secondly, if the newlyweds are still struggling with the choice of rings, they can purchase completely different models, but with one trick. For example, with an unusual engraving in the form of a common date or phrase: the bride will have a beginning, and the groom will have the ending. You can also use a heart or infinity sign.

Thirdly, you can order to manufacture wedding rings according to an individual sketch. The jeweller will design a piece of jewellery for you, which will take into account all your wishes in terms of colour, design, presence of stones, surface texture. What is the most valuable, the ring will embody your feelings and shared memories!

The best combination of wedding rings

The best combination of wedding rings

The most optimal variant of engagement rings is one that assumes their versatility and complementarity at the same time. For example, rings may have the same design but different metal/inlay, or different widths but the same decor.

Whichever ring you choose, in the end, only the bride and groom determine which engagement rings will make them happy. It doesn't really matter if your wedding rings are the same or different - love and longevity of marriage do not depend on this.

Bright light green, olive, green with golden, brown and orange reflections - the bright colours of peridot fascinate the eye and fill with vitality. A guide to the kingdom of summer warmth and freshness. Like a ray of sunshine on the surface of the sea, peridot is in perfect harmony with summer tan. And it is not surprising, because the stone is the talisman of hot August. And he will surprise the future owner with his unusual magical and healing properties.

Back to basics

Back to basics

Without the island of Topazos (the first name is “Zabargad”), which is located in the Red Sea, no one would have known about peridot. It was there that the stone was first discovered and, then, named after him.

Peridot is also called "chrysolite", "olivine", and also - "evening emerald", "bottle stone" or "gold".

The first necklaces with peridot were worn by the ancient Egyptians. They believed that the stone discoloured in the sun, so they mined it at night.

Priests also took a fancy of the pacifying green of the peridot. Until now, Catholic bishops wear rings with this gem.

Physicochemical properties of peridot

Peridot belongs to semi-precious stones, namely to the quartz family. Iron and magnesium impurities give the mineral an unusual green tint. This is one of the few stones that has only one colour - green with light green, olive, golden, brown, orange and yellow reflections.

Physicochemical properties of peridot

The characteristic features of peridot are oily sheen + double refraction. There are also crystals with the effect of a cat's eye. They have an opaque surface and are more expensive than others. But light stones are not particularly appreciated by jewellers.

The hardness of the peridot is medium (6.5–7 on the Mohs scale). The gem is suitable for stepped and brilliant cuts, but is quite sensitive to heat.

The magical properties of peridot

It is believed that if you look at the stone for a long time, it relieves fatigue. Psychics believe that peridot breaks curses and protects from damage. If you wear it constantly, you can develop the gift of foresight.

Peridot is also called the talisman of bankers and lawyers. The stone allegedly helps in litigation and in solving complex cases. Also, the gem protects housing from theft if you hang it on the front door.

The magical properties of peridot

The healing properties of peridot

In many countries, peridot is used as a remedy: in Vietnam, it heals the liver, and in Armenia - vision. It is also advised to use it for heart problems, psychosis, headaches and insomnia.

Lithotherapists say that peridot stimulates labour and reduces pain during delivery.

Peridot jewellery

Jewellers use peridot in their entire line of gold jewellery, from rings and earrings to necklaces and brooches.

Jewellers use chrysolites to create beautiful floral designs.

The olive/lime shade of peridot looks great with amethyst and citrine. Peridot literally sparkles next to transparent crystals. The duet of peridot and blue topaz will be a striking detail of your Mediterranean look.

Multi-coloured pendants and bracelets with purple amethyst and yellow citrines surrounded by white cubic zirconias will be a great addition to a summer look.

Peridot jewellery

Who is the stone for?

In astrology, it is believed that the peridot patronizes all Leo born in August. The stone supposedly endows them with the gift of foresight.

Also, the stone is suitable for Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio. Peridot supposedly strengthens their self-confidence, makes them more assertive and less doubting.

We drew 3 pieces of gold jewellery between the buyers in one of our stores!

The lucky ones were the buyers of the JC store in Kyiv, located in the shopping and entertainment centre "Blockbuster Mall". There we announced gold gifts to the first 100 buyers of jewellery worth more than UAH 5,000.

We are happy and proud to announce the lucky numbers of the discount cards and the prizes won:

  • 1st place UK0000095553 - gold chain;
  • 2nd place UK0000159654 - gold earrings with diamonds;
  • 3rd place UK0000177801 - gold pendant with a diamond.

Our sincere congratulations to lucky winners and we hope that the jewellery won will bring joy and inspiration to its owners for a long time.

We wish all our customers prosperity, joy and good health!

In appearance, a fake ring/earrings may not differ in any way from the original and even have a fineness stamp. And you are even lucky if scammers smuggled you a low-grade gold/gilded silver. It's a shame to find out that all these years you have not worn expensive platinum, but ordinary copper or aluminium.

Not all that is gold: how is the yellow metal forged?

Three common ways to cheat buyers:

  1. Instead of or together with gold, alloys are used that externally imitate yellow aurum (tungsten, brass);
  2. The product surface is covered with a layer of gilding;
  3. The actual gold fineness on the jewellery does not correspond to the one stated in the documentation.
Three common ways to cheat buyers

Thus, fake gold is most often gilded jewellery, or a combined alloy (one part is gold, the other is a dubious metal). It is more difficult to distinguish such a product, because fraudsters use alloys similar in weight, colour, properties to imitate gold.

However, the “dilution” of gold with other metals is not the worst thing. The most offensive thing is when fraudsters give out as gold those jewellery where there is none at all. For example, an alloy of zinc and copper is masked under a yellow aurum, or an alloy of zinc and copper, or under platinum - iron + chromium + nickel.

How to tell real gold from fake?

You brought the chain to repair, but it turned out that under the top layer of red metal there was red aluminium. Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon.

However, there are simple "folk" methods that can be used for hints. None of them give a 100% guarantee, but can be the first signal which draw your attention.

Visual inspection

A detailed examination of the product with a magnifying glass is a mandatory step before purchasing. If some elements confuse you, it is better to find out about them in advance. The new product should not have scuffs, burrs, loose stones.

Visual inspection

Sound test

If you're wearing a proven gold ring, try doing a sound test with it. Throw it on the table along with the questionable product. If their "sonority" is comparable, there is a hope that this is not a fake. But you need to have an absolute ear for music in order not to be mistaken with the check.

Sound test is only suitable for rings, pendants and earrings.

Ceramic plate

This method will help you how to distinguish gold from copper. You will need a regular plate with no cover or decor. While pressing lightly on the jewellery, slide it across the plate. If a black trail appears - the gold is fake, the yellow one is real.

Nitric acid

This method is unsafe, so be very careful with it.

Place the jewellery in a metal container and drip nitric acid on it. If greenish/milky-gray shades appear on the product, this is a fake.

Nitric acid

Carefully examine the brand

The brand is the key definition of the authenticity of the product. The procedure for its application is strictly regulated by the Assay Office, which is responsible for the quality of a particular piece of jewellery.

Modern brands are made on special high-tech equipment, so the chances of forging them with a good quality are unlikely. In this regard, some "craftsmen" go into other tricks: they solder a part of the product with a stamp (lock/fastener) to a non-precious alloy.

Gold fineness

Another important tip is to take a closer look at the gold fineness, especially on its application. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a magnifying glass.


The words from the famous song "without a piece of paper - you are an insect ...." are also relevant for jewellery. All genuine gold jewellery goes with documents. All serious manufacturers know about it. The product is accompanied by a passport, a tag with a thread, and a metal seal.

The tag indicates the manufacturer, name/article, fineness, weight, price, size, type of stones (if any). The shape and colour of the tag can vary. But it must be attached to the product with a thread, the ends of which are joined by a metal seal.

Gold fineness

Magnetic test

It is considered safe, but at the same time rather dubious. Pure gold does not interact with a magnet. However, gold alloy in jewellery is made up of a mixture of different alloys that can be attracted to a magnet. The lower the purity of gold, the greater the likelihood of such magnetization.

Checking with iodine or vinegar

Some people advise dipping it in vinegar or applying a few drops of iodine on it. It is believed that the fake will change colour, for example, darken.

But this method cannot be called effective. There are many new alloys in production that can both react and not change colour. But with inept testing, the look of the product can be spoiled.

Pencil test

Wet the jewellery and run a pencil over it. This will not influence a real gold, but the fake will darken.

How to identify gilding?

How to identify gilding?

Gilding is a thin layer of pure aurum that is applied to the surface of a product. It is quite difficult to distinguish it from gold without special expertise.

The gilding is also checked with silver nitrate, which is sold at the pharmacy. If the item is gilded, the place treated with nitrate will darken.

Trust the professionals

Sometimes, even with special reagents, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of gold, not to mention the "folk" methods. The most reliable information about a gold product can only be provided by an independent expert who professionally checks jewellery. It costs money. But, unlike home experiments, you do not risk ruining the decoration.

The statement that a real man is indifferent to golden "trinkets" already seems strange or at least archaic. According to analysts at Unity Marketing, the men's jewellery sector has emerged as one of the most successful luxury goods. Jewellery is increasingly bought by men to demonstrate their status and a sense of wealth in life. Plus, it's another opportunity to stand out in a crowded job market.

Traditions: can you give a ring to a man?

Nowadays, a ring as a gift does not bare a negative context, but is perceived as a sign of an exclusive and humble attitude. With such a present, you secretly emphasize the importance of your chosen one for you: “A worthy gift for a worthy man”. The main thing is to correctly present the situation so that the man appreciates and correctly understands your step.

Traditions: can you give a ring to a man?

Choosing a ring for a man

Try to find out the exact size of the ring. There are two options to measure the circumference of a finger and not to lead a man to suspicion. The first is to find out about this from his relatives or friends, or casually start a conversation with him about jewellery. The second is to act while he sleeps: take a non-elastic thread, wrap it around the finger, and divide the resulting length by 3.14. The figure must be rounded up - this will be the size.

The presenting is important: how nicely to give a ring to your boyfriend

The ring is a special gift, so every girl wants it to be correctly understood and appreciated. A beautiful presentation plays a huge role in the overall perception of a surprise. No matter how beautiful the ring is, your beloved will not appreciate it if you presented it casually.

Effective presentation favourably emphasizes the solemnity of the moment and complements the refinement of the gift.

The presenting is important: how nicely to give a ring to your boyfriend

Method number 1. In search of treasures

If you're celebrating a holiday at home, try making a man's dream of adventure come true. Let's say put the ring in a small chest and hide it in a secret spot in your apartment. Draw a map where the bathroom becomes a lake, the bedroom becomes a cave, and the kitchen becomes a tropical garden. Mark the location of the “treasures” with a cross and hand the map to the man. You will see with what passion he will look for a gift!

Method number 2. Romantic breakfast

A romantic breakfast is a win-win. Prepare your favourite meals and dress the table. A ring placed in an ice cube will look original. In the evening, you can share a bottle of wine with your beloved by throwing an ice cube into his glass

Method number 3. Gift in a gift

Use a gift-within-a-gift disguise. Give the man a necessary and practical gift, for example, buy an organizer, a case for glasses, inside which you put a ring. The effect of surprise from what he sees in the box will lead to even more emotions of you loved one.

Gift in a gift

Method number 4. Without unnecessary embellishment

If you want to present a gift without cases and any paper wrapping, then try to put a ring on your loved one while he is asleep. The main thing is to act quietly and carefully so as not to wake him up. Waking up with a ring on a finger will surely come as a surprise to him.

Method number 5. Quest with an unexpected ending

If you plan to present a gift in a playful way, then organize a romantic quest for your loved one. Agree with the organizers in advance - have them hide the box with the ring so that it becomes the prize for the last task.

Method number 6. Car with a surprise

The box with the ring can be placed in the usual place, for example, in a car. He won't have to look for a gift for a long time if you hang it instead of the usual fragrance on the rear-view mirror or secure it with double-sided tape right on the dashboard. You can also hang the ring on the key ring.

Car with a surprise

Method number 7. Unusual dish in a restaurant

One of the most common ways is to present a gift in a restaurant. Most likely, your man will suspect something. You can use a waiter as a help. Let's say he brings the ring under the lid for a hot dish, or in a folded serving napkin.

Method number 8. Golden fish

Is your chosen one an avid fisherman? Then you will have to show interest in his hobby and go fishing with him. Upon arrival, place the gift in a sealed package and fix it to the hook of the fishing rod. When he opens the box, all that is left is to confess your feelings to him ... well, and fish with him.

Method number 9. Surprise with a twist

No man will refuse a surprise in an erotic setting. Arrange a date with candles, favourite dishes, where your sexy look will be the highlight. After dressing up in nice underwear, hide the ring in the neckline. Your beloved will be surprised when he finds it there!

Surprise with a twist

Method number 10. Happy ending movie

If you and your boyfriend are movie fans, then organize a surprise at your favourite movie theatre. While kissing in the back row and eating popcorn, discreetly place the ring in the pocket of your/his jacket. Ask your loved one to put his hand there under the excuse of getting something. So he will be surprised when he pulls out the box, and there ...!

It is noteworthy that among modern youth the tradition of engagement with matchmaking is gradually disappearing, but opinions differ regarding the engagement ring. Some girls regard the absence of a ring as a manifestation of greed and frivolity of the second half. But opponents of this kind of stereotypes, on the contrary, prefer non-standard methods and lively spontaneity. In their opinion, it is not the moment of giving the ring itself that is important, but the very attitude of the man to the fact of the proposal.

If not a ring, then what?

If not a ring, then what?

As they say, not a single ring. Neither the ring nor the adherence to tradition guarantee a happy family life. It depends only on the joint deeds of the couple, how strong their union will be. If your bride-to-be is indifferent to rings, the best solution would be to let her choose what she likes.

In addition to rings, earrings, a pendant, a bracelet can act as an engagement attribute. The main thing is that the jewel will symbolize the beginning of something more than just a romance.

Ring after proposal

Ring after proposal

You are lucky if your tastes with the bride completely coincide, but in life this is not often the case. And the variety of women's jewellery, in contrast to men's, has its own characteristics.

Do you want to achieve delight and adoration in the eyes of your beloved woman? At the same time, invite her to get married and to a jewellery store to buy together the engagement ring that she likes.

Custom gift

Custom gift

A “custom made” gift is always special, because a person puts his imagination, attention, and warmth into it. Such a surprise turns out to be truly exclusive, because you can't buy it in a store.

For example, you can make a collage of joint photos in the form of a tree of love, present your beloved with a bouquet of her favorite sweets, or a Love-craft in the style of “decoupage”.

A family tree planted in a pot painted by you will look original. It will grow and bloom to symbolize your family's well-being.

You can make dishes and various interior items from ceramics, as well as an original figurine - a symbol of your love. Not only is it quite fashionable today, it is also exciting.

Romantic trip

Romantic trip

If your beloved is a lover of outdoor activities, then she will probably prefer to spend money on visiting new interesting places, rather than buying jewellery. Traveling always gives a huge range of emotions and new sensations. And what could be more beautiful than visiting a long-desired place with a loved one and hearing the main words from him.

Remember, is there a special place for the two of you? Or, for example, a city that your soul mate has long wanted to visit. The girl will appreciate that you remember all these moments.

It has already become a classic - to propose in Paris, on the Eiffel Tower, in an old castle or on the ocean. Live music, candles, proposal and ... incredible sunsets. And the engagement ring can be bought upon arrival.


If suddenly the desire to propose has arisen spontaneously, show your imagination and make a prototype of the ring from improvised means. In a moment of touching confession, present the girl with a short-term replacement. This can be a regular dryer, a wire twisted in a circle, a toy or paper ring. Such a maneuver will surprise you with its creativity and delight your girlfriend's inner child. Most likely, this will come as a surprise to her, which means the emotions will be genuine.


An offer without a ring may seem strange to someone, but more and more men break traditions, show wonders of ingenuity and make an offer in different ways. Any other option can be no less romantic and memorable. The main thing is your sincere feelings. After all, a ring is just a symbol of love, and not something on which it depends!

The first white gold jewellery emerged back in the 1920s as an alternative to expensive platinum jewellery. Today they are so popular that they take over 50% of total sales.

Jewellery market analysts indent to believe that white gold represents a more modern, progressive way of life than yellow, which is firmly gained its place in the older generation. That is why newlyweds are increasingly choosing white metal. It is stylish versatile, elegant. And this is not the pinnacle of his merits.

High durability for years

Out of time: white is always in fashion

For the fourth season in a row, designers present new colour palettes, and only white is unchangeably among the favourites. All the same purity, tenderness, nobility, with which the main symbol of marriage is associated.

As the main metal in wedding rings, white gold can attract with its patterned or, on the contrary, with restrained minimalism, becomes a background for precious placers, or complementing the main stone, playing in contrast.

What is new proposed by the jewellery fashion 2021? Simple sleek/matte wedding rings are already fading into the background. In the trend - various kinds of corrugations (patterned, chaotic, structured). And, of course, there is even more luxury for those who can afford it. Patterned diamonds all over the bezel, longitudinal and transverse bezels, pave bezels all covered with stones are in all the 2021 collections.

White gold is the best setting for diamonds

Models with an antique openwork pattern are no less in demand - an excellent choice for romantic brides!

High durability for years

The white gold is considered to be stronger than yellow, since it contains palladium, platinum, and silver. These components make jewellery more resistant to external influence.

The tandem of gold and platinum is the most elite and, accordingly, expensive. The latter gives the product a flawless whiteness and increases its durability. Usually, exclusive earrings/rings with large diamonds are produced from this alloy. Only platinum is able to preserve all the advantages and qualities of a diamond for many years, while other metals cannot boast of this.

to buy wedding rings from white gold

White gold is the best setting for diamonds

White gold effectively sets off precious stones, emphasizing their depth of colour. At the same time, the neutral white metal background does not overshadow the overall design of the jewellery. In such engagement rings, texture, design, and not the shine of metal come to the fore.

White gold is best combined with light stones: diamonds, zircons, Swarovski crystals. With a discreet neutral shine, white gold effectively sets off the play of facets in diamonds. This frame becomes the perfect solution for these crystals. But the yellow aurum gives the stones a certain yellowness, which is not appreciated among the fans of the king of all stones.

wedding rings made of white gold

For any style

Flat wedding rings with a slight inward bend are non-standard and practical at the same time. Its fit as tight as possible to the finger and do not cling to clothing.

Models engraved inside or outside are a special choice. You can write, for example, the date of the wedding or the date when you first met, your initials. Wide rings are most often decorated with unusual floral, geometric patterns. Grooms most often choose washer rings without additional inserts, but with an interesting pattern. Not wide braided pattern visually makes the fingers thinner.

white gold wedding rings

Openwork engagement rings with small stones are a traditional women's choice. Tandems with white/black diamonds and blue sapphires look especially impressive. If the style of the wedding allows such combinations, then feel free to experiment with colour!

Single and double, with inlay, relief elements and fancy combinations - choose any decor in the JC to your taste. In addition, in our online store you can order custom engagement rings. With the help of filters in the catalog, you can quickly select earrings or brooches for wedding rings.

Newlyweds go for originality in organizing weddings, and designers strongly encourage this. The desire for individuality has already grown into a kind of cult in clothing and accessories. It would seem that the designers combine the incongruous: vintage classics and street casual, gold and silver, uneven textures and perfect ergonomics. Wedding rings are no longer just jewellery representing your marital status. Today, every detail of the ring has a special symbolism that tells about you and your love story.


Fans of comfort need not worry - the classic "European" does not lose its relevance, especially in Europe. Simplicity with functionality and practicality, which Europeans value so much, remains in jewellery trends.

The rounded "European" is a universal version in the classics. The comfort fit makes the wrap as light and imperceptible as possible on the finger. An indisputable advantage is that the product fits securely and does not hurt the finger.


Bicolour models in combined gold

The unspoken fight between yellow and white gold is over! The winner is friendship, because designers strongly recommend combining white and yellow metal in wedding accessories. Therefore, if you cannot decide, do not torture the groom, but rather order gold wedding bands made of combined metal.


Your style is your story, the designers emphasize. Just use modern processing for the story. For example, if you are into chunky “Victorian” style, try wearing a wedding band with a plain boho sweater, a chunky knit cardigan, or a flounced dress. In this case, the engagement ring will look appropriate with casual wear and will highlight your fashion awareness.

Shank in the form of a heart

Engagement rings in the shape of a heart or with a Love theme are created for true romantics. The heart is a symbol of love, which is understandable on any continent. Can love go out of style?

The traditional version is a heart with a small diamond/cubic zirkonia in the centre of the ring. Alternatively, a diamond path emphasizes the smooth curves of the heart on one or two sides.

Shank in the form of a heart

Wedding pendant

How about making the engagement hero not a traditional ring, but a pendant? In this case, a reminder of the happy day will be in your heart every day! In addition, the risk of forgetting/losing the ring when removing is significantly reduced.

Coloured inserts

If you love jewellery with stones, but do not tremble at the sight of diamonds, take a look at colour-inlaid wedding rings. Fresh, extraordinary and very feminine. As for the location of the stones, here it is already for your taste: a single interspersed with gems, a sparkling track at the end of the shank, or a spectacular pavé over the entire surface of the product. The stones in such a product resemble a bright mosaic or the lights of icon lamps, which shimmer with multi-coloured paints.

Engagement and wedding ring combo

The most proven way is to buy jewellery that is sold in a set. Such a set harmoniously combines with each other in metal/style/decor and looks like a single decoration on the ring finger.

Engagement and wedding ring combo

Fashionable texture and individual design

If not brilliance, then texture - this is the principle used by modern jewellers, creating new compositions.

Textured rings are an alternative for those looking for something versatile, but with a twist. Rings with unusual geometry (square, multifaceted, bent), grooved, with complex cutting - upon request, the jewellers will fulfil every whish of yours!

Perfect ergonomics and comfort

Undoubtedly, the ring should be stylish. But besides that, it should also be comfortable. After all, such an item belongs to the accessories of daily wear.

All wedding rings have well-thought-out ergonomics: a comfortable shape without burrs and traumatic parts. All stones in the products are tightly fixed, and their attachments are carefully processed.

Personification of wedding rings

What can be more exclusive than personal information encrypted in a ring in the form of a certain symbols/date? Personalization is the best way to add depth and meaning to jewellery. Such engagement parties can be paired. In this case, it will become another connection between you and your soul mate.

Fashionable wedding rings 2020–2021: classic

Eternal and unshakable classics were, are and will be in trend, be it books or jewellery. This is the case when everything was invented before you. Such products look harmoniously with any look and immediately make it clear that in front of you is a married person.

Fashionable wedding rings 2020–2021: classic

Stylish wedding rings 2020–2021: with diamonds

If you are a connoisseur of well-established traditions, and the idea of buying an engagement ring with a ruby throws you into a fever, then choose the proven option - a diamond ring. As before, it is in fashion trends. True, the emphasis is now on the original method of fixing the stone, and not on its very shape.

Fashionable wedding rings 2020–2021: made of white gold

For the fourth year now, white gold has remained in the engagement fashion trends. Wedding rings made of white gold look sophisticated and refined, organically complement the wedding bow and, importantly, go with any nail polish.

White gold is best combined with light stones: diamonds, zircons, Swarovski crystals. With a discreet neutral shine, white gold effectively sets off the play of facets in diamonds.

Fashionable wedding rings 2020–2021: from yellow gold

The traditional yellow metal in the 2020-2021 collections is presented in two different styles: restrained minimalism and rococo/baroque, where massiveness and pretentious decor prevail. This is an interesting contrast that modern designers play in.

Wedding rings made of yellow metal are elegant, but at the same time quite voluminous. They go well with ethnic style, boho and casual, therefore they are practical in everyday wear.

Wedding rings 2020–2021: made of red gold

Red gold wedding rings for the 2021 season have impressive dimensions. They are massive but not bulky. In the jewellery, the central stone seems to be hiding behind a deaf setting, or is buried in metal.

Wedding rings 2020–2021: made of red gold

Stylish wedding rings 2020–2021: unusual shapes

In the wedding collections 2020-2021, there are rings-washers, rings-chains, rings-nuts and wedding rings in the form of drops, crowns, hearts.

Among young people, split rings with a flower, a Love symbol at one end, are in demand.

In 2021, wedding rings in the form of Mobius (a twisted ribbon without beginning and end) are in fashion. This is another original way to show that your love is endless.

Puzzle rings look creative on the finger. When combined with each other, they form a whole thing.

Original wedding rings 2020–2021: with stones

Stone “without setting” - a jewellery trick with two stones at different ends of the shank. An alternative option is a cubic zirconia/diamond engagement ring that is immersed in white/yellow/red metal. Such models look elegant, unusual and at the same time unobtrusive.

Can there be too many bracelets? This season, designers say a definite "No!" and encourage creative experimentation. Want to complement your look with a touch of brutality? In addition to bulky chains and details, the trends of 2021 are dominated by geometry, animalistic, plant motifs, as well as "fluidity" of forms and layering. Modern gold bracelets go beyond simple jewellery and are a mix of unexpected combinations (gold, silver, leather, fur).

The main trends of 2021 in the world of ladies’ bracelets

The main trends of 2021 in the world of ladies’ bracelets

Top 6 popular bracelets if you want to be on the top of fashion this season:

  • bulky bracelets with animalistic figures, plant motifs
  • open cuff bracelets;
  • bracelets made of large links in the form of thin chains;
  • leather bracelets with metal inserts, spikes;
  • multi-layer models in several lines;
  • metal and fur bracelets decorated with stones

In 2021, the fashion for women's bracelets is as democratic as possible. On one hand, jewellery is combined of various colours and materials (metal, gold, silver, leather, fur, wood). In addition to this, they are worn under almost any clothing. For lovers of extraordinary solutions, stylists offer options for bracelets in the form of animals and plants in complex expositions.

About the shapes, the undoubted leaders are chains and pendants-spheres (from small beads to large balls). With thin chains, jewellers create sets of gold and silver, and use large links as an independent accent.

Thin laconic bracelets and bulky items with inserts are considered equally stylish. Massiveness in products is achieved as a result of the use of cast metal elements, as well as various weaving techniques.



This season's chain bracelets are dominated among minimalist models. It can be worn with watches, also can be complemented with curly inserts, charms, letters and inscriptions.

These bracelets make the wrist look thinner and slimmer. In addition, they are quite versatile. They can be worn with any look, from an office suit to a sports wear.



The top of the 2021 fashion accessories list are also charm bracelets with a “secret meaning”. They may contain unusual symbols or encoding. This will give the product depth and a certain trail of mystery.



Why not wear a figure of your favorite animal or a memorable date? Playful, unobtrusive and symbolic at the same time. An unusual symbol on your hand will give your look a special zest and uncommonly highlight your personality.

Red thread

Red thread

The red thread on the left hand has not gone out of fashion for the fifth year. This decoration has the meaning of a talisman and takes a root in the ancient mystical teachings of Kabbalah.

It is believed that the red thread protects against negative energy and aggression. If initially the red thread was worn without inserts, now it is decorated with various inscriptions, symbols, figures or beads.



Chain bracelets remain in the top between popular models this season, especially with noticeable T-shaped clasps, curly inserts (infinity sign, plane, heart, circle, triangle). Models with neat inlay with white and coloured diamonds look luxurious.

Fashionable gold bracelets

Fashionable gold bracelets

The fashionable gold bracelet 2021, on the one hand, is characterized by diminutiveness and simplicity of forms, and on the other - deliberate massiveness. Thanks to the contrast, this combination looks very unusual.

The use of contrasting stones transforms the bracelet into a striking, eye-catching line on your wrist. It is noteworthy that yellow and red gold are again in trend, but their coloured counterparts (green, pink, brown, black) "take the dust."

Among the most popular forms - again, chains, blurred cast forms, rigid detachable models. Due to their massiveness, they unconsciously endow their owner with strength, nobility and high status.

Fashionable silver bracelets

Fashionable silver bracelets

Unlike their yellow ones, silver bracelets are more strict, therefore are in demand among those who prefer a laconic style of dress. Silver bracelets for the 2021 season range from sleek designs to split hoops and more intricate shapes.

Fashion ankle bracelets

Fashion ankle bracelets

If 7 years ago an ankle bracelet (anklet) was worn together with high heels, today it is in trend with sneakers, flip flops, sandals and braided sandals.

The Indian version of the anklet - payal - is gaining more and more popularity. This is a chain bracelet with a ring on the toe. The decoration looks like sandals (only without a sole).

Trendy leather bracelets

Trendy leather bracelets

Have you heard about the glam rock style? This is a new popular trend in accessories that combines metal and natural leather. In the trend of the 2021 season, a wide/narrow bracelet, richly decorated with metal rivets, buttons, pyramid thorns.

Trendy vintage bracelets

Trendy vintage bracelets

Vintage bracelets are preferred by dreamy, enthusiastic and creative people. They are prone to nostalgia and draw inspiration from the past. For them, the jewellery brand is not as important as its history.

Vintage bracelets 2021 are mostly made of gold. These are massive models with large stones and various patterns.

Fashionable bracelets in oriental style

Fashionable bracelets in oriental style

They are also called “zhadi” bracelets after the heroine of the popular TV series “Clone”. Oriental bracelets are one or several chains with a ring. Jewellery looks very feminine and romantic, symbolizing all the subtlety of the East. They visually narrow the wrist, making it more fragile.

Oriental bracelets are generously inlaid with stones, decorated with chasing, enamel. In this case, only natural materials are used.

Trendy bracelets with natural stones

Trendy bracelets with natural stones

If you think that bracelets with stones are a relic of the past, then you are mistaken. Such jewellery remains in trend, although their design has been modernized. Jewellers play with the texture of stones and complement the bracelets with original inserts.

In the 2021 season, designers are advised to look at monochrome stones (white, grey, black), or bracelets with contrasting inserts. Thin bracelets with tiny stones can be worn in several lines.

Fashionable bulky bracelets

Fashionable bulky bracelets

The bulky bracelet is a doubtless favourite of this season that sets the tone for the whole look. Most often, this product is in the form of an open ring, with large stones, paintings, rhinestones, inscriptions.

In 2021, iridescent bracelets in pearlescent or azure shades are especially popular.

Interesting combinations

Interesting combinations

The 2021 bracelets go beyond ordinary jewellery. Designers play with texture and materials, creating extraordinary compositions.

Fashion bracelets for the 2021 season are a mix of unusual combinations. Men's bracelets are decorated with leather inserts and buckles. The taboo about the combination of gold and silver has sunk into the summer. Behind the “boho” and “casual” styles, the trend to wear a set of thin bracelets, contrasting in colour and metal, is firmly entrenched.

How to choose the right bracelet: basic recommendations

Five basic guidelines for choosing a bracelet:

  • For the start, make up your mind what style dominates in your wardrobe. In the future, start from it when choosing jewellery sets
  • Remember your size and it is better to know it precisely. Remember that a product made of gold or silver should move freely on your hand. The optimal length of a metal bracelet is 1-1.5 cm longer than the length of the wrist.
  • Consider the type of your figure, as well as the features of the structure of the wrist. If you have a large wrist, skip thin bracelets. Against their background, your hand will look even broader. For girls with curvaceous shapes, it is better to alternate between wide and narrow models on one hand, or purchase multilayer bracelets. Such products will make your hand lighter and more airy. The main rule: the bracelet should not weigh down the proportions of your body!
  • The stones in bracelets can be different, but with similar visual characteristics.
  • Modern fashion allows you to wear no more than 7 bracelets on your hand. Any bracelet composition is created according to the principle: 1-2 bracelets as main ones, the rest additional.

“Do not buy artificial fianit, it is better to go for natural zirconium” – a dishonest seller may catch you by surprise. And all because most buyers do not know what is the difference between fianit, cubic zirconium and zircon. Some consider them to be bijouterie glass, others - a semiprecious alternative to a diamond.

The confusion in concepts stems from the fact that visually the stones are very similar. Looking at them for the first time, few people who are inexperienced in gemmology will see the differences. And they are, and moreover, essential.

What are the differences between zircon, cubic zirconium, fianits and Swarovski stones

Fianit - an artificial brother of a diamond

Fianit is the famous brother of the diamond, which was created not to be used for jewellery purposes. Initially, they wanted to use it in laser equipment to replace diamonds. But the beauty of the stone surprised consumers so much that jewellers became interested in it.

Fianit got its proud name from the abbreviation of the Physics Institute of the USSR, where it was invented in the late 60s (FIAN). Two years later, referring to the achievements of Soviet scientists, in Switzerland began their production of fianit under the name "Djevalite".

Jewellers and buyers alike have come to love fianit for its striking resemblance to a diamond, but at a low cost. Not so expensive to manufacture, with excellent brilliance and high strength - such characteristics of the stone have become the trump card of world manufacturers in offering an alternative to expensive diamond.

Cultivation specifics

Fianit is formed from zirconium oxide using the high frequency melting technique. In order for the crystals to grow, the heating power is gradually reduced. Simply put, fianit grows in its own shell.

Cultivation specifics

Main characteristics

From the point of chemistry view, fianit is a zirconium metal dioxide.

Another frequently asked question: is fianit a semi-precious stone? Answer: No. This is an artificial analogue of a diamond, similar to it in beauty and physical properties. The stone has the same refractive index of light and even higher dispersion (play of colour within the mineral). Fianit has excellent brilliance (2.15-2.25) and high hardness (7.5-8 on the Mohs scale), which is as close as possible to the legendary top ten diamonds.

The name "fianit" is spread mainly in the former-Soviet countries and in Eastern Europe. In the West and in USA, the trade name for the stone is cubic zirconium (CZ), CZ Diamond, diamonesque.

Main characteristics

Natural zircon

Natural zircon is a semi-precious mineral of volcanic origin. Due to its crystal clarity, zircon resembles a diamond. He was even nicknamed in the East the “younger brother” of the diamond.

The stone can be colourless or golden brown.

Outside colourless zircons can be mistaken for diamonds. But with one difference - zircon is very fragile. This is one of the reasons why the creation of fianit quickly diminished the popularity of zircon.

Zirconium metal

Zirconium (Zr) is a chemical element in the periodic table under No. 40. It is a silver-coloured metal that is used in industry, medicine, and energy. But zirconium has no direct relation to jewellery. Only in conjunction with oxygen is zirconium dioxide included in cubic zirconia.

Zirconium metal

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are not diamonds or glass. This is an artificially processed crystal of exceptional transparency. Swarovski crystals are made from over 70 components, most of which are kept in secret.

In addition to crystal (Swarovski Crystall), the company is known for its fianits (Swarovski Zirconia), as well as topaz, sapphires, rubies, garnet, chrysolite, quartz, citrines, which takes high positions in the world in terms of processing quality.

What is the difference between zircon and fianit?

There in terminology sometimes is a confusion in calling fianit a “zircon”, which is not entirely true.

Fianit and zircon are two minerals with different origins and chemical compositions. The first is artificial, the second is natural.

If you give a close look, you can see small inclusions inside the zircon. Fianit, on the contrary, has a perfectly smooth structure, purity and transparency. In addition, the weight of the artificial crystal is greater than that of the natural one.

Difference in cost

Jewellery with the king of stones is consistently in the top of the Luxury segment. Price is one of the indisputable advantages of fianit, which makes it more affordable for buyers. Cube zirconium is slightly more expensive than fianit. This is influenced by its fragility and, consequently, the high cost of production.

Difference in price between zircon and fianit

Advantages and disadvantages of stones

Fianit is in demand among those buyers with a smaller budget, but want to purchase a beautiful wear-resistant piece of jewellery.

Among the weaknesses of the stone is its tendency to tarnish and scratch. The stone loses its original shine after the first 2-3 years of wearing.

The history of pearls as jewels is sad and infinitely beautiful. Human intervention in the habitat of molluscs has led to the death of a whole generation of pearl shells. After the ban on shellfish harvesting (in the 50s of the XX century), Japanese entrepreneurs came up with a more humane method and began to grow pearls on the farms. It has become more affordable, but at the same time not as unique as natural specimens created by nature.

Types of pearls: dealing with concepts

Pearls are a “child” of nature, which is born in the shell of a mollusc. Any insect, grain of sand that gets inside, the mollusc treats as a "stranger" and covers with layers of mother-of-pearl. This is how a white ball called “pearl” is born.

Saltwater pearls are formed in an oyster, while freshwater pearls are formed in a river shell. Due to the different types of molluscs, as well as the nature of the water, pearls have slightly different properties from each other.

Types of pearls: dealing with concepts

Sea pearls

Today, almost all pearls that we see in jewellery are cultured. It is grown naturally on special farms.

To create sea pearls, 1-3 small balls are injected into the reproductive organs of the mollusc, which are then overgrown with mother-of-pearl. A beautiful deep ball of mother-of-pearl forms around the ball within 1.5-2 years.

River pearls

When growing freshwater pearls, an implant ball is placed in the mantle of the mollusc. One mussel produces approximately 12 to 20 stones in river/lake water. It takes up to 3 years to form a quality pearl.

River pearls

Wild pearls

These are natural pearls (oceanic, sea, river), which are formed in molluscs without human influence. Today, wild pearls are rarely found in the jewellery market due to the official ban of its harvesting. For this reason, most of the pearls that shops claim to be "natural" are in fact cultured.

Artificial pearls

It is an imitation of natural pearls made of plastic, glass or porcelain. Often these beads have defects, irregularities and poor strength. The only advantage is the rather low price compared to natural stones.

Stages of growing sea and river pearls

The pearl growing process requires constant monitoring. As it grows, the shell needs to be turned over periodically so that it does not become flat.

Three key stages in the cultivation of sea and river pearls:

  • The harvester inserts a mother-of-pearl bead into the clam shell;
  • The clam is placed in a reservoir’s with an ideal pH and temperature;
  • As they grow, the shells are periodically turned over.
How to tell apart sea pearls from river?

How to tell apart sea pearls from river?

Despite similarity in appearance, sea and river pearls have fundamental differences. And this applies not only to their way of growing. By examining and touching the structure of mother-of-pearl, you can quickly tell the type of pearl. And we will help you with this.

The form

The habitat of the mollusc affects the shape of the pearl. River pearls are often irregular in shape with uneven edges. Sea pearls are also not perfectly flat, but in most cases they are round or teardrop-shaped.

The price

Saltwater pearls are more expensive than river pearls, since they require greater cost on treatment and care. But river pearls are more profitable in terms of production. 10 or more mother-of-pearl pieces can be placed in a river shell, and up to 3 in a sea shell.

Stages of growing sea and river pearls

Thickness of pearlescent layer

A sea pearl has a thinner layer of nacre. It grows 2 mm in 1.5 years. But the river pearl is almost completely covered with it.

Smooth surface

Sea pearls are smooth and round. When you touch the river pearls, you can fell the rough texture.


White, cream, golden, greenish, blue and even black - and this is not the whole palette of sea pearls.


River balls have a soft matte shine, while sea balls are brighter, more playful in the light. The intensity of the gloss is significantly influenced by the chemical composition of the water.

The size

River pearls are small in size. The dimensions of one stone are approximately 6–8 mm. The sea mineral is larger - from 10 to 20 mm.

Which pearl is better - sea or river?


River pearls do not shine as brightly as sea pearls, but they are durable. River pearl jewellery is the best option for every day.

Due to the thinness of mother-of-pearl, the top layer of sea stones wears off faster. The durability of the product will depend on how carefully it is worn.

Which pearl is better - sea or river?

Pearls of any origin are a noble and versatile piece of jewellery. Buying sea or river pearls is rather a matter of taste and, of course, financial capabilities. Although river pearls cannot be compared to sea pearls in luster, they have an equally pleasant soft glow and, importantly, a democratic price. Jewellers actively use sea and river pearls in all types of jewellery: rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

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Which pearl is better - sea or river?

Gold ring with diamonds "Three words of love"

Three diamonds, skilfully inserted by our jewellers, symbolize three main words “I love you”. In the centre of the composition there are white round diamonds of different sizes, arranged in one line.

The red gold shank protects the insert from mechanical damage and emphasizes the sparkle of the inserts. The ring has a sleek bezel with shimmery piping along the bottom edge on the outside and inside.

Such a ring will perfectly complement both a casual look and an evening outfit, so why not a great present?

Gold ring with diamonds "Air waves"

At first glance, it seems that the hand is decorated with several items at once. Such an interesting illusion is created by the unusual design of the ring.

Despite the fact that the item made of smooth red 585 gold is rather wide and weighty, due to its spiral shape it looks graceful and weightless on the finger.

Thanks to the metal, the ring, like a mirror, reflects light by its entire surface. The back of the shank is the basis for seven spiral lines, between which are the purest diamonds.

Eight round cut diamonds give an exquisite delicacy to the piece. The cold shimmer of white diamonds looks spectacular against the background of the warm precious metal.

Which pearl is better - sea or river?

White gold pendant with diamond "Heart"

The laconic pendant is made in a romantic style of 14 karats white gold. Its design is universal and unobtrusive, appropriate everywhere, so the product can be presented to both adult ladies and young girls.

The base of the jewellery is made in the shape of a graceful heart. Inside it is a white miniature diamond.

The product meets all the criteria of elegance and comfort wear. This gold pendant is perfect for everyday and evening looks. The peculiarity of the pendant is in its large lug, which allows using a chain of any thickness.

Gold pendant with diamonds "Three hearts" in red gold

Red metal and sparkling inserts of diamonds - the classics of jewellery design are embodied in the graceful Three Hearts pendant.

The base of the jewellery has the shape of three hearts laid out in a circle, twisted in a special way. One of them serves as the basis for 15 miniature diamonds, while the other two are completely made of smooth gold.

Rhodium plating smoothes out excessive reddishness and gives the metal a soft noble shine.

Choosing a Three Hearts pendant as a present, you will demonstrate your care and friendship, as well as your desire to be together forever.

Which pearl is better - sea or river?

Earrings with diamonds "Minimalism" in red gold

Earrings-studs "Minimalism" are a universal product made of 585 red gold, made in strict geometric lines. The laconic design in the form of a single diamond looks feminine and neat without overloading its look.

Despite the small weight of the item, the earrings look expensive and elegant. This is thanks to the diamond which is held on all sides by a fadend setting.

High-quality white stone makes the jewellery rightfully original. Playfully sparkling with laconic grace, earrings complement the look and add playfulness to even the simplest look.

The stud is distinguished by its simple shape and convenience when adjusting fixing to the ear, thanks to which it become an irreplaceable attribute in a jewellery box for every jewellery admirer.

Earrings with diamonds "Bud" in white gold

Earrings "Bud" of cold white gold like two flowers will bloom on your ears. The main feature of earrings is a round diamond that takes the main spot. The stone itself is placed in a round metal frame, and on the sides it is held by prongs of same gold.

White gold is the best match for precious stones, favourably highlighting them and at the same time revealing all its advantages.

These earrings are a stylish addition to any look. They will become a great piece of jewellery for every day wear.

Which pearl is better - sea or river?


New Year is the time of fairy tales, magic ... and, of course, the magic of gold. Meet him beautifully - in the bright shine of golden gifts for yourself and your loved ones!

Sometimes there is no need to to delve to the core to understand what kind of person is in front of you. It is enough to take a closer look at what is on the surface. For example, what kind of jewelry the person is wearing. According to psychologists and palmists, they can be used to compose a general psychological portrait of a person and even reveal his hidden features. And here, they note, this is not about magic. If you look at the activity of the human brain, you will find that most of it is associated with the hands. It is through them that information is passed from one person to another. This also applies to what is worn on the hands during gestures.

Symbolism of the rings on the fingers

Symbolism of the rings on the fingers

At the present time, men's and women's rings are an integral attribute of married life and not only. According to modern psychologists and palmists, the ring is an expression of our subconscious aspirations and ideas about ourselves. After all, hands are one of the most “emotional” parts of a person's body, through which he translates his thoughts and feelings. Take a closer look at yourself and those around you and you will find some interesting patterns.

How to find out the character of a man by the ring on his finger?

According to palmists, it is no coincidence that every man chooses which finger to wear a piece of jewelry on. A certain planet with its own specifics of influence is responsible for each finger.

How to find out the character of a man by the ring on his finger?

What rings mean on the men fingers

Often, the attachment of men to certain item is much stronger than that of women. This also applies to jewelry. You rarely meet a man with a whole arsenal of gold jewelry. As a rule, representatives of the strong half are limited to a wedding ring.

Thumb ring

The ring on the thumb can mean only one thing: in front of you is a man of power, strong-willed, who is used to controlling everything and everyone. If such a man wanted something, there are no obstacles for him. He has an unshakable confidence that acts like a magnet. No wonder, the gold rim on the thumb was worn by kings and rulers.

Thumb ring

Index finger ring

Hand reading experts believe that the ring on the index finger signifies our hidden need for recognition and respect. Those who prefer to wear large rings on their right hand are ambitious, but often arbitrary. They have a proud and independent character, an innate ability to lead people. But the left hand, on the contrary, indicates a tendency to hysteria and sudden mood change.

Index finger ring

Ring on the middle finger

The middle finger symbolizes balance in life, as it conventionally divides the palm into two equal halves. People who wear a ring on this finger are in harmony with themselves.

Ring on the middle finger

Ring finger

The ring one is also called the finger of Apollo. Traditionally, the ring on this finger is a symbol of marriage, love and fidelity. In addition, the jewelry on this finger is worn by passionate and sensual people. Apollo's finger patronizes sexual pleasures, impulsive and insane acts, especially if the owner of the ring is a man. Also, the ring finger is responsible for aesthetics and creativity.

Ring finger

Pinky ring

The ring on the little finger embodies such qualities as dreaminess, vulnerability, adventurism, change of nature. Such men easily make acquaintances due to their sociability and excellent sense of humor. But in a love relationship with them, you should be on the lookout - personalities are windy and changeable. And on top of that, they are quite gambling.

How to find out the character of a woman by the ring on her finger?

How to find out the character of a woman by the ring on her finger?

Women may have many rings, but among them there are sure to be those that have a special meaning for them. These are products that reflect the inner world of a woman at a certain stage of her life. According to psychologists and astrologers, it is not only the appearance of the ring that matters, but also which hand to wear it on. For example, brave, active, persistent ladies prefer to wear rings on their right hand. They are dominated by "masculine" traits. However, behind their iron will and steel character hides a vulnerable nature.

Girls who wear jewelry on their left hand have more pronounced “female” traits - tenderness, softness, romance, emotionality.

Pinky ring

According to the observations of palmists, women with a ring on their little finger are sociable optimists. They are sometimes extraordinary, so you never get bored with them. Often they devote their lives to creativity or good deeds (charity, activities with children, caring for animals).

Pinky ring

Ring finger

The ring finger on the right hand is “reserved” for a wedding ring, so wearing a simple ring there is not recommended. Superstitious people believe that it can attract bad luck in personal life. But the left hand is free for experiments and alternative accessories.

The jewelry on the left ring finger, according to palmists, suggests that the woman is reasonable and prefers stability in everything. But if we are talking about a massive ring, then such a lady is in search of new experience.

Ring finger

Ring on the middle finger

The ring on the middle finger indicates that its owner loves to be the center of attention. It is easy to find a common language with such women and conduct joint projects. If this is a ring of impressive size, then it already smacks of narcissism. Such people do not accept criticism. Therefore, they can go to extremes, engaging in ordinary tyranny.

Ring on the middle finger

Index finger ring

The first unspoken sign of a creative personality. Girls with a ring on their index finger are creative, extraordinary natures for whom work can become a hobby. They also make great leaders. They love to express themselves and be different from others - a girl can promote the benefits of yoga, try various spiritual practices.

Index finger ring

Thumb ring

The Greeks also called the thumb the finger of Venus. As a rule, such girls are very proud and independent. They are accustomed not to give in, but to advance to achieve their plans. So, having noticed an accessory on a thumb, think about how to build a line of defense. Girls who are in a relationship often wear jewelry on their right hand. On the left - those who are in free search. The ring here is a sign of a demonstration of freedom.

Thumb ring

Although the diamond is considered the most privileged gemstone, it is not the only one. On the same level with him is his fellow emerald, which has no less jewelry value. A stone with a bewitching depth and richness resembles expensive velvet in texture.

The meaning of the stone

Emerald is one of the most revered stones. It is difficult to find a gem that was valued more than an emerald in ancient times. It was sung in sacred texts by Muslims and Christians. According to Christian legend, the blood of Christ was collected in an emerald cup.

The meaning of the stone

Emerald mining

Green stones began to be mined 37 centuries ago. Even then, in the northern part of the Red Sea, during the reign of Pharaoh Sesostris III, the development of the first deposits began.

Today, the main supplier of the precious mineral is Colombia. In second place is Zambia, where about 20% of the world's reserves are mined. Next come - Zimbabwe, Brazil. Brazilian gems are lighter in color but have low transparency.

Is emerald precious or not?

Emerald is a precious stone. It closes the top five minerals of the first class along with diamond, ruby, sapphire and alexandrite.

Emerald mining

Hydrothermal or nano emerald?

These two names refer to a synthetic lab-grown gem. It has a perfectly even color without defects, cracks and inclusions.

The mineral is synthesized from natural beryl. It is placed in a special mixture, after which it is sent to an autoclave, where the crystal is grown at t up to 1000°C.

How to distinguish natural emerald from a fake, artificial emerald or beryl?

Often, emerald is confused with chrysolite, or with a fake made of glass/plastic. Remember: a glass or plastic fake has an unnaturally even color, unlike natural stone.

Differences between natural emerald and fake

Differences between natural emerald and fake

A glass fake is called a doublet/triplet. This is a stone consisting of several glued layers. Its base is made of glass, and a thin layer of natural stone is glued on top

Differences between natural emerald and artificial

Modern jewelry technology has reached such a level that an artificially grown emerald is almost indistinguishable from a natural one. But still, its price is much lower than that of natural stone.

Differences between emerald and beryl

It is not true to say that any beryl is an emerald. It is more correct to say that green emerald belongs to the mineral class of beryl.

Experts say that real emeralds differ from other beryls in deep green coloring (without yellow or blue tints).

Differences between emerald and beryl

Physical and chemical properties of emerald

Emerald belongs to the beryl family. Crystallizing, the stone absorbs chromium and acquires a bright green hue.

Unlike diamond, emerald is less hard (7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale). On impact, the stone can easily shatter.

Healing properties of emerald

People say that the stone is also called the “heavenly healer”. Lithotherapists claim that emerald helps stabilize blood pressure and relieve headaches. In addition, the green gem has a strong antibacterial property: if you put it in a glass of water, you do not need to boil it.

Magical properties

Even King Solomon said that the emerald drives away dark thoughts and gladdens the heart. Snakes are afraid of him: if you hold an emerald in front of your eyes, they supposedly go blind.

Georgian sages in the 10th century called the emerald a “magic mirror” through which the future opens up to a person. In ancient times, it was believed that if you put an emerald under your tongue, you can see the future.

Magical properties

Stone of intuition and intelligence

Fortune tellers and soothsayers are very fond of emerald. They believe that the stone helps them see the future, find out the truth. The owner of an emerald often has prophetic dreams.

The best period for revealing the power of the emerald is spring and the full moon.

Spiritual purity stone

If the owner of the stone leads a pious lifestyle, the gem gives him good luck and health. But the emerald does not tolerate thieves and deceivers. Its magical properties do not apply to them.

Spiritual purity stone

Self-esteem stone

It is believed that the emerald gives eloquence, increases self-esteem, self-confidence. Also, the stone has a calming effect on its owner. It helps the mind take over the emotions.

Love stone

Emerald is associated with Anahata - the heart chakra and the goddess of love Venus. The energy of the mineral is able to bring personal happiness to its owner and strengthen marriage.

Esotericists believe that emerald jewelry can enhance love feelings between a couple. But on one condition: if you give the jewelry from the bottom of your heart.

Love stone

Stone of creativity

The energy of the emerald activates the creative impulses of its owner. A green stone attracts fresh ideas and inspiration for new achievements into the life of the owner.

Gold jewelry with emerald

The most impressive stone looks in yellow gold on brunettes and brown-haired women. But the one in a frame made of white metal is more restrained and sophisticated.

To give natural emeralds a beautiful shine, some jewelers tint the stone with oil with a green pigment.

Gold jewelry with emerald

Who is emerald for?

Emerald is considered the patron saint of Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Leo and Pisces. For Gemini, the gem will become a source of composure, wisdom, confidence. Jewelry with this mineral will help them get rid of loneliness.

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The tradition of giving a presents is one of the most hart-warming. A beautiful present, given on a special occasion or with no reason, meant to bring vivid emotions and a sunny mood, especially when it is all about jewellery!

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Gold ring with diamond “Heart”

A gold ring with a diamond “Heart” personifies all the best qualities inherent in true love. It is tenderness, purity, reliability. The craftsmen made the basis of the ring from high-quality 14-karat red gold. With on-time cleaning, it does not lose its characteristics and brilliance. In the centre of the rim is an original heart with a diamond insert. A round-cut white diamond on the inside gives the heart a delicate glow.

The piece of jewellery can be combined with classic engagement rings to create an elegant set.

Gold ring with diamond “Heart”

Gold earrings with diamonds “Heart”

Do you want to look romantic and bright at the same time? Then these adorable 585 white gold earrings are just for you! Earrings are made in the form of a gold stick, in the upper part of which a white diamond sparkles.

The round gem is fixed in a rather unusual way - between two hearts, which make it possible to observe it from all sides. They securely hold the diamond on both sides. Therefore, nothing prevents you from fully enjoying its play of light.

According to the jeweller’s design, this type of setting of diamonds creates an unusual visual effect. Diamonds light the way to your heart and give the whole piece an extraordinarily white glow.

These earrings with an English clasp will not go unnoticed and will surprise you with their original design.

Gold ring with diamonds “Heart”

The classic Love themed ring features a sleek 14-karat white gold band. The main highlight of the item is the original central insert in the shape of two hearts. Between them on the crown of the ring is a diamond. Two heart-shaped side prongs serve as a reliable support for the gem and symbolize the unity of the two halves.

The refined rim of the ring is decorated on both sides with paths of diamonds. Ten stones are almost completely “deepened” in the metal. This option of blind setting guarantees the safety and reliability of the inlay and also does not hide the beauty of the diamond. The colour of the noble metal reveals the brilliance of the droplet of the precious insert even brighter.

A ring with such a luxurious design will be a great engagement gift, especially if your sweetheart has a delicate taste.

Gold ring with diamonds “Heart”

Gold pendant with diamond (heart without eyelet)

Love theme continues with a cast red metal pendant of 14-karat. The heart, in the form of which it is made, has a soft golden tint and goes well with warm tones.

The laconic design of the product makes a universal accent to any look. The pendant has a minimum of decorative inserts - one diamond, which is located in the centre of the composition. The stone is held solid in a metal frame. The blind setting protects the diamond from cracks and chips on the girdle.

Another feature of the pendant is the place where the chain is attached. The ear of the pendant is not hanging, but hidden on the side. A neat recess is made for the chain or cord. A gold pendant will look attractive both on a short chain, a jewellery thread, and on a thin leather/rubber cord.

Beautiful and delicate weaving “Singapore” will add softness and sensuality to the jewellery.

Gold pendant with diamond

Gold ring with diamonds “Three hearts”

To continue the Love theme, the original “Three Hearts” white gold ring. Its shape is very symbolic: three hearts represent the three main words that every girl wants to hear.

The central heart is decorated around with 10 white diamonds. Another two hearts are made of glossy white metal.

Bright gems perfectly shimmer in the rays of the sun, making jewellery special.

This greave time we think positively, trust in VSU and make every effort to keep on operating some of our shops.

Following shops of JC chain are open in the western part of Ukraine:

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  • 7 Vasylianok street, Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • 48 Svodoby street, Lutsk.

Information on this page will be updated in case of any changes to the shops which are open.

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Even in the most turbulent times, gold keeps its value. This is also proved by our new wartime reality. In extreme conditions on the markets in a reality of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, gold remains one of the most reliable insurance against inflation. Figure of speech “safe harbour” commonly used with respect to the yellow metal has regained reality. At the times of increasing geopolitical risks, the yellow metal is firmly holding a high position in the market as a safe harbour for savings.

What is going on with gold prices now?

Turbulence and uncertainty in the markets cause prices for risky assets to fall. As evidenced by the crises of the last two years, if stock and bond prices fall, the value of gold usually rises along with demand.

Fund manager of SEB Varahaldus Endriko Vyrklaev notes that since the beginning of the year, global stocks have fallen by about 9%, while bond markets have lost about 5%.

On the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, February 24, 2022, gold rose in price from $1,910 to $1,975 per ounce, and already on March 1, 2022, futures were trading within $1,943

Золото - Jewellerycard.ua

As of the end of March 2022, for the third week in a row, gold has shown an uptrend. So, on the morning of March 25, the price of gold futures on the New York Comex exchange rose by $0.2 to $1962 per ounce. The metal is backed up by investors' fears for the global economy against the backdrop of sanctions against the Russian Federation. An additional impetus is given by the information that the leaders of the G7 agreed to stop any transactions with gold with the participation of the Russian central bank.

Because of the war demand for gold grows

The main demand in the current conditions is physical gold - bars and coins, less often - jewellery. Silver Bullion Pte founder Gregor Gregersen notes that in the first week of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, gold and silver sales in Singapore increased by 235%. In some countries that are next to Ukraine, a real “gold rush” has begun.

The main driving factor is fear. Fear of inflation, uncertainty, when it is not known what tomorrow will bring. According to experts, gold creates a kind of "safety cushion" in case of difficult crises in the country. In the short term, you are unlikely to make money on hard metal. But with it you can feel safer, at least from the thought that your savings will not depreciate from post-war inflation.

Золото - Jewellerycard.ua

What awaits the gold market in 2022?

Leading representatives of the precious metals market are inclined to believe that inflationary fears, military risks, overvalued quotes on the stock/bond markets, as well as the weakening of the dollar will increase interest to gold from various levels investors.

Forecast from the World Gold Council

WGC - Jewellerycard.ua

According to World Gold Council (WGC) Chairman Randy Smallwood, in times of extreme geopolitical uncertainty, there is only one asset that acts as the ultimate store of value, and that is gold.

The specialists assume that the price of the yellow precious metal will have a stable support in the range from $1700-1800 to $2500 per ounce.

Forecast from Heraeus

Heraeus  - Jewellerycard.ua

Analysts of the world-famous supplier of precious metals “Heraeus” believe that the risk of preservation of high inflation, as well as an increase in purchases from central banks around the world, can help the price of gold. As you know, the company not only produces bars under its own brand, but also offers services for working with precious metals around the world. Negative real interest rates (adjusted for inflation) can still be expected, which will positively affect the value of the precious metal, the company says. The specialists also expect a slight increase in demand for gold from the jewellery sector.

Analysts at Heraeus state that last year a historical maximum was reached in gold production. Small growth is also possible this year.

The trading range for gold will vary between $1,700 and $2,120 per ounce.

Forecast from “Incrementum” investment company

Incrementum - Jewellerycard.ua

The representative of the international investment company “Incrementum”, Ronald-Peter Stoferle, expects the precious metal to reach a new historical maximum in 2022. In his opinion, during the year the price of gold can easily rise up to $2,300 per ounce, because the precious metal acts "as a hedge against turbulence in the stock markets."

Forecast from “Goldman Sachs” investment bank

Goldman Sachs - Jewellerycard.ua

A similar forecast is announced by analysts of one of the world's largest investment banks Goldman Sachs. Their scenario for gold price growth in the next 3, 6 and 12 months is based on $2300/$2500/$2500 per ounce. In their opinion, demand for the yellow metal will grow, mainly due to buyers in the Asian region, as well as due to demand from central banks.

Forecast from the British consulting company Capital Economics

Capital Economics - Jewellerycard.ua

But the British analysts of the consulting company Capital Economics are more restrained in their assumptions. They believe that the increased military tension in the world will only temporarily increase the value of gold. By the end of 2022, in their opinion, the yellow precious metal will return to the previous $1,600 per ounce.

We at JC always think optimistically and believe that there are many reasons to give joy and pleasure to yourself and your loved ones. Today, it is becoming a little easier to buy gold jewellery in Kyiv. Our jewellery showroom at 47/42 Obolonsky Prospekt is reopening.

For the attention of customers in the store, there are especially favourable purchase conditions, such as discounts of up to 60% on diamond jewellery, up to 40% on products with semi-precious stones and up to 30% on jewellery with synthetic inserts or without inserts.

You can always check the current assortment and order jewellery in the catalogue by selecting the appropriate filter.

We give joy to you, support the economy and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

From 05/07/2022, the Lutsk store of the Jewellery Card chain resumes work at 48 Freedom ave.

For the attention of lovers of gold jewellery, we offer traditionally advantageous deals.

Currently, a daily work schedule is set from 10:00 to 18:00. Also you can get an information you may need on assortment during business hours by calling +380 (50) 465 41 91.

We give joy to you, support the economy and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Kyiv is coming back to normal economic life! We are very happy with this trend and try to make optimistic plans for the future.

Today we are pleased to announce the reopening of another store of our network. It is in the format of a jewellery island, located in the very centre of the "jewellery quarter" at the Lavina Mall shopping centre not far from the fountain.

This store has always offered to the customers one of the widest variety of products. This time we will please you by offering:

  • Gold rings from UAH 1943;
  • Earrings from UAH 1669;
  • Pendants from UAH 860;
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Conciseness and simplicity can win the hearts of millions of women around the world. A striking confirmation of this was the tennis bracelet - the most elegant and at the same time universal hand decoration in modern jewellery fashion. The basis of the jewellery wardrobe. Among his fans are such famous women as Princess Diana, J. Lopez, J. Aniston, M. Markle, K. Winslet, K. Washington, S. Williams, etc.

Why is the bracelet called "tennis"?

The tennis bracelet is not intended for playing tennis, and in general it is not recommended to wear it in training. Then why is the prefix “tennis” here, you ask? Moreover, the whole history of the popularity of this jewellery is directly related to sports, namely, with one interesting incident that occurred in America in the 80s. Then the American tennis player Chris Evert, in the midst of the match, lost her Cartier diamond bracelet, which she considered her talisman. The girl was so excited that she asked the referee to stop the game in order to find the piece of jewellery. Short searches, followed by millions of viewers, were crowned with success - the bracelet immediately became a new trend, and enterprising marketers dubbed it "tennis"

Чому браслет називається 'тенісний'?

How a tennis bracelet looks like?

The original version of the product involves a frame made of white gold or platinum. However, modern jewellers are actively introducing other decor options, using a frame made of red, yellow metal and even silver.

Varieties of tennis bracelets

The excitement around tennis bracelets has prompted jewellery brands to create all sorts of variations of the trendy accessory. Designers Cartier, Damiani, Graff experiment with the shape of the product, as well as with the colour and arrangement of stones.

Colour one

An alternative to the classic with transparent diamonds is a bracelet with coloured stones. It can be emeralds, sapphires or cubic zirconia, zircons. The type of stones is not as important as their similar shape and size.

Різновиди тенісних браслетів

Additional inserts

Initially, the tennis bracelet consisted of a dense row of stones in the form of a continuous path. Now, jewellers are increasingly complementing models with decorative inserts. It can be a variety of figures, links or small jumpers.

Layered models

In addition to thin models, there are tennis bracelets in several rows. For example, it can be several separate threads connected at the fastener.

У чому секрет популярності тенісного браслета

Why the tennis bracelet is so popular

The phenomenon of the popularity of the tennis bracelet lies in its minimalism and at the same time versatility. Thanks to these two qualities, it harmoniously fits literally into any image. It can be worn both at social events under evening dresses, and with jeans, shirts

Diamonds in a tennis bracelet

The classic version of tennis bracelets is complete without diamonds. They occupy the main place in the decor. The basis for diamonds is usually made of white metal, and sometimes, for contrast, of pink or yellow.

How to choose a tennis bracelet?

The elegance of tennis requires an individual approach and knowledge of the intricacies of how to choose. Before you buy a bracelet, you need to make sure that there are no structural defects in it.

Як вибрати тенісний браслет?

Choosing a frame metal

The most popular combination of metal and stones in tennis is white/yellow gold and diamonds. However, it should be taken into account that white gold requires additional processing costs. For a beautiful steel sheen, the product is necessarily covered with rhodium, which increases its cost. The rhodium itself is erased over time, especially in the places of fasteners of accessories. Therefore, the coating should be renewed from time to time.

To increase the hardness of yellow gold, jewellers use a ligature (impurities). They make the alloy more durable, reduce its oxidation during casting and wear. For white aurum, the main ligature is nickel, for yellow, silver. If a piece is marked with a fineness of 585, this means that it contains 58.5% pure gold, the rest is impurities.

Deciding on the size

The frame of a tennis bracelet is quite flexible, so the product should not sit too tight on the arm. It should sit freely in order to avoid deformations. It is optimal if the tennis will move easily on the wrist, but not so much as to slip off it.

Як носити тенісний браслет?

How to wear a tennis bracelet?

The tennis bracelet is convenient for its versatility, so you don't have to worry about its relevance in the look. Such a bracelet will suit a free casual style in addition to shirts, jeans, oversized sundresses, as well as more elegant cocktail dresses. At the same time, tennis is not demanding to comply with a certain jewellery “dress code”. They can be combined with bracelets of different styles and materials, or paired with a metal watch.

The main thing is not to forget to be careful in wearing: the products should not cling to each other, or crush each other.

We are pleased to inform all lovers of gold jewellery that on 06/01/2022, another Kyiv showroom of JC, located in the largest and most modern metropolitan shopping center "Respublika Park", has resumed its work.

In our store, everyone can try on gold jewellery with precious, semi-precious stones or synthetic inserts and take advantage of great deals.

Almost the entire range is offered with discounts of up to 54%:

  • Gold earrings from UAH 1 564;
  • Gold rings from UAH 1 968;
  • Pendants from 851 UAH;
  • Chains and bracelets from 2 448 UAH.

See you in the "Respublika Park"!

It was men's cufflinks that were and are a sign of elitism, status. This is a kind of “ticket” to the world of expensive restaurants and fashionable offices. Properly selected cufflinks will speak more eloquently about the status and image of a man than a ring or other jewellery. The main thing is to be able to choose cufflinks and wear them correctly, because it requires special delicacy.

The history of cufflinks

Until the reign of the famous lover of fashion, Louis XIV, the nobles tied up their sleeves with ordinary ribbons. With his advent, special “sleeve” buttons came into fashion, which were fixed by a thin chain.

Історія появи запонок

At the beginning of the 17th century, jewellers began to frame this detail in precious metals, complement it with stones (most often diamonds) and engraving. That how the cufflinks appeared - an essential accessory for important men in tuxedos and tailcoats. Cufflinks were expensive to produce, so they were worn mostly by aristocrats.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century opened the way for the mass production of cufflinks. Special stamping machines have made them more accessible to a wider audience. Entrepreneur J. Kremenets, observing the machine for the manufacture of gun cases, suggested replacing simple chains in cufflinks with lockable rods. So cufflinks have become more comfortable and reliable to wear.

In the 19th century, entrepreneurs of various classes gave in to the popularity of cufflinks and began to actively wear them with a business suit and a shirt with double cuffs. In 1924, a new clasp mechanism was invented in the form of a pin rotating along the entire length of the leg, which is actively used to this day.

Коли потрібні запонки?

When cufflinks to be used?

Initially, cufflinks were created only for elite royal clothes, but over time, they were adapted by modern fashion. Today, cufflinks are an important element of the style of respectable men. They are worn with suits and shirts to the office, to important meetings, to expensive restaurants and to various celebrations.

How properly to put on cufflinks?

In fact, men's cufflinks can be put on with one hand without outside help. The main thing is to choose the right shape and the appropriate shirt.

Як носити запонки та з яким одягом поєднувати?

Traditionally, cufflinks are worn on French cuffs, which have double fabric at the end of the sleeve. The cufflink is threaded through the slits on the sleeve, fixing the fabric on both sides, or fastened from the inner side with a special fastener/clip.

How to wear cufflinks and what clothes to combine it with?

Cufflinks are a rather delicate accessory to wear. The image and status of a man depends on how correctly they are chosen. In high society established a certain etiquette in which the choice of clothes and cufflinks is strictly regulated.

Як правильно надягати запонки?

So, 4 basic rules for choosing cufflinks for an evening dress code:

  • White Tie (Ultra-Formal). The most significant events require the strict dress code. This is how they dress in higher circles. For example, for the Oscars or for a dinner party at the palace. The dress code for this occasion suggests that cufflinks be exclusively white metal (white gold, platinum). From clothes: a tailcoat with a vest, a white tie and trousers with satin stripes.
  • Black Tie. As the name suggests, black is preferred in clothing and accessories. In the men's version, this is a black tuxedo with a black bow tie, a snow-white shirt, black shoes and black cufflinks (made of onyx, garnet, or coated with black enamel). In terms of clothing: pants with stripes, no cuffs at the bottom and made from the same fabric as the tuxedo. The rule does not apply only if you are wearing a velvet tuxedo. The watch should be in a thin case made of the same metal as the cufflinks. Gems welcome. Restrained classic shoes. For example, it can be black oxfords with thin leather soles. Smooth lacquer or velvet slippers look quite aristocratic.
  • Black Tie Optional. This is a more relaxed look of the dress code, where black can be replaced with any other dark shade and matching cufflinks. The most winning option is cufflinks to match the watch or tie clip. For example, you can safely abandon black in favour of dark blue. This shade looks gorgeous in the subdued spotlight.
Основні правила підбору запонок до вечірнього дрес-коду

In all other cases, you can combine cufflinks with regular business attire, from a white shirt to more casual looks, by simply removing a button from the cuff and inserting a small loop in its place.

Most often, cufflinks are matched to a shirt or tie, but sometimes you can play with contrast or bold colour combinations.

How to look after cufflinks?

Four tips for looking after cufflinks from Jewellery Card:

  • Keep your cufflinks in a separate box/pouch to prevent scratches.
  • Take off the product at the end of the day. Before hiding, wipe the accessory with a napkin from dust and dirt, paying special attention to the clasp area.
  • Give up the habit of carrying a bag on your wrist. This will save you from the risk of accidentally catching and losing the cufflink.
  • Do not forget to clean the product periodically. The easiest way: dilute the soap in warm water, put cufflinks in the solution and wait 20-30 minutes. Then rinse the jewellery with clean water.
Як правильно доглядати за запонками?

Over the years people come to buying cufflinks like expensive whiskey. The taste acquired may not be immediately clear, but if you taste it, then it is difficult to refuse.

If you are choosing cufflinks, you need to understand the intricacies of wearing it. You cannot just go and buy cufflinks: first of all, you should purchase an appropriate shirt, a suit (jacket) from a good manufacturer, a tie, and also take into account the accessories with which the cufflinks will be worn.

Якими бувають запонки: 4 основні види

Four main types of cufflinks

Despite the apparent simplicity of form, the appearance of cufflinks can be deceiving. There are four main types of cufflinks, the design of which determines how to wear them.

The most popular forms of cufflinks are “double” (two symmetrical decorative parts connected by a chain/pin), “single” (one decorative part and a fixed pin), cufflinks with a T-shaped clasp.

Double Sided Enamel

Double Sided Enamel

These models consist of a two-sided decorative part and a linking bit. Due to such design, they look more bulky. Usually such cufflinks are cast from precious metals, therefore they are more expensive than others. Suitable for formal events with a strict dress code.

Chain Cufflinks

Chain Cufflinks

This type of cufflink was popular in the 17th century. A chain connects two decorative parts. The chain mechanism looks very elegant, but creates some difficulties when dressing. In addition, they is not very reliable in wearing.

T-Bar Clip

T-Bar Clip

This is the simplest model of cufflinks. The accessory has one decorative part and a latch. Such cufflinks are suitable for most big events. The only negative thing that the back of the cufflink is without decor and can be seen by others when moving.

Fixed Bar

Fixed Bar

Fixed panel with double-sided decor. These cufflinks are aesthetic, do not have moving parts, so they are reliable to wear. In addition, they are easy to put on with one hand.

Cufflink materials

The most popular materials for cufflinks are gold, platinum and silver. Cufflinks are made smooth, filigree, with and without inlay, with a chased, engraved pattern, with enamel, niello.

Матеріали запонок

Types of cufflink fasteners

Cufflink clasp types can be grouped into 5 common categories:

  • The pin is a classic type of lock with the simplest design. The clasp has a 360 degree rotating element on the reverse side.
  • Chain / bar. This type of fastening is suitable for use with a cuff, elegantly connecting both parts of the cufflink.
  • Threaded hinge. Cufflinks consist of two removable parts: one is threaded into the cuff and fixes with the second element.
  • Ball. The reverse end of the cufflink clasp is made in the shape of a ball.
  • Bar. These cufflinks do not contain moving parts and are a solid piece of metal.
Типи кріплення запонок


Cufflinks should correspond not only to the status, but also to the appearance of their owner, in particular, to be in harmony with his body complexion. Stately men with large hands should choose large accessories. And, the other way round, on a small hand, such an attribute will look too defiant.

Choosing cufflinks for specific clothes

If the cufflinks are made of precious metal, then their shade should be in harmony with the watch, belt buckle or tie clip. The match must be with at least one of these accessories. Coloured cufflinks (with enamel, stone or pattern) should be matched to the colour of the shirt / jacket, playing on the contrast or combination.

Вибираємо запонки під конкретний одяг

Where to buy gold cufflinks?

Cufflinks are not the kind of thing that should be bought from dubious manufacturers. This accessory can destroy the whole look and impression of you, even if you are wearing a presentable suit.

The catalog of the Jewellery Card chain contains classic and modern jewellery accessories made of white/yellow metal with elegant inlay. Aristocratic models with crown-shaped diamonds and sapphires, with stylish geometry, or with a floral pattern are suitable for connoisseurs of original jewellery. The quality of the presented products will not let you doubt it.

Large marketplaces today allow literally in 15 minutes going through many shops, looking after the right pair of earrings and at the same time not spend a penny on the travelling. Buying online, we save time and sometimes money. However, online shopping comes with its own risks.

What are the benefits of buying jewellery online?

Online everything is fast - this is its main advantage. You do not need to waste time and money on patrol and standing in traffic jams. In order to move from one store to another, it is enough to click the mouse several times. In addition, there are no temporary restrictions on the purchase on the Internet: stores are open around the clock.

JC highlights 5 main advantages of buying jewellery online:

  • Saving time and money on travelling;
  • Online you can place more products than in a regular store;
  • Prices on the Internet are lower due to savings on rent, salaries of employees;
  • A wide range of payment and delivery methods;
  • Opportunity to save even more by using promotions and promo codes.
Які переваги купівлі прикрас в інтернеті?

Large and objective choice

Online stores are not limited by the product area, so sellers can place a lot more products on a online catalogue. And the process of delivering the desired model is not so time-consuming (as in a regular store from the factory to the warehouse and only after that - to the showcase). If something is not in one online store, it can be found on another in a couple of clicks.

Time saving

Large marketplaces allow literally 15 minutes to browse through the shops, choose the most advantageous offers and at the same time not spend a penny on travelling.

Buying a product through the website takes an average of 15-20 minutes, which greatly saves time. If the ring you like is not in stock, just click the mouse a couple of times, and there is not need to rush for the it to the other end of the city.

Економія часу

Simplicity and convenience

In the car, during a break at a table in a coffee shop, in an elevator - you can order jewelry anytime and anywhere. Your task is only to choose and click “buy”. If you forgot to make a purchase and were distracted by an urgent call, jewelry will not run away from the basket.

Concerns when buying jewellery online: how to overcome them?

What if the product arrives with a defect, the size does not fit, and the money is not returned? Online shopping for many is associated with a number of concerns and prejudices. The main advice from JC: choose trading platforms with a proven reputation, and also keep tags and receipts after purchase!

What if I get a fake

And what if instead of diamonds there is an ordinary piece of glass? One of the main fears of buyers is to run into a fake. But here everything is easier than it seems. If you have chosen a brand with a strong reputation, then the chances of running into an ordinary fake are minimal.

If it is a wrong size

No one is immune from this, even a client in an offline store. If, for example, the jewelry was bought tight in the size, it can squeeze the finger in the hot time of the day, when the fingers tend to swell.

Before you purchase a piece of jewellery, make sure that the store reserves the right for you to return the product. Please read the terms and conditions for returns/exchanges.

Якщо не підійде розмір

I'll receive the wrong jewellery

Sometimes both the human factor and the “technique” can let down. For example, the wrong photo is in the product card, or similar models are mixed up in the warehouse. Before buying a product, read the photo on the website of the online store, study the detailed characteristics of the product. Upon receipt of the jewellery, carefully read what is written on the tag, whether the manufacturer is indicated.

There is no probe on the jewelry: what to do?

If there is no probe on the jewellery, this does not mean that it is a fake. In addition to a mechanical test with a strong impression, there is also a laser one. It's harder to notice.

Can't get an information in online store

Many buyers are accustomed to a live communication format, but now there is a convenient alternative - a chat on the site, a hotline, a jewellery blog. You can write at any time and ask all your questions.

В інтернет-магазині ні з ким порадитись

Jewellery return policy in online store

JC has trading partnerships with reliable jewellery suppliers, as well as an established system for checking the quality of gold and inserts. This guarantees the pleasure of buying, as well as the absence of the risk of choosing a fake!

At the same time, the rights of consumers are preserved in full. In particular, JC guarantees the consideration of complaints or claims regarding the quality of products or the operation of the online store. You can leave your feedback on the site, or call our hotline to register a complaint.

Within two weeks, you have the opportunity to exchange/refund for the purchase if there are complaints about the appearance of the product, or it did not fit in size.

Signs of a good and reliable online store

A website is the visit card of any seller on the Internet. Creating a high-quality site, keeping it active, and providing feedback to the user are not easy and costly tasks.

Accordingly, scammers will definitely not spend money on an expensive site, because it will take not much time before they will be convicted in fraud.

When an online store is deprived of a competent structure, the visitor is forced to spend a lot of time searching for the necessary information. For every second visitor, this becomes a good reason to close the tab.

Transparency and reliability of contacts

The main page of an online store with a proven reputation will always provide information about its location, contact numbers and addresses of points of sale. If the seller disguise this information, this should alert. So not everything is clear in its activities.

Прозорість та достовірність контактів

Actual product photos

One of the downsides of an online store is that you can't try on a piece of jewellery and see how it looks on you. Therefore, special attention should be paid to photos of products. Definitely, the photos must be of high quality and clear so that you can see all the details.

Customer reviews on the site itself and on third-party resources

Just in case, it's worth checking what others are saying about this store and reading reviews. If all the reviews on the site itself are alarming positive and it is a suspicion that they can be filtered, try to go outside the website and look for reviews on Google on third-party resources.

Even if the information there is not reliable too, anyway, you will definitely get the general impression of the store. You can also pay attention to how the seller behaves under negative reviews. He tries to understand the situation or ignores the problem.

The style of modern wedding jewellery is increasingly going beyond the usual canons. Traditional elements fade into the background, and details that previously had no place in wedding fashion take on a dominant role.

What is wedding jewellery?

In whatever company you decide to celebrate the wedding (together or with guests), wedding rings are needed in any case. It can also be paired with earrings and a necklace. This is how the classic “trinity” of wedding jewellery looks like, which helps brides to put the necessary accents in the look. Some even wear bridal outfits (during the summer), which looks very fresh and unusual.

Великі сережки

Large earrings

Earrings play a second role in the wedding look after the engagement ring. This little accessory can change or set the tone for your entire outfit, especially if you are looking for a fresh read of familiar jewellery.

Even, smooth stones of the same size remain in trends, but now they are complemented with “crumpled”, embossed gold, thin metal plates, gold or silver chains. Jewellers fold pearls of various shapes and shades into various patterns. Nothing extra, the same elegance, but only more modern.

Hard bracelets

Another fashion trend of this season is bracelets in the form of hard frames. They can be in the form of massive gold plates, unusual geometric shapes, decorated with multi-coloured stones.

It is convenient that gold plates without additional inlay are quite suitable with everyday clothes and can be worn even after the wedding.

Жорсткі браслети

Veil style

Delicate, translucent “Spanish” veil is the leader of this season. It has a rounded shape with embroidery/patterns around the edges and partially covers the face. Short girls with a haircut will suit a shortened veil, which is also in popular trends. This model looks quite simple, but very stylish, playfully complements a neat hairstyle. But for tall girls it is better to give preference to a veil attached under the hair.

Choosing a dress

It would seem that what could be more conservative than a white wedding dress? Wedding dresses 2022 are drastically changing their style. Shades of blue-yellow, blue, marsala, cream and even black elements are in fashion.

The collections are dominated by shirt dresses decorated with beads and ethnic embroidery, bustier dresses with straps, as well as models with a bare back and colorful prints.



Designers offer a choice of different models of bags: in the form of a clutch, a bouquet, a bag, an envelope on a chain. The main condition is the compatibility of the bag with the dress and other accessories in terms of texture, decor, colour or material.

If there are any bright accents in your wedding look, then they should also be on the bag.

Neckline necklace

If you decide to wear a corset dress for your wedding, or with a V-shaped, triangular neckline, in this case the necklace will be a must.

Remember that the cut-out back dress is in trend right now, so another win-win option would be an jewellery hanging from the back. But for a dress with a stand-up neck or with a closed neckline, you should not wear any jewellery around your neck at all.

Three universal options for a necklace for the bride:

  • Elegant pearl strands in one or several rows;
  • Laconic chains with stones to match the dress;
  • Fishing line invisible necklace with a single stone or with a pearl.
Елегантна підвіска

Elegant pendant

The more open the arms and shoulders, the larger the pendant can be. Unusual geometry with small scattering of stones, elongated tie chains with small inlays, and, of course, Love-style pendants are at the peak of popularity. Pay attention to the fact that the stone in the pendant should match to the tone of the dress.


The era of “crowned” brides is gone to the past along with fur capes. Designers advise owners of long hair to choose sophisticated tiaras with flower petals or with a small scattering of stones. White gold looks especially impressive on dark hair.


Wedding hall decorations

Nowadays wedding celebration became more homely. Pomp and bright colours fade into the background. The scenery becomes more concise and natural. For example, decorations for the hall are increasingly made handmade, or from flower arrangements. Banquet receptions are replacing the traditional feast.

More often, weddings are held outdoors: in gardens, patios, outdoor terraces. This season, the most popular trends in decor are patriotic, Ukrainian ethno-style, natural eco-style, retro.

Bright and spectacular ankle bracelets (anklets) are a great addition to a summer look. This accessory has a thousand-year history that dates back to the time of the Sumerian civilization. Unlike ancient times, in modern times, bracelets are more likely to serve as a jewellery than a symbolic or social one. But this does not negate the fact that such an accessory should be chosen thoughtfully, and not casually. The risk of looking silly with them is quite high.

How did the anklets appear?

The first ankle bracelets were found during excavations in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), and later in Egypt and Persia. The ancient Sumerians wore decorated anklets adorned with precious stones.

Як з'явилися анклети?

How the anklets were worn in the past?

Anklets had different history in different countries. For some peoples, they indicated the status and social position of their owner, while for others they were a hallmark of family status. Anklets were mostly worn on a bare ankle, on the right or left leg.

Ancient Egypt

Already more than 5000 years ago, ankle bracelets were an everyday decoration among the Egyptians. By the anklet worn, the social and material status was determined.

Gold bracelets were worn only by women from the upper classes, the rest were silver, iron or even made of shells. Stones and beads were used as an additional decoration. Quite often the anklets were worn as talismans.

Ancient India

The ankle bracelet is one of the main pieces of jewellery for the people of southern and northern India. In ancient times, women wore large bracelets as a sign of loyalty to their tribe. But the bells on a chain had an important functional purpose: they helped drive away wild animals.

By the anklet, you can tell an unmarried girl from a married one. Girls wore loose bracelets on their ankles, and married women wore a tight bracelet, which was connected by a thin chain to a ring on their finger.

Як визначити розмір браслета на ногу?


Anklets were first discovered in the 8th century B.C. during excavations of Sumerian tombs. The ancient jewellery had bright paintings and was generously decorated with stones.

In Sumerian culture, women's jewellery was a reflection of the fortune of her husband: the more expensive the bracelet, the richer the husband. This rule also applied to chains and rings.

Anklets variety

Like wristbands, anklets can be flexible or rigid. Thin openwork models are complemented by inlays, cast inserts in the shape of hearts, infinity signs, flowers or words, key rings.

Rigid ones are closed in a circle or open (the latter are more convenient to put on, but you should constantly watch when wearing them so that the thing does not slip off).

Mainly used following materials: silver, gold, platinum, copper and bijouterie, decorated with gems, enamel, niello or filigree.

Як визначити розмір браслета на ногу

How to find out the size of the bracelet on ankle?

The easiest way is to measure the circle of the ankle using a centimetre tape. Add 1-3 cm to the amount received - it depends on how tight the fit of the bracelet you like. This will be the correct size.

On which leg should the anklet be worn?

Today it does not really matter on which leg to wear the anklet.

But back in time, anklet, like a wedding ring, was a gift from the groom to the bride and was considered a symbol of love and strong marriage. Brides and wives wore a bracelet on their left leg, but frivolous girls on their right.

What an ankle bracelet to wear with?

Stylish gold bracelets oblige much more than silver ones. Wearing such an anklet is appropriate under an elegant cocktail dress or cropped dress trousers. Elegant pumps or open clogs will effectively complement this look.

З чим носити браслет на ногу?

When an anklet is appropriate to wear?

Perhaps, summer and the seaside are the best time and place to wear anklets. Anklets can also be present in a summer business look, but in this case, you should choose thin, minimalist models without stones.

Together with anklets, you should choose outfits that open the ankles.

It can be breeches, mini and midi skirts, cropped trousers and so on.

The main mistakes in wearing anklets

  • If you wear an anklet, the legs should be clean, well groomed, and the skin should not be too dry. Be sure to get a good pedicure. No fungus, calluses and corns.
  • Do not wear anklets over stockings or tights. Anklets are worn only with clothes that leaves the ankles open.
  • To visually narrow the ankle, wear a thin chain with neat pendants.
Основні помилки в носінні анклетів

Dreaming of ankle bracelet, what does it mean?

In a dream, seeing or wearing a bracelet is a harbinger of important decisions. If a woman dreams of a beautiful golden bracelet, then she will be well looked after by her husband. But if a young woman loses her bracelet, trouble and failure of plans await her.

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Elegant jewelry-amulets will emphasize the significance of the holiday, and will also stay with you for a long time. It is with small amulets gifted by loved ones that the home begins. The jewelry will remind us of who we are and where we come from.

Прикраси в патріотичному стилі – головний тренд 2022 року

Patriotic jewelry is the main trend of 2022

Yellow and blue colors, minimalism, ease and naturalness dominate this season. No extra brightness and splendour.

Jewelry with Ukrainian symbols has acquired a special meaning since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. They have become a symbol of courage, fearlessness, invincibility. They charge with the spirit of unity.



An elegant gold bracelet is always an appropriate gift for a loved one. Especially when the product has an exclusive engraving with special meanings for you.

Bracelets in yellow and blue colors have become a symbol of unity, mutual understanding and support, the personification of the rebelliousness and invincibility of the Ukrainian spirit. With the right stones, according to esotericists, they will be an excellent amulet that will enhance a person’s energy, give strength and inspiration.



Modern cufflinks have become stylish highlights of men's and women's images. Not only business, but also casual. Under the order for lovers of originality, we offer cufflinks in the form of a crown, mace, coat of arms, with painted patterns.

Buying themed cufflinks has become a popular topic. Such products can be designed depending on the type and type of troops. A versatile option - classic round or square cufflinks with yellow and blue elements.


Signet rings

Rings with a blue and yellow heart, a trident, with a map of Ukraine are another miniature, but very elegant and symbolic accessory. And for those who are close, and for those who are far away. It will become a memorable gift that will warm the soul under any circumstances.

Rings made in the Orthodox style are given only to the closest people with the wishes of protection from the enemy.



A variety of modern amulets allows you to choose a sacred product according to individual preferences. Among the Orthodox - amulets depicting saints or with a prayer. But there are also simple decorative models. They are complemented by openwork inserts or discreet inlay.


A pendant in the shape of the Ukrainian flag or in the shape of Ukraine is a designer answer to the challenge of military everyday life. The pendant for a gift can be supplemented with enamel inserts - blue and yellow, red and black, or a symbolic inscription.

Among the current models of pendants and pendants for gifts:

  • pendant in the form of the coat of arms of Ukraine, a metal plate with initials, drawing;
  • pendants and tokens with patriotic inscriptions “Ukraine above all”, “I am Ukrainian/Ukrainian”, “Glory to Ukraine”;
  • models with cubic zirconia and blue, yellow, white enamel.


A neatly woven chain is a universal and unpretentious gift for the holiday. At the same time, it can always be accompanied with a unique pendant.

Anchor chain is one of the most popular types of weaving. Men usually like this kind of chains. It looks stylish, courageous, does not seem fragile and elegant at all. Perfect for any style of clothing, whether casual or sports, military.



For a religious person, the cross is the most important symbol. Giving it as a gift is always a good sign. The Church encourages this. With such a gift, you wish God's help and protection to a loved one. The pendant in the form of a cross will be a talisman both in front line and in the rear. The cross does not have to be Orthodox. Now there are a lot of decorative products of a cruciform shape, without reference to religion. They can serve not only as an ornament, but also as a kind of amulet for their owner.

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What do the signs say about the loss, breakage, disappearing of earrings? Should this be interpreted as a bad sign? Is everything so clear in such dreams?

Lose an earring: what does this sign mean?

"You will gain where you lose." This is how the loss of one earring or pair was interpreted in ancient times. The very fact of loss is, of course, unpleasant. But the ancestors believed that this was a good sign for a young girl. So soon she will meet her lover. The same applies to divorced women who will have a chance to improve their personal lives. To lose a gold earring is a sign of an imminent wedding, and a silver one is the beginning of a serious relationship. If a girl loses a jewelry earring, then abrupt twists of fate await her.

But if a woman is married or in a relationship, the sign has a different meaning for her. The loss of an earring threatens a married woman not only with separation from her husband, but, at the same time, it can be a sign of a new meeting on the side

До чого сниться втрата сережки

From the left or right ear

The loss of an earring from her right ear means that in the near future the girl will have a pleasant meeting with a person who will play an important role in her life.

If you lose an earring from your left lobe, there is a high chance of marriage this year. It also happens that a girl who is not in a relationship, after losing an earring, meets a young man and within a couple of months suddenly changes her marital status.

Golden or silver one

Gold is an energy conductor, a transformer that holds your own energy imprint. It is like a special taste from a person, energy with its characteristics and vibrations. Gold jewelry accumulates your emotional state, and is also able to take all the bad energy with it. Therefore, our ancestors often said that “they lose grief with gold”.

The loss of a gold earring from the right ear may also herald conflicts in the family, and from the left, you will soon meet your love. The loss of a silver jewelry warns you of danger. Most likely, you have a lot of ill-wishers from your inner circle.

Знайти сережку

Drop an earring: what does it mean?

If your earring just fell out of your ear, it's okay. This means that you will receive some news soon. If the jewelry fell out of the right earlobe, the news will please you, but from the left, it may be unpleasant for you.

Why dream of losing an earring

Dream interpreters are careful with interpretations. According to them, every detail matters in dreams: what decoration did you dream of, from what metal, with what stones. After all, precious dreams are not always harbingers of good news.

Losing earrings in a dream is the first wake-up call to the fact that you should take care of the safety of your property. Someone will try to mislead you, give false information.

За сонником Міллера

Find an earring or earrings: what does it mean?

Finding an earring on the street is a sign that portends good news. This is a lucky sign, but you should not take the jewelry for yourself. Jewelry accumulate energy, including negative. This is especially true for gold and jewelry with natural stones. It is better to return the lost product, or leave it to wait for its owner.

The earring broke: what will the signs say?

From time immemorial, earrings have been considered more than just decoration. They also served as a guardian. If the decoration broke, it indicated the approach of change.

It is not pleasant if the earring is broken, but the omen promises good - you will learn the secret, recognize the lie and not be deceived.

За сонником Ванги

What does it mean to lose an earring in a dream?

Each dream book interprets jewelry in a dream in its own way and places its own accents. But general trends can be identified. Details are especially important. They allow you to more accurately determine the meaning of a dream.

According to Miller's dream book

Miller's dream book associates the loss of earrings with positive changes in life. A silver item promises popularity and attention of the opposite sex, and a gold item is a pleasant purchase.Miller's dream book associates the loss of earrings with positive changes in life. A silver item promises popularity and attention of the opposite sex, and a gold item is a pleasant purchase.

According to Vanga's dream book

According to Vanga's dream book, the loss of an earring in a dream is a quarrel, minor troubles with relatives, a child, or with a loved one.

If the dreamer remembers exactly that the lost item was gold, then financial difficulties await him. True, the responsibility for these troubles, according to the soothsayer, will lie with an outsider, and not with whom they will happen.

За сонником Цвєткова

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, dreams about the loss of earrings have a negative meaning. They promise family quarrels due to rash acts. The writer is sure: the loss of a jewel is a woman's dream, and if a man dreams of it, then something has gone wrong in his amorous affairs. For men, an unsuccessful search for earrings is a sign of problems in relationships with a loved one. To reduce the risk of a breakup or betrayal, Tsvetkov recommends that you start paying more attention to your wife / girlfriend.

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A correctly sized bracelet makes the image whole, expressive and harmonious. It does not squeeze and does not hang loose. This bracelet is almost weightless, while surely resting on the wrist. How to achieve this "golden middle"? How to find out the right size of the bracelet yourself? We share interesting life hacks in a new article.

How to find out the size of a bracelet on your hand?

The simplest algorithm for determining the size at home:

Measure the wrist along the protruding bone (with a tape measure or just a regular thread), and then add up 1-2 cm extra to the resulting figure. Take into account the length of the product itself (without a lock and additional fittings).

Three important things to find out the size of the bracelet:

  • The simpler the base of the bracelet, the larger the circle inside it. So the less cm you need to add;
  • The length of the bracelet when opened is always greater than the circle of the wrist;
  • Solid bracelets made of inflexible metal are less malleable.
Bизначення розміру браслета

For women

The most common size range for women's bracelets is 16-19 cm.

Keep in mind that bracelets with and without a clasp are selected differently. A wrist accessory with a lock should not squeeze the hand. Ideally, if a finger passes between the hand and the measuring tape.

One-piece bracelet should pass freely through the hand.

For men

Before you buy a men's bracelet, pay attention to the shape of the wrist of your half. If it is angular, choose soft bracelets with a wide weave. One-piece bracelets are suitable for men of average build with a rounded brush shape.

Для чоловіків

For children

Neat chain bracelets with anchor weaving are great for children.

Weaving should not be very thin or spiral; as such bracelets are easily tangled

How thick should be the bracelet?

The thickness of the product depends on the size of the links, the number of chain rows and plays an important role when combining the bracelet with other accessories:

  • 1-3 mm - thin chain bracelets worn in one or more rows;
  • 4-5 mm - usual thickness for charms and pendants;
  • from 7 mm - massive chains.
Масивні ланцюжки

How should the bracelet fit on your hand?

The degree of fit of the bracelet largely depends on the model of the product and the thickness of the wrist. For example, a one-piece bracelet should be selected clearly according to the size of the hand. More precisely - along the widest part of the palm (in the area of knuckles).

The more rows in the bracelet, the tighter it should sit on the arm. If the beads are smooth and flat, the jewellery can easily slip off your hand.

Thin chain bracelets should not be too loose, as there is a risk of the bracelet catching on foreign objects.

As a general rule of thumb when choosing chain bracelets, choose a size 1cm larger than your wrist width for a tighter fit and up to 1.5cm for a looser fit. Such a margin is enough for the bracelet to sit comfortably on the arm, but at the same time it does not cling to clothes.

Вибрати товщину браслета

How to choose the right type of bracelet?

If you doubt the appropriateness of the bracelet, think about which type is closest to you. Imagine how the bracelet will look on your hand. Does not bother you? Then trust your visual perception and your intuition.

15 size

This size is for petite, fragile teenage girls with thin, long arms. Their wrist girth is almost equal to the girth of the hand above it.

16 size

The most top women's size in Ukraine. Such bracelets are mainly worn by thin beauties with a small fat component. Some have light muscles.

Розмір браслету

17 size

Another common size among women. Most often, it is worn by girls of medium build with a height of up to 170 cm and a weight of up to 60 kg. Their figure is rather stocky, with a developed muscular component.

18 size

This size is mainly worn by thin men or women with a dense complexion (above 170 cm and more than 60 kg). These are people with broad shoulders and a developed chest. Sizes from 18.5 correspond to men weighing up to 80 kg.

19 size

This size is suitable for men with a wide bone and pronounced muscles. Usually these are people with a height above 175 cm.

Різні розміри

20 size

Such bracelets are worn by men and women with a massive body. They may be overweight, or, conversely, a muscular body, a wide neck, large limbs. These are people who are taller than 180 cm.

21 size

Such bracelets, starting from size 21, are suitable for men weighing more than 80 kg. Usually these are people of dense build, overweight, or pronounced muscles. They have a massive figure, broad shoulders, waist and chest.

22 size

Bracelets of this size are worn by people prone to obesity. They have broad shoulders and waist, developed chest, heavy limbs.

Браслети різного розміру

23 size

This size is preferred by tall men with a height of 190 cm, with broad shoulders and large limbs. Some may have an excess of body fat, heavy limbs, a large belly.

How to determine the size of the bracelet on the ancle?

First, measure the circle of the ankle at the widest point (with intrusive bones) and add 1.5 to 2 cm to the resulting figure. This will be the optimal length. The main thing is that the accessory does not interfere with walking and does not hang loose. In addition, the anklet should not cut into the skin with links and inserts.

Paying attention to the stones and the beauty of weaving, women sometimes neglects the importance of the length of the chain. And in vain! It is this parameter, as well as the thickness of the piece of jewellery, that at the most inopportune moment can play a cruel joke with you - visually increase the chin, or make the neck rougher.

How to find out the size of the chain around the neck?

It is easy to do this at home. The easiest way is to wrap the thread around the neck, fixing it in a suitable place. Make a note and attach it to the ruler. Add up to 5 cm to the resulting length (depending on the freedom of the fit).

Як дізнатися свій розмір ланцюжка на шию?

How to choose the right chain size?

The correct size is the one that emphasizes the dignity of your figure, and does not violate its proportions.

When choosing the size of the chain, consider the following parameters: height, neck structure, body type, face shape. So, 4 tips for choosing the size of the chain from JC:

  • Based on the height: up to 165 cm - length from 40 to 50 cm; from 170 cm - from 55 cm.
  • Neck structure: short neck - choose chains with elongated elements below the collarbones (5 cm). Avoid wide chokers. Long and thin neck - you can afford tight-fitting necklaces with large inserts.
  • Body type: plumb women - 45 cm long V-shaped jewelry will help to stretch the silhouette; miniature and fit - thin chains 50-55 cm long.
  • Face shape: square - vertical ornaments of an elongated shape; round - elongated chains from 55 cm, for example, with drop-shaped pendants; triangular - short and massive chains, large pendants on a short chain.
Як підібрати правильний розмір ланцюжка?

Standard chain sizes

There is a certain standard for the size of women's chains. It is determined by the principle of “multiplying by 5 cm”:

  • 35-40 cm (collar) - a short model that fits the neck. This model sits tight. Looks especially impressive on bare shoulders. Suitable for children and young ladies.
  • 45 cm (princess) - in harmony with all necklines and collars. An elegant pendant in the form of a heart or an unusual symbol will be the perfect complement.
  • 50 cm - the optimal length of the chain around the neck for women. It will look appropriate with an elegant casual sweater; options with stones will suit an evening look.
  • 55 cm (matinee) - suitable for girls with above average height. The bottom edge of the chain should not merge with the cutout line. Most suitable for cocktail dresses, evening dresses, lingerie-style images. Hence the name (matinée) - “morning”. It is not recommended to wear long matinee chains with massive buckles and buttons. They will only distract from the beauty of such decoration.
  • 60-70 cm and longer (opera) - a chain to the chest line and a little lower. If desired, it can be wrapped around the neck, forming a collar necklace. In evening looks with open dresses, long beads are worn in one thread, and in daytime looks, they are doubled around the neck. Best of all, such jewelry is combined with clothes in contrasting colors.
  • 112-180 cm (rope) - the longest decoration on the neck. K. Chanel's favorites. They are worn in 1-2-3 rows, tied around the neck with a knot. Another option is to wrap it around your hand in the form of a bracelet. Beads “lariat” or “lasso” are considered to be its variant, the ends of which are not connected, but hang freely over the body.
Стандартні розміри ланцюжків

What is the most comfortable chain size?

In order for the jewelry to harmoniously fit into the created look, determine for yourself which zone you want to emphasize with it - the neck, chest, or décolleté. Short models (35-40 cm) emphasize the sophistication of a long neck, and those that are 40-50 cm are suitable for dresses with a deep neckline. Thin long chains (55-60 cm) visually stretch the body, so they will be very useful for Plus Size representatives.

How to find out the length of the chain for a man and a woman?

The length of the chain is of key importance when creating a harmonious look. Both male and female. Women should take into account the neckline of the dress or blouse, and men - the collar/neckline of the shirt, sweater. A short gold chain 40-45 cm effectively emphasizes the neckline on open cut out.

Як вибрати довжину ланцюжка чоловікові та жінці?

How to choose the right chain size for a child?

The first children's chains are usually bought together with a pectoral cross. The smallest are not recommended to choose long models with large links. With careless movements, the baby can confuse or break the chain. And what's worse - even scratch himself. The optimal chain size for a child is 30-35-40 cm.

The optimal chain length for a cross or pendant

The length of the chain for the cross should be selected taking into account your build and clothing habits. For those who prefer an office style, a longer chain is suitable for a cross. She will not cling to the shirt collar. If you are a deeply religious person, such a model can be easily hidden under clothing. In order to avoid deformation, the chain should be twice as heavy as the pectoral cross.

Оптимальна довжина ланцюжка для хрестика або кулона

Massive earrings rule the ball for more than one season. They instantly transform the whole image, but in return require complete submission from the rest of the accessories. The main thing is not to get carried away and try to find the right balance for yourself.

Types of large gold earrings

Contrary to stereotypes, it is customary to wear massive earrings not only with evening dresses. They can effectively complement a casual or office look. Moreover, now jewellers offer a wide variety of models for different occasions.

Масивним сережкам

We present you a selection of 7 trendy models of massive earrings:

  • Earrings-balls or Diorki. It is so conceived that the back ball is more voluminous than the front. Coming forward from behind the lobe, it creates an interesting spatial composition.
  • Drop earrings. A stone in jewelry can be a single large insert, or a scattering of small ones. The play of overflowing stone and metal surfaces adds dynamics and unusual shimmer to the image.
  • Earrings-kalachi - arcuate earrings on a decorated bow, which fixes the jewelry in the earlobe. Despite the external massiveness, the hollow shape makes these earrings very light.
  • Drop earrings are a small stone with a clasp and a pendant in the form of a drop, rounded down. In some models, the drop may be upside down, but most often it has the correct shape.
  • Cuffs. Self-sufficient ear decoration that focuses on the entire ear. In the form of a bow, it covers it with special clips. Basically, these earrings are worn on the upper part - on the cartilage.
  • Tassel earrings. There the decorative element is made in the form of an airy brush of threads of textiles, leather, metal, stones. Their length can reach the very shoulders and below.
  • Chandelier earrings resemble a multi-tiered chandelier. At the earlobe, they are narrow, and expand downwards. The decor of such jewelry is replete with stones, lace, feathers, tassels.
Різновиди золотих сережок

Basic rules: what to combine and how to wear

To make large earrings look harmonious in a casual look, follow these basic rules:

  • Stick to minimalism. It is important that nothing distracts from the highlight in the ears. Choose makeup and manicure in plain colors, a simple hairstyle (bun or exquisite weaving). It is better not to user bright makeup and lipsticks.
  • Simple cut. The simpler the clothes, the better bright accents will look against its background. If you wear dresses or a pantsuit, then let them be in restrained colors (beige, powder, sand, blue, gray).
  • Other jewelleries. Together with large earrings, you can wear a thin chain or bracelet that matches the color and style. But it is better to leave the top without large pendants, brooches - they will overload the image.
Базові правила сережок

Matching with clothes

Earrings with diamonds and plain large inserts will suit the classic black and white look. Drop earrings create an unusually romantic tandem with cocktail dresses, airy sundresses, corsets.

Choose earrings that match the color of your other accessories, such as watches, bags, or rings, to complete your look. You can choose earrings in the color of your clothes, this will also look interesting.

Large jewelry with metal pendants will look spectacular in an outfit with a leather jacket, jacket, backpack with various metal details.

Поєднання сережок з одягом

What hairstyles to wear your favorite large earrings?

Hairstyles with which large earrings are worn can be different. Most importantly, keep your ears open. It can be a short haircut in the style of minimalism, a gathered ponytail (low or high), combed back hair. On loose hair of 2-3 lengths, fantasy earrings descending to the collarbones look spectacular. If you have curly hair, adding ornate jewelry to your hair is not a good idea. Take a closer look at models of simple shapes: with geometric motifs or with angular elements. But with straight hair, everything is exactly the opposite: their owners can afford not only even jewelry, but also fantasy, ornate, twisted in a spiral.

Великі сережки

The best combinations of large earrings with clothes and accessories

Modern fashion does not welcome the use of jewelry sets in one look. Massive earrings, ring, bracelet, pendant - choose one thing. When the ball is ruled by everyone together, nothing but visual dissonance will come out.

Fancy earrings are best combined with the most simple bracelets, jewelry around the neck. This also applies to clothing.

Fashion must-haves: the main trends of the seasons 2022-2023

In the trends of recent seasons, voluminous earrings in the form of various geometric shapes, stars, rings, and antique brooches confidently hold on. Geometry, chaos, intricacies and unexpected solutions are the main theme of such earrings.

Модні мастхеви

Despite the external simplicity, minimalist style accessories can look luxurious and even, in some way, aristocratic. Much depends on your ability to combine such items with other elements of your outfit. Minimalism is not boring at all, but rather tempting and exciting.

Виникнення стилю мінімалізм

Back to the roots: the emergence of minimalism style

Fashion historians tend to believe that it was Coco Chanel and her little black dress of the 1930s that contributed to the popularity of minimalism. The era of lavish bows and frills gave way to dresses without fastenings, plain-coloured blouses, and austere suits without excess. Simplicity of cut, monochrome color schemes, clean lines, and absence of ornate decoration became highly valued in clothing.

Minimalism in clothing and jewellery is a style of extreme reduction and strictness, combining aesthetics and practicality. This style is easily adaptable to any look due to the absence of complex details and textures.

Мінімалізм у прикрасах

Minimalism in jewellery

Conciseness, practicality and minimum details are the three pillars upon which the minimalist style is built. It calls for contemplation of form without distraction from complex elements. The primary forms of such jewellery are thin, straight lines, understated triangles or squares, circles or ovals.


The color palette is mostly monochromatic with neat black-and-white or transparent inlays. Bold accents can be made, but it's better to stick to just one.

Техніки виконання


The simplicity of form eliminates complex decoration. A smooth polished band or matte with a diamond in the centre is self-sufficient in the minimalist style.


Often, such jewellery is created in the form of volumetric or flat geometric shapes with thin lines. The stone is not a necessary element of such accessories. If choosing jewellery with gemstones, then with only one precious stone set in the centre of the band.

Прикраси у стилі мінімалізм

Minimalist Style Jewellery

Jewellery in the minimalist style is made with the principle of "no superfluous detail." There is no elaborate adornment, many gemstones, and techniques such as enamelling and blackening are rarely applied. But, even without all of this, such jewellery can look expensive and exquisite. Minimalism allows for correct accentuation of a look so that superficial details are not necessary.

Як носити і поєднувати «прості» прикраси?

How to wear and match "Simple" jewellery?

There is one indisputable advantage to minimalist jewellery: it takes effort to spoil a look with it. Typically, such jewellery is worn alone or with brightly coloured details. Minimalist gems also easily match with each other, making it convenient, practical, and most importantly – not boring. A delicate chain will be complemented by two others of different lengths. And, stud earrings are great with cuff or T-bracelets.

Just basic jeans and a T-shirt are enough to create a stylish minimalist look. However, in this case, attention should be given to quality accessories.

If you don't go overboard, then minimalism suits everyone, regardless of body type and age. It's difficult to "overload" appearance with them, but it's easy to make it refined and stylish.

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When do we start?

The sale will last only 2 days: April 11 and 12.

April Terms of Flash Sale in JC

During sale, the following discounts will be available on a limited but wide range:

  • -55% on gold jewellery with gems;
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Flash Sale в ЮК

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When buying rings with pearls, earrings or a chain, some customers ask themselves the question: "Are these pearls real or artificial?" At the same time, sellers themselves often get confused by unambiguous answers.

Let's start with the fact that this is not quite the correct question. Natural (wild) pearls are a real wonder of nature, the reserves of which are practically exhausted on the market. Many may think that in this case, buyers are offered artificial stones. But this is not entirely true. There are wild pearls, cultivated pearls, and artificial pearls. And the last two types are not identical concepts.

Як утворюються перлини?

How is pearl formed?

The birth of a pearl in a mollusc shell is a real magic of nature. It is impossible to predict what the pearl will be like. In this lies its uniqueness and at the same time uniqueness. In Greece, there used to be legends that pearls were hardened tears of mermaids. But in reality, everything is much more prosaic.

Any grain of sand that gets inside, the mollusc perceives as a stranger and begins to stubbornly wrap it in layers of nacre. As a result of this protective reaction, a white ball called a "pearl" is born.

How are artificial pearls grown?

Artificial pearls in earrings, rings, and pendants are created without oysters' involvement.

Modern technologies allow creating pearls in the form of an oval, cube, drop, heart, etc. It can also be given any colour (from pastel to bright neon).

Artificial pearls are convenient to work with, and most importantly, they are resistant to external influences. Another important bonus is its pleasant price.

Як вирощують штучні перли?

How is wild pearl grown?

Wild pearl has organic origin. It is produced by molluscs inside the shell and consists of layers of nacre.

Over time, pearls have learned to be cultivated to preserve the population of molluscs and increase the scale of its production. Today, it is rare to find wild pearls in jewelry, except for vintage ones. Its value is great, so this pleasure is not cheap.

Як вирощують дикі перли?

How is cultured pearl grown?

Many mistakenly call cultured pearls artificial. In fact, it is a natural pearl that is grown under human control in natural conditions. Today, it takes 99% of the global market.

The process of growing such pearls is complex and painstaking, taking an average of 3-8 years. At the same time, people are practically unable to influence the process: it is unknown whether the implant will take root, how the pearl will grow and look. There is a high risk factor for the business. The final result depends mainly on nature.

Як вирощують культивовані перли?

How is freshwater pearl grown?

Freshwater pearls grow in freshwater rivers or lakes.

"Pearl" farmers constantly monitor the water temperature, composition, and pH. During the maturation process, the pearl of the mollusc must be turned over from time to time so that the pearl does not turn out to be "one-sided".

Freshwater pearls are very popular due to their variety of shape, color, and size. Their average size ranges from 4 to 6 mm.

How is saltwater pearl grown?

Saltwater pearls are born in the bodies of molluscs that inhabit warm sea waters.

Such pearls are tens or even hundreds of times more expensive than freshwater pearls! Why is that? Because salty seawater gives the pearl a more beautiful shine than freshwater. And the shape is rounder and smoother. But there is one "but". Sea pearl oysters are terribly capricious. They must necessarily live at a certain depth, in water with a constant chemical composition and temperature.

Як вирощують морські перли?

Ways of Cultivating Pearls

There are two main methods: nucleated (placing a nucleus or seed in the mollusc’s shell to obtain a saltwater pearl) and non-nucleated. The latter method is less expensive and used in the cultivation of freshwater pearls.

Nucleated Method

A pearl oyster is chosen and an incision is made where an implant (a piece of the mantle tissue of a donor pearl oyster) is inserted. Next to it, a bead extracted from a freshwater bivalve mollusc is placed. The pearl oyster is then returned to the lagoon, where it is left to grow for another 2-3 years. The beads that are inserted into the oyster are carefully selected by size - they should not be too large. The oyster may die if it cannot handle the "foreign intrusion".

Способи вирощування перлів

Non-nucleated Method

The non-nucleated method is simpler than the first method, as it is used to cultivate pearls of arbitrary shape. A pearl of mother-of-pearl is used as the seed, taken from the same shell. This method is less expensive. Most freshwater pearls measuring up to 8-9 mm are grown using this method.

Throughout May and June, the Jewellery Card gives away to all our customers great deals for the purchase of jewelry. Each of the clients can choose the amount of discount all by themselves, just by looking at the calendar. That's right, your favorite "Discount Calendar" is on again in our network!

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For products with precious and semi-precious inserts, the calendar discount increases according to the discount on your bonus card!

How to find out your discount

To do this, it is enough just to sum up all the figures of the date on the day of planned purchase.

For instance, you are going to shop with us on May 9, 2023. We sum up all the digits of the date: 9+0+5+2+0+2+3 and get 21. This is the size of the discount that you will receive when buying non-promotional jewelry with synthetic inserts on May 9th.

Please note that 21% is not the limit. If you have a discount card of our network, and you are purchasing non-promotional jewelry with precious or semi-precious stones, feel free to add the calendar discount to the discount on your bonus card!

What products are discounted

  • When buying products with synthetic stones or with no inserts, a standard discount is applied according to the "Discount Calendar";
  • For products with precious and semi-precious inserts, the discount according to the "Discount Calendar" is added to the discount of your bonus card.

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Maternal love is the most tender feeling that is born from the first breath. Nothing compares to the endless care that our mothers give us. Every year we grow up and sometimes move away from our parents, but even at a distance we feel the warmth of a mother's heart and its unwavering support.

For the warmest holiday, Mother's Day, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and remind our dear mothers how much we love them. This is exactly the time when we have the opportunity to please them with a special gift - a magical piece of jewelry. Such a gift will strengthen the unique bond and become a valuable manifestation of your sincere love.

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Untying the jewel and not damaging the links is another quest. You should prepare for it in advance: choose a flat, well lighten surface, determine the scale of the problem. If you have already decided on this point, then we will tell you a few life hacks on how to free the chain from nodes at home. And most importantly - without damaging a jewelry.

Untangling with vegetable oil

Vegetable oil will help improve link slip and reduce friction. And what is a big plus - it reduces the risks of scratching the product to zero.

Procedure: pour a few drops of oil on your fingers and knead the chain in your hand with light movements. After you will need two wooden toothpicks. Set them in the center of the knot and carefully separate the tangle. Slowly, not sharply, stretch the knot on the female chain in opposite directions.

Розплутуємо ланцюжок за допомогою рослинної олії

The only drawback of this method is that it is hard to wash the oil off. Therefore, this method requires a thorough final washing of the product.

Dealing with knots with talcum powder

Sprinkle talcum powder over the tangle and slowly loosen the knot. At the final stage, wash the “powdered” jewelry in soapy water and under running water. Check that there are no traces of powder left in the links.

How to untie a chain knot with powder?

Ordinary baby powder does not harm the metal and is easily washed off with water. The main thing is to gently wash it off at the finish line. Pour a small amount of powder on the knot, spread over the links. When the tangle is loosened, take out matches or toothpicks. As with butter, insert toothpicks into the center and slowly begin to stretch the knot out to the sides.

Як розплутати ланцюжок за допомогою присипки

We untie a chain knot using the “ball” method

Take the knot between your thumb and forefinger. Lightly, without pressing, begin to make circular movements. It's like you're rolling a ball of jewelry. Take your time. After a while, the knot will loosen and it can be untangled to the end.

Untie a chain knot with window cleaning spray

It will help to unravel the chain and the usual spray for glass. It will reduce friction between the links of the chain, and also improve their sliding.

Procedure is - lay jewelry on a flat surface and apply glass cleaner to the problem points. Next - place the product in a round plastic box and put it on the washer. Start the washing process, or better, the spin cycle. “Vibromassage” will help straighten the knots. At the finish - wash the product in soapy water and rinse.

Що робити, якщо заплутались одразу кілька ланцюжків?

What to do if several chains are tied together?

What if all the chains that were in the box turned into one “Gordian knot”? Follow the algorithm described below, and in a couple of minutes, you arisen problem will be dealt with:

  • Unfasten each chain carefully and place them on a horizontal surface. It is desirable that this surface contrasts in color with the piece of jewelry.
  • Start with the simplest knots. Gently pull them first and, if possible, separate from the general ball.
  • Drop a few drops of vegetable oil or any other substance of a similar texture on all problem areas and “knead” the chain with gentle movements.
  • If it did not allow you to cope with all the knots, get toothpicks.

What should not be done if the chain is tangled?

Do not use chemicals to get a knot out. There is a high probability that the composition will react with one of the elements of the alloy.

A chain, especially a very thin one, should not be pulled sharply. Sharp movements will tighten the knots even more or may damage the links.

Як зберігати ланцюжок: ділимося лайфхаками

How to store a chain: sharing life hacks

The safest way is to store chains hanging or in suede pouches. For this, the simplest organizers are suitable, which you can make yourself from simple improvised items.

You can also buy or make your own special tree for jewelry - and hang your entire jewelry arsenal on it. Such an organizer can be cut out of plywood or cut out of thick cardboard.

However, an ordinary hanger will do - at least it will not let the decorations get mixed up. Make additional hooks and hook chains on them. And if you wish, you can hide everything in the closet with clothes.

In June, Jewellery Card continues to delight all our customers by offering bargain prices on jewellery. Each customer can independently choose the size of his discount by simply looking at the calendar.

How the discount can be calculated? If you plan to make a purchase on June 09, 2023, simply add all the digits of the date: 0 + 9 + 0 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 22. This number is the discount you will receive when buying non-promotional jewellery with synthetic inserts or without inserts on 9 June.

It is important to note that 22% on this day is not the maximum limit. If you have a JC discount card and purchase non-promotional jewellery with precious or semi-precious stones, you can add a discount from the calendar to the discount of your card!

Please be aware, the number of available pieces of jewellery may be limited, so do not leave your bargain purchases until the last moment.

Discounts apply to the following types of products:

  • Products with or without synthetic inserts are subject to the standard discount in accordance with the Discount Calendar.
  • For products with precious and semi-precious inserts, the discount from the "Discount Calendar" is added to the discount provided by your account card.

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Jewellery Card is happy to present a new collection of jewellery in the style of Ukrainian ethnicity. The collection bears the name SYMBOL and represents traditional ornaments and national symbols of Ukraine embodied in gold.

The collection opens with a series of amulets in white and red gold. In the geometric ornaments of stylish jewellery, sacred concepts for every Ukrainian are encoded: family, love, prosperity, wealth, longevity, life, health, wisdom, joy, luck.

When creating the collection, our jewellers were inspired by the rich heritage of authentic culture, namely, the Ukrainian traditional vyshyvanka.

українською традиційною вишиванкою

Ukrainian embroidery and its complex geometric ornaments carry important meanings that we keep deep in our hearts. These are not just aesthetic patterns, but a symbol of national identity, originality and a rich heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Each detail of the jewellery ornament has its own unique meaning and symbolism. Complex geometric patterns personify the energy of nature, illustrate the connection with the universe, reinforce faith in the fertility and well-being of the native land.

Ornamental symbols are also a kind of amulets. It is believed that they protect the owner from negative energy, troubles and evil spirits. The embroidered ornament has a power that helps to maintain inner invincibility and spiritual integrity.

незламність та духовну цілісність

Ukrainian traditional ornaments are also a way of expressing feelings and emotions. They tell others about joy, longing, love, memory of ancestors and the spiritual heritage of our family. Each detail of the ornament is created with love, patience and skill, which makes it an expressive symbol of national culture and identity.

Each of the amulets is completed with ribbons in national colours, which makes the purchase an excellent gift for yourself and loved ones.

Choose your valuable amulet from the assortment of the new collection and wait for it to be replenished with new gold jewellery!

Traditionally, two summer months in our area are the hottest. And right now JC is seeing how gold prices are melting under the rays of the hot July sun and discounts on almost all jewellery are growing on repeated purchases.

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When purchased in August 2023 (with the first purchase in July):

  • -30% for non-promotional items with diamonds;
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  • -10% for non-promotional products without stones;
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How to get use of "Golden Receipt"? Just present to the shop assistant when making a second purchase!

Promotional conditions are valid in the in all the shops of JC chain and in the online store from 3 July 2023 to 31 August 2023.

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It is difficult to overestimate the ability of earrings to effectively form a look (correct the oval of the face, emphasise the elegance of the profile, the originality of the hairstyle), or vice versa - to spoil the look. Being invisible is not about them. After all, earrings are located closest to the face and hair. This is their strength and at the same time deceit.

Декілька порад для підбору сережок

Here are few hints how to choose earrings for different hairstyles:

Long hair:

  • Choose small studs, classic earrings with a stone or an English lock.
  • Choose a model that will not tangle your hair.
  • Take care of convenience, especially if you have chosen pendants.

Loose hair:

  • Avoid long earrings as they can snag and cause discomfort.
  • Choose earrings with bright stones and an English lock for parties.
  • Consider cafes for an original modern look.

High/Low Tail:

  • Small earrings or cuffs with miniature pendants are suitable for a low tail.
  • A high ponytail is well complemented by cuffs and pendant earrings or chain earrings.

Wavy hair:

  • Choose small earrings without sharp details so as not to catch your hair on it.
  • Hoop earrings can also be suitable, because they will not interfere with the movement of the hair.
Хвилясте волосся


  • Choose earrings with bright accents that balance facial features and hide possible facial asymmetries.

Average length hair:

  • The average length allows you to choose almost any earrings.
  • The size of the earrings should be proportional to the length of the hair.

Short hair:

  • Add style to an asymmetrical haircut with studs or broaches.
  • Earrings with geometric elements are best suited for curly hair.
  • For a classic bob haircut, elegant earrings with pendants or cafes are suitable.

You should not neglect such an important accessory when creating a look, especially since the range of earrings in the Jewellery Card store will really amaze the most demanding fashionista!

The generous land of Ukraine has long been distinguished by its grandeur and diversity. For centuries, the Ukrainian people have fruitfully collaborated with other cultures, enriching their heritage with all the best aspects. However, even in difficult historical circumstances, the desire for independence has always remained alive.

The long road to Independence Day was a test of national character and will. The Ukrainian people fought for their rights, for the recognition of their identity, for the opportunity to decide their own destiny. The age of struggle, full of hard and severe trials, called the people to common action and unity.

August 24, 1991 was the day that finally marked the achievement of independence. Ukraine, having strengthened its resolute desire for freedom, has become a sovereign state on the political map of the world. This day is commemorated with joyful celebrations, national parades and celebrations, which celebrate the extraordinary willpower and commitment to the principles of democracy.

The history of independence, as it turned out, took on a new hue during the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Day, celebrated under the flag of pride, has now acquired an even deeper meaning. The trials that the Ukrainians met underlined their determination and commitment to the values of independence. This day has become not only a celebration of the past, but also an indicator of fortitude, ability to endure trials and a desire for peace.

Independence Day has become a true light of hope and opportunity for the future. Ukraine, thanks to its heroes and those who gave their lives for independence, is moving forward with dignity and a relentless desire to develop its country, preserving its unique cultural heritage and cooperating with the world.

Independence Day of Ukraine is a day of joy, valour and patriotism. This is a time of honouring the past and the birth of new dreams for the future.

Let us celebrate this day together, united by gratitude for a free Ukraine and faith in a bright and prosperous future!

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Autumn came and began to host at its own discretion. The days are getting cooler and shorter, but that's no reason to be upset! After all, gold prices are still decreasing, and discounts are growing to the delight of our clients!

If you managed to buy your first piece of jewellery in August of this year on the Jewellery Card chain, then you received a very unusual check - a Golden Receipt!

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  • -30% on non-promotional items with diamonds;
  • -20% on non-promotional products with semi-precious stones;
  • -10% on non-promotional items without stones;
  • addition -5% for promotional jewellery.

How to get use of the "Golden Receipt"? Just show it to the sales assistant of the Jewellery Card network when making a second purchase!

The September promotional conditions are valid in JC chain of stores and in the online store, subject to the first purchase in August 2023. The additional discount to the promotional price does not apply to goods from the "Outlet" section.

Enjoy the autumn with profitable gold new items from the Jewellery Card!

Today we congratulate you with the most sincere feelings and deep respect. You are our pride and hope, those who bring us peace and protect our Motherland from external threats. Your dedication and courage are the best qualities that define true heroes.

This bright day gives us faith in the future of our children. You fight every day for our confidence that Ukraine will be strong and free. Your daily deed is the best example of how self-sacrifice and dedication can change the world around us.

Let this day be a celebration of you, your achievements and courage. May the star of luck always shine brightly above you, and may your families be reliably protected and filled with love. We wish you inexhaustible energy and health to overcome all problems!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our unsurpassed Defenders and Defenders!

Get ready to celebrate Black Friday, which will soon amaze you with its energy! We remain steadfast and unshakable even in such difficult conditions, giving our customers beauty and moments of joy.

For the Black Friday Jewellery Card, this is another opportunity to highlight our patriotic position and support the country's economy during these difficult times. This year we are already looking forward to the sale and are preparing many interesting things for you.

Interesting facts:

  • The name "Black Friday" has been around for 57 years. Entrepreneur Frank Woolworth organized the first sale in Lancaster in 1966, and now the shopping holiday has become a tradition.
  • In Ukraine, the tradition of celebrating Black Friday lasts 10 years. More than 100 companies, including Jewellery Card, are joining the global shopping holiday.
  • For the fifth year in a row, Jewellery Card pleases its customers with a discount of more than half the price on gold jewellery, creating favourable conditions for shopping.
Цікаві факти Black Friday

About demand in Ukraine:

Consumers are choosing unexpected items on Black Friday: spice seeds, olives, cat food and more.

In times of war, charging stations, power banks and smartphones are in demand among Ukrainians.

The average bill for a Ukrainian is 1,500 UAH, for an American – about $335.

The background is far from shopping

Interestingly, the name “Black Friday” itself is not directly related to shopping. According to one version, Philadelphia police officers, shocked by the huge traffic jams after Thanksgiving, called this day black. Another version suggests that the origins of the term are in the US accounting system. The name “black” is associated with the idiom “to be in black” (positive balance). It is understood that sellers will gain profit after the promotion.

By the way, in the USA, they wanted to change the name of the holiday to “Big Friday”, but this option did not stick.

Передісторія далека від шопінгу

Tips from JC: life hacks for profitable purchases

In recent years, price manipulation has become a common practice among unscrupulous sellers. This significantly undermines people's confidence in sales and eliminates the possible benefits of shopping these days.

JC does not raise prices before Black Friday in order to imitate discounts later. All our discounts are real so that you can profitably purchase the things you want for yourself and your loved ones.

To make sure your purchases are profitable, we advise you to follow four simple rules:

1. Make a shopping list ahead of time and compare Black Friday prices.

2. Buy basic items that stay fashionable for a long time.

3. Check the possibility of returning goods, especially promotional ones, if the size does not fit.

4. Monitor prices now for maximum savings.

Join us where jewellery awaits you at competitive prices!

We begin! Black Friday is just around the corner and we are finally shouting out about discounts to fill you with beauty, good mood and pleasant memories.

This happens only a few days a year. JC gives five types of discounts and up to -65% on the most popular product categories. Do not miss! The start of the gold sale is November 20, 2023! You will be able to take advantage of the biggest benefits of the year within a week, until November 27, 2023 inclusive.

Black Friday discounts apply to the most trending product categories:

  • For jewellery with precious stones -45%;
  • For jewellery with semi-precious stones -35%;
  • For jewellery with and without synthetic inserts -20%;
  • There is an additional -7% on all promotional jewellery.

We also remind you: if you pay by card, you will receive an additional -3% on your order!

All JC clients know that on Black Friday they can shop and save money, because all our discounts are real. For Jewellery Card, Black Friday is another opportunity to support the country’s economy and say thank you to all the Defenders of Ukraine! We overcome challenges and learn to live on, giving beauty and moments of joy to our dear clients. Waiting for you!

The Jewellery Card begins the Happy countdown to the New Year 2024 with faith in our Victory.

To bring a bit of joy in these times of turmoil, we have prepared something special for you. After all, every new day is a new step forward, a new small victory, when dreams and desires become a little closer.

For the entire month, from December 11, 2023, to January 14, 2024, our customers will be able to enjoy up to -65% off on the purchase of gold jewellery with precious, semi-precious, and synthetic gemstones, as well as items without inserts. On top of that, additional discounts will apply to some promotional items.

What jewellery are discounted?

Discounts are calculated according to the category of gem insert:

  • For jewellery with precious inserts – 45%;
  • For jewellery with semi-precious stones – 35%;
  • For products with synthetic stones and without inserts – 20%;
  • Additional –7% on some promotional items.

Jewellery from JC are ideal memorable gifts that will give joyful moments to your loved ones. We have the power to create a holiday, put bright gifts under the Christmas tree and make the people close to us happy. Remember that in every small moment lies great happiness. Give yourself joy, live life here and now!

Let's create a good mood together!

In February and March this year, we are giving a special gift to the owners of our discount cards - additional discounts that make your purchases even more enjoyable!

The sale takes place from February 1 to March 17, 2024 upon presentation or obtaining a JC chain club card by simple registration with us. Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this offer and make your purchases even more profitable!

An additional discounts with a JC discount card:

  • -7% on products with synthetic inserts, without inserts, as well as on promotional items (excluding Outlet);
  • -14% on non-promotional jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones.

We want your visits to us to always bring only positive shopping experiences. That's why everyone who registers a discount card with us for the first time receives an additional bonus – an extra 7% discount on the mentioned products!

Buy your favourite jewellery with double benefits from JC!

This time, it's straightforward and highly rewarding: If your receipt includes jewelry that isn't part of other promotions or sales, we will elevate the discount on your card for that purchase. The boost percentage depends on the number of non-promotional jewelry items:

  • 2 non-promotional items on the receipt: +3% to your card's discount
  • 3 items: +5% to your card's discount
  • 4 items: an impressive +7% to your card's discount!

This discount boost is extended to all our loyal customers from March 21st until the end of April.

New customers joining our discount program for the first time will receive equally favorable terms. The "Discount Boost" will be applied to their mandatory welcome bonus of 7% upon their initial registration of the discount card.

Feel free to add jewelry to your shopping list, and the Discount Boost from JC will boost your discount!